Canvas Art: A Giveaway

Hello all, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Ours was ok, of course missed the Mr. intensely today, as not only was it a holiday but also the 3 week marker. We did carry on though, of course, and enjoyed the day as much as possible. Today, though, my dear blog friends. I'd like to first offer an exceptionally huge THANK YOU. Thank you all for your caring words, your thoughts, and your prayers. Thank you to every one who has taken the time to stop by and let me know you're thinking of us and for those who have blogged about us on your own pages. Thank you so very much for this incredible amount of support. I am so blown away by how much support we have gotten from all over the country. That being said, I'd like to take a moment to offer something back to you.

Stephanie from Geezees Canvas Art has come to me with a wonderful opportunity for my readers. She would like to sponsor a giveaway for all you amazing bloggers who have been taking the time to send me notes of love, encouragement, and prayer.
Her art is incredibly beautiful. She is also offering one to me, which means I'm going to have to make more decisions and pick what I want on my canvas (yikes!). The winner will receive one 10x10 piece of canvas art which can feature words, photos, or both, an $89 value. Take a minute to go to her website and get some ideas for what you would want on your art if you were to win.

To enter the giveaway, all you must simply do is leave a comment telling me of a time when you were particularly proud of our military or a time in your life when the military positively effected you. This giveaway is open to all readers, not just milbloggers, but of course it's going to have some sort of military theme ;-) Make sure you leave an email address so I can reach you if you win, no email address will void your entry.

Also, for those of you who really want to win this, an extra 3 entries will be given to anyone who donates to the Run for Warriors event I am participating in (even a dollar donation, every dollar counts!). This applies for those of you who have already donated, you don't have to leave another donation. Obviously, this is not necessary to participate in the giveaway, just for extra entries. If you choose to do this, make sure you leave a seperate comment for each entry and include your name so I who you are on the donation page (it sends me an email of each person who donated, I know who you are!! haha).

Feel free to share about this giveaway on your pages and include all your friends
This giveaway will be closed on Sunday 11 April 2010 at 11:59pm EST, that gives you one whole week to think of your story! I am excited to hear all these stories, good luck to all who enter!

Semper Fi,


  1. I would like to enter....My most memorable military moment was watching my little brother graduate from Marine bootcamp 6 years ago. He served two tours in Iraq and is now (just last month) retired from the Marines. my email

  2. The military has affected me in several ways. Friends have served, are serving, and some of my friend's children are serving. My dad and uncle served our country. I think the times it affected me the most...I can name two that really stick out...doing police duty at a military funeral with protesters...and listening to a friend explain how it is over there. And your story really hit my heart. I admire you for how strong you are and the posts you continue to write.

  3. Hi! I began following your blog when my best friend Danielle posted about you on twitter. What you are facing is huge. I pray for you and your family and that you are strengthened and that God blesses you with happiness times a million for every drop of sadness you have experienced.

    Onto the giveaway. So cool.

    I was raised military. My daddy was Air Force, but I have never been more proud than when my husband graduated and became a Combat Engineer in the Army. These guys that choose to serve are inspirations, they are heroes. I have tremendous respect for our service men and women, and for their families who also make a huge sacrifice of their own. Being without our soldiers for training and deployment is so tough. Some, only to realize the pain of never seeing their soldier again. What they are doing is so much bigger than themselves, than anything. They are protecting us and our futures. A HUGE Thank you to all of our military personnel.

  4. forgot my email address. Sorry! ooopse.

  5. The time that stands out in my mind that I was the most proud was when my husband came home from his deployment to Iraq. The anxious, excited feeling was palpable in the room when the soldiers lined up for their final dismisal. I never knew how proud I could be of anyone! Not just him...I was proud of us for being stronger for having gone through it.

    Your in my prayers. Happy Easter!

