Right Before Easter

This is my facebook status tonight:
I had such an awesome day. I am surrounded by such amazing people who make me feel so lucky. Finished the night with Passion of the Christ and some good thought on salvation. Missing my Stinky but know he's in a better place and I will see him again one day and until then I will appreciate all the gifts I am given on this earth and the happiness I can still find. God Bless everyone.

It is the simple truth and I just wanted to share it/remember it. I'll probably elaborate later. I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter season and has a lovely Easter on Sunday if I don't see you before then.

Monday Funday

Oh, it's not Monday? Well, it certainly feels like it because I went back to school today. Part of going back to school is awesome because I love it and seeing my new frans and all that good stuff but part of it sucks because lounging around doing nothing was also awesome. We have an extra hour in our day now and have to go on Friday too, booooo Friday class. But that's ok because I need those hours!

Our boxer adoption is moving forward. The hardest part I'm seeing right now is matching. I want them all because I hate seeing cute lil furbabies with no homes. We have a few that we really like, the one we had our heart set on is already pending adoption but I'm certain we'll find the one to fit perfectly with our home. I am really excited and very ready to have our furbaby here with us.

Baby girl is becoming a diva. She certainly has personality, momma's girl! I tell her no and she either throws a huge fit (ie Ariana, get out of the grill, that is not for little girls. WAAAHHHH) or laughs (ie Ariana, get off those stairs. Insert hysterical baby laughter here - until she gets removed from said stairs, then insert fit). She's a handful and I love it. I love her little personality. I love watching her run around the house and laugh and smile. She's such a happy girl, even for a prima donna.

Spring break was fun. Mostly just relaxed. And cleaned. Had a party one night but that was as crazy as I got, just enjoyed days with my baby girl and spring cleaning. It was nice though.

Things with Zach are well. I am dealing with a lot of emotion about everything and takes all my crazy in stride. It's definitely hard and I've definitely got a ton of emotions but happiness is luckily the main one and the one that outweighs the others. It's difficult though because sometimes I feel guilty or am afraid I will lose Jonny. In the end I know that will never happen and Zach even said that if that did happen that he failed because he doesn't want me to ever forget or stop talking about/completely let go of Jonathan. And that is how I know he is awesome. I expected lots of emotions about this and I warned him about it from the get go and he is still on board... and boy does he make me laugh! Ok enough gushy stuff... gag gag.

In bloggy news... the milblog conference is quickly approaching! I really wanted to go this year but I'm trying to figure out how to swing it. I have school on Fridays now so it would be really hard to get there on time unless I found a decent flight. The baby could stay with my parents because they live just outside of DC... but I hear the rooms are all booked up. I probably waited too long again just like last year. Crap. Hopefully I'll figure it out and get to meet some of you awesome ladies in person! And if you haven't yet, head over to the site and nominate your favorite milspouse blog.

Two posts in less than a month... I'm really working on coming back guys! Love ya!!

Forward Motion

Well hey there friends! How's everyone been? I have been a pretty busy bee but right now I am on spring break from school and wanted to take a lil time to actually post since I have been so MIA.

I guess my first order of business here is to break some news that you'll already know about if you follow me on twitter/facebook. I'm seeing someone. Ok, that's like the lamest way to say it. I have a boyfriend. I know people are going to have mixed feelings about this, but for once in my life I don't care. This new man, he makes me so happy. He treats me so great, he treats Ariana so great and he takes us the way we are. He doesn't expect perfection and just takes me as I am crazyness and all. I never ever thought I'd love again after Jonathan. Sure, I figured there'd be a someone someday but I didn't really think I'd open my heart because I didn't think anyone would take us the way we came. I gotta tell ya it's a pretty great feeling. And I also want to put it out there that it does not change anything with Jonathan. I still love him more than anything, I still talk about him, I still miss him so very much and I still wonder what if, and I still do cry about him. But I think I deserve to be happy and I know Jonathan would want me to be happy and to be with someone who would treat Ariana and me with love since he is not here to. And this new man, he accepts Jonathan and my love for him and doesn't discourage me from still loving him, it's pretty awesome. So enough mushy gushy stuff you guys prob want the dirty details about him, right?

Ok so... his name is Zach. And to answer the question that I seem to get immediately... yes, he's a Marine. Come on... I live in Jacksonville. Haha. He is currently non-deployable though so don't start freaking out for me! He is tall and has dark hair and blue eyes. He is younger than me but I'm ok with it because he doesn't look or act younger than me (I told him I liked it because there was more of a chance of him outliving me... I know... bad widow humor. He laughed tho so it's ok). He has a great sense of humor and laughs at my ridiculousness which is always a great thing. My friends that have met him all seem to like him and everyone so far likes seeing me so happy. He's great with the baby and she's really taking to him. We met on St Patty's Day (and no, I wasn't drunk. I didn't drink on the drinking holiday at all!) We actually met because he is friends with a friend of mine from school's husband. He saw my photo on her facebook and wanted to know who I was and wanted to meet me because he thought I was gorgeous so I was like sure I guess I'll meet him and we just hit it off. He's originally from Wisconsin. And I don't know what else you would wanna know so there ya have it that's Zach the new bf. Oh and here's a pic of us together.

In other news we're looking at adopting a boxer. I'm really really excited. I think it's time for us to get a dog, Ariana loves dogs. The people are coming to the house on Monday for the home inspection to help us find the best fit for our family. :)

School has been great. I've officially finished my first semester and did so with flying colors. I got an A in both theory and practical and I kicked ass at both final exams. I love it so much and I am sooo excited to become a stylist.

Hmmm I think that's really all that's going on. My parents and sis are coming down in a couple weeks for Easter so I'm really excited for that. Oh oh I almost forgot one thing. I got a sweet surprise last week. My dad had me go home to "surprise my mom" for their anniversary and watch the house so they could do something. It turned out the surprise was on me. They had flown my best friend home from Japan. Mom knew March kinda sucked for me and promised me April would be better and she figured what better way to start April out then with a visit from Ria since I hadn't seen her since Jonathan's funeral. It was definitely awesome and she is here in NC until the 25th of April so I am really happy about that. There's a video on facebook of my surprise... it took me a second to figure out what was going on and then I lost it. If I can get it up here I'll post it for ya'll because it's pretty funny.

Ok NOW that's about it. Sorry I talked your ear off. I need to get back into posting regularly so I don't have to write a novel when I do post! Hope you all are having a great start to your spring!

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