I Hate Pampers and SOCK DRIVE (EDIT)

Ok 2 important points for today.

1. Pampers = Fail.
Pampers = Poop everywhere.
Pampers = On my shit list, literally.

2. I'm doing a SOCK DRIVE
That's right folks, give me all your socks! Ok, not your socks. Clean, new socks, preferably.

As you're aware, Mr. P is in the nasty ol' SandBox otherwise known as Afghanistan. Well, every time we talk I, being the amazing wife I am (there I go with that horn tooting again... beep beep) ask him what he wants/needs to make his stay a bit more comfortable. One constant that he always wants is socks. I have asked around to my other deployed spouse friends and it seems this is a constant among most of the guys. They are walking through swampy yuckiness. They are sweating. They need socks.

So, I've taken it upon myself to do a sock drive. I want to send as many socks over to Mr. P's unit as possible. Our goal is 1,000 pairs of socks. So bloggy friends, if you wanna help then you can feel free to message me for my address and send them on over (I'm refraining from putting Mr. P's out there because 1. OPSEC tells me not to and 2. I don't think he'd be too happy with me if he got more than the number of boxes necessary for this project lol) I'm also going to make a little button linking to this post... once I figure out how... so you can tell your friends!

Bring on the sock love!

Ya'll like my new layout? Thanks to Mrs. Muffins I'm stylin' and profilin'. AND she dealt with picky ol' me the whole time... what a saint! haha. But seriously, if you haven't done so already go check her out because, well, she's awesome.
K thanks.


  1. First off, I LOVE the layout! Second, as soon as you get up a button, I'll put it on my blog. :)

  2. I just love love the pic of your hubby looking at your belly. Pics like those make me tear up. I think it can be hard at times being a military wife but throw a baby into the mix with a hubby deployed and you are one strong woman! Kudos' to you

  3. Your layout is super cute!
    The sock drive is such a great idea. I would love to help out :)
    Jenn @

    I am going to spread the word as well :)

  4. Email me your address, and I'll totally mail some your way =)

    Lol at the third one down on your pampers list. Made me giggle. That's gross, and poor you, but I laughed.

  5. Love love the new layout...so cute! The picture of Mr. P and your tummy is priceless.

    I want your address...I am so glad you are doing this...so great!

  6. Love the new layout!!! And what a wonderful idea... my hubs asks for socks all the time too. Keep us updated, and if there's any way i can help let me know!

  7. Oh girl I will for sure mail you some socks my E-Mail is stephaniehartman03@yahoo.com if you want to E-mail me yours I will get some socks going that way. Do they like the Long socks?

  8. I will email you to get your address for the sock drive! So awesome that you're doing this.

    As far as the diapers go - Kirkland Brand diapers (and wipes) are the BEST. Don't have any kids but my sister has 2 and I nannied for years. I will swear by them when I do have little ones. They're in expensive compared to pampers or huggies and by far the best brand in my opinion. You can get them at Costco and I think Sam's Club if you have on near you.

    Love your blog!

  9. Love the new layout! So cute!

  10. I want a 3 column layout like this!! IT looks great! Tres jealous.
    AND, you can send me the address. Love the idea!

  11. Huggies all the way! I always say!!


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