  6. I have two moments I was the most proud, the first was when I introduced my grandfather to my then boyfriend (now soon to be husband). My poppy was a Sgt Major in WW2 and Ryan was a LCpL and watching the two of them meet and go off to talk for hours just made me so proud for knowing both of them.

    The second was when I watched my marine in formation before her left for Iraq. He looked so strong and proud and as much as my heart was breaking I was still so so proud.

    You and your beautiful daughter are in my prayers. Happy Easter and God Bless.

  7. I pray that with time your heart will learn to beat without your Mr. I am proud of all our service men and women protecting us everyday, but after living day to day life while my husband was deployed I have to say I have a new found respect for all the wives that carry on without their husbands and are able to hold down the fort.

  8. My most memorable moment was when my husband was home on R&R and went back when our son was 13 days old. Seeing him say goodbye. I'll never forget his face....or the fact that he went back smelling like spoiled breastmilk when Junior spit up all over him.

    Our thoughts and prayers are still with you.

  9. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    I am a daughter of a retired navy man. My dad served proudly up until I was probably 8 years olds. I remember being very little and watching him press his uniforms, and shine his shoes, he took pride in his job and thats not something many people do. I wanted someone who had many of those qualities that my father had... I later met and married my Marine. Who is currently serving his second deployment, this time in Afghanistan. He is due home in three weeks. His strength, love, compassion is somthing I have never experienced before. The honor and pride he feels as he laces up his combat boots is something that eluminates from him. I remember taking him to base this last time, seeing him standing among his fellow soldiers, his friends, his brothers, you could see the love they have for each other and the pride they felt for what they were about to do.It is really amazing to witness. Their courage is amazing, and there sacrifices are great.
    Semper Fi!

  10. I donated. :)
    Jessica Minson

  11. I hold the Military so close to my heart. My grandpa is a Marine having served in Korea, my brother was in the Coast Guard, my uncle was in the Army and Navy, as we as countless friends serving in all branches. I live in a Military town, having both the Marine Air Station and the Army Proving Grounds, and I am in constant contact with service members (both past and present). I have also lived the life of a Marine wife. Even though I am no longer married I still hold it close to my heart. I am so proud of all who have served and all who are serving.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  12. I just found your blog for the first time, and as tears are streaming down my face, I simply wanted to let you know that I feel love in my heart for you and your daughter. No profound thoughts, no right words to say, no cliches....I just thought you should know that another person was thinking of you and wishing you well at this very moment. ((hugs))

  13. My proudest moment was when my husband, Brad, got off the airplane when he finished his basic training for the Marine Corps. I wasn't able to save back enough money to go see him graduate, but when he got off the plane in Indianapolis, we were all there holding up signs for him. And the people who were waiting for the friends or loved ones to come off the plane, they all clapped and smiled. The Marines have done so much for our family. I have friends that were in the Marines before Brad enlisted so its always been close to me. Every meritorious promotion and award he gets puts a smile on my face. I have great friends because of the Marines... and memories that I will carry with me my whole life. I married a man who is doing something that the most won't. I am honored to be a Marine wife and every day my husband is in the Marines... is another day that is meaningful to me.

    email is

  14. Wow, how has the military affected me. I grew up surrounded by the military. My dad was active duty Public Health Service and my mom was a civilian working in the local National Guard HR Department. My husband ended up joining the Air Force when he was 23 and is currently an officer in the National Guard. My life has been surrounded by military and the wonderful traditions and ceremonies. The Star Spangled Banner always brings me to tears. I have a friend, a nurse in the Navy, who is currently in the sandbox. The military has brought me a sense of security and community my whole life.

    I pray for you and your daughter often - as well as all of the others who are unfortunately in your situation - and for those still deployed for their safe return home.

  15. Hello! I found you on Lady Bloggers!

    First off, your blog is absolutely adorable! Love the colors, love the name, love it all. I have a little girl too! Aren't girls the best??! I love the name Ariana. Beautiful.

    Following now, and will def be back to read more. ;)

  16. Having grown up with very little military contact, life sure has changed! I have a brother in the National Guard, my other brother as well as my brother-in-law are active duty Army, and my fiance is Air Force national Guard.. about to enter officer school! And did I mention I joined the army a while back?! I LOVE our military. I'm so PROUD that there are people out there willing to protect our country, even when the risks are great, and the costs can be high.

    PS.. You're amazing, and I'm so proud of you. You've been in my thoughts and prayers since that first day.

  17. What a sweet thing for you to do. When you get your canvas, I hope you post it so we can see.
    My proudest military hard. Almost my whole life has involved the military. May dad was in the Navy for 29 years and I clearly remember standing on the pier as a child waiting for his ship to come in to port. The excitement was palpable. I remember being so happy to see my dad in his dress uniform coming down the gangplank.
    Mr. HH joined the Army the year after we got married and since then...I don't know. Graduating from Basic, promotions, homecomings, graduating from WOCS. There have been so many. I'm always proud of Mr.HH and all that he does.
    You can contact me via my blog, or nols73 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. I've always felt a sense of pride in our military. My grandfather was a fighter pilot in the Korean War and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star and Bronze Star. I was particularly proud when men from Arnold AFB flew the missing man formation over the cemetery after his funeral. My father was in the Army and my boyfriend is currently in the Army. My most recent moment of pride was 25MAR, when his name was released on the O-4 list. He works so hard and embodies the Army values daily, so I was proud to see his hard work awarded.

  19. My father is retired Navy. 26years in. I grew up surrounded by it. And to be able to pick just one time that I was effected would be impossible. But two moments that I'll never forget, thats a little easier.

    When my father retired he gave a speech thanking his family (me, my sister, my mom) for putting up with all the crap that comes with a military life. He was nearly in tears talking to us and I can't forget that.

    And when I was in middle school I was lucky enough to get to go on a 3 day Tiger Cruise on my dads aircraft carrier. When I finally got to the ship I hadn't seen him in 6months and was just so happy to finally get to see my dad I nearly tripped over airplane wires trying to get to him.

    There is not a day that my life isn't effected by the military still. And I couldn't be prouder to be surrounded by it.

  20. oh and the email is! I forgot!

  21. I suppose I have two favorite moments, the first one I get to live over and over again almost every thursday and friday. Its family day and graduation on Parris Island. I get to see a glimpse of these young men and women suffer for 13 weeks, the fear and pain is written all over their faces. Everyday when I am doing normal things like dropping the kids off at daycare or going grocery shopping there's recruits yelling, pt'ing and training, with their DI's behind them pushing them when they don't think they can do it anymore. To see the finished product is awesome. Family day all the New Marines and Drill Instructors stand in formation. I am usually double proud of the DI's and their finished product. But at the end of the family day speech the libo for the new Marines start and the families come screaming running off the bleachers to their young man or woman hugging them crying, streaming with pure pride. I always cry, and then as they start to disperse to spent time together I get a laugh, those poor boys (and girls) look like deers in headlights, not knowing exactly how to act or what to do. Its truly awesome, same stuff for Graduation. The sea of family members swarm the parade deck engulfing the new Marines. It gets you every time. You should come see it some time!

    Second just happened last night, Ryan pulled out his DVD's of pictures from Iraq. Nothing fancy just all the pictures his buddies and he took while doing what they do out there. Watching him watch it, and knowing that when he looks at these images he feels at home really breaks my heart. I wouldn't want anyone to go through that. But seeing him beam with Pride as he know he did something important, something of meaning I felt pride in him and all the young men and women who give up so much for us.

    Love you
    Maggie ~

  22. I do not come from a military background, so when my husband joined the Marine Corps I got a rude awakening to a very demanding lifestyle. However, this lifestyle and the overwhelming support that comes with it has become something I can’t imagine being without. I am always amazed by the camaraderie between not only the Marines, but the wives. In the military community once you’re in, you’re in for life. It is truly something I’ve never seen or heard of before.
    My email address is

  23. Although I'm sure your Easter was rough, especially because it marked 3 weeks, but I have to say that you sound really upbeat in this post.

    My proudest, that's tough because I hear so many stories that make me proud to be married to the military. But if I had to choose one that directly affected my life, I'd have to say it was my husband's most recent promotion. He doesn't often share with me the details of what he actually does day in and day out, and listening to other people list off all of the wonderful things my husband has done made me so proud.

    Email is

    Keep smiling!

  24. I should be showering before I go into work, but eh I can be a few minutes

    The proudest military moment I can remember is when my husband's company (1/2) came back from their deployment from Iraq in 2007. Even though my husband would not be getting off of those buses I knew I needed to be there for the closure. I knew many of the wives and they were all dressed up ready to see their husbands for the first time in 9 months, and I was standing there, clutching my husbands dog tags and wedding band, wishing that what had happened 8 weeks previous was some horrible joke and hoping that he would walk up and grab me too...(my husband was a huge prankster like that)

    Well we could see the boys in formation walking to us and I tried to hold strong, and I did for what felt like FOREVER, until they were all standing right in front of us, and I could see all his buddies....and I just broke down, I couldn't hold the tears in any longer....a few of the boys broke formation and came right to me, before even seeing their family and friends that were waiting, and they just held me, tears falling on their cami's from both me and them....I felt so proud that these boys would come to hug me and tell me stories (one even a pack a of cigarettes that he owed Jeremy) and such before going to see their own family.....The Marine Corp is a brotherhood like no other, and I am thankful for all the big brothers that it has given me...many of those boys check up on me....and I on them....Semper Fi...

    Angel Tinnel
    Proud Wife of LCpl Jeremy Tinnel KIA 01JULY07

  25. I'm not as concerned about entering, but this post made me want to comment.

    I am a proud former member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University. Your husband would have known about this program because it is equivalent to the military academies and produces a 2LT (or Ensign) after a 4 year, 24/7 ROTC program. You live in military lodging 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 4 years on campus and wear uniform every day. You have twice daily formations for chow, PT and required Call to Quarters. The difference between Texas A&M and the academies is that you have a choice to take a contract with the military and A&M has all Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps ROTC. If you do not choose to commission, you continue as a cadet but replace ROTC courses with Leadership courses but are still involved with all Corps activities and regulations. I obviously chose not take a contract and am now a happy wife, mommy and Red Crosser.

    Anyway, I wanted to comment to say that the military affects me in a positive way on a daily basis. If it wasn't for my time in the Corps, I wouldn't be half the woman I am today. One of the best things the Corps did for me was teach me to respect the military and the devoted soldiers who defend our country. About 70% of the Corps commission so I have a number of dear friends who have already completed one tour or are currently in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I've been praying for your sweet family. A Bible verse that has been working on my heart personally lately may speak to you as well:

    "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

    And here's my e-mail if by chance I actually get chosen:

  26. There are so many things that inspire me day to day in my daily life as a Marine Wife that it was hard to choose....The one thing that came to my mind instantly was the bond us Military Wives have and how it inspires me everyday, One Marine Wife specifically Meredith who made me the Marine Wife I am today....She inspired me by taking me by the hand as a "newbie" Marine wife and showing me the "ropes" so to speak. This amazing Woman/Marine wife showed me everything from how to stay calm in all these new situations that were coming my way- Military Jargon, my way around Camp Lejeune and even helping me with my taxes the first day I met her! Most imprtantly how to get through my first deployment...her advice, love and caring along with the love and support of another amazing marine Wife Danielle got me through a deployment to Iraq after only 3 months of marriage. These ladies taught me how to put on my "battle gear" and how to "Adapt and Overcome" especially when all I wanted to do was be alone and eat chocolate ha! Most of all they inspired me to be the Marine wife I am today...and make it my goal to make every Marine Wife "Newbie" comfortable, acknowledged, and important....because sometimes we do have the hardest job in the Corp so to speak, by supporting our husbands through their careers unselfishly but most of all being there for one another...In reality sometimes our fellow wives are all we have to get through it all, which is fine by me with them I know I will always have a special family and be able to face whatever may come my way.

    OOOOOOOOOORAH Maria (AKA "Jackie O." and Sgt. O'Neil's wife
    my email:

  27. I would like to enter also.
    One of my proudest moments had to be after my husband graduated Basic Training. He was such a shy and quite guy and the Navy turned him into a strong proud man. He had always been strong, but he suddenly walked taller, stood prouder, and to me that was beautiful. I have been proud seeing him reenlist with the SECNAV, receive the award as Sailor of the Quarter, but nothing EVER has been like that first time seeing him after 3 months. I love the Navy and so thankful for this life.

  28. I've always supported our military. My family has always been very patriotic. My grandpa was in the Army and served in the Korean War. My father is in the Air Force and I was born in England. {side note: he's not daddy so, technically, I'm not a military brat. =)} But, I don't think I was ever more proud when I saw my husband during his BCT graduation. I was proud of him for doing something not everyone could do, and certainly something I couldn't do. And every day, he does something I couldn't do...or wouldn't choose to do. He serves his country even when he doesn't really feel like it or gets frustrated, and he provides for me. =)


  29. I'm just going to copy and paste an old blog entry of my own that answers my thoughts on this exactly...


  30. I was born on a military base...grew up as an Air Force brat and married an airman. I have wonderful memories of picking my husband up from all of his deployments...but the one military memory that stands out husband and I were on our way to his families' house in Simi Valley, CA and on one of the over passes a family had hung huge banners that said welcome home and Semper Fi on them......I just started crying when I saw them because I was so touched that their marine meant so much to them to proudly show off their welcome home on the 118 freeway in southern california.

  31. Love giveaways! I am so glad you girl found a way to get through your Easter holiday with at least a little joy.. had to be tough.

    maybe corny but I haven't ever been more proud of my husband then when he returned home from deployment last August. I know someone already said that but it's true for me as well! :)

  32. One of the most memorable memories for me would be my husband graduating from BMT for the Army. I was so proud of him for accomplishing those 10 weeks of training. I am also so incredibly proud of him for getting through EOD school. He graduates in 3 weeks and I know that will be the most proud of him that I have ever been. He had a dream to become an EOD tech and he has accomplished that dream. He is my hero.

  33. Rachel, I have been following you for a while now. I am in awe of your strength during this time. I'm sure someone has told this already, but you have been nominated for a Milblogging award in the category "U.S. Military (spouse). Right now you are way out in front. The blog that is currently in second place is campaigning for you. I am campaigning for you. I would throw you my votes if I could, but I am in a different category.

    I just wanted you to know that as many wonderful comments you get here....there are that many more people who are pulling for you.

    You can see the standings at

    The award will presented Friday night at the Milblogging conference. We will all be raising a glass to you.

    All the best,
    Diane Miller

  34. I've only been married to my husband for a little over a month, but in that short time I think my proudest moments are seeing how other military wives handle their husband's job.

    It's remarkable to me that these women can be so strong and brave. A lot of people have told me that that I'll lose my independence when I got married, but I think my independence is even stronger now. You have to be able to reach out and meet new people and you HAVE to be able to ask for help.

    So I guess my proudest moment is seeing wives and mothers handle being separated from their spouse.

  35. I just want to say your blog has moved me to tears on more than one occasion. Please know I am praying for you and your daughter.

    My favorite experience with the Marine Corps is watching my unmotivated, non-disciplined boyfriend Recruit morph into my gung-ho, moto, polite, inspiring, SSgt father and husband. The transformation is incredible, and for all the crap we go through, I know the Marine Corps made him into the person he always wanted to for that I am proud to be a Marine Wife!

  36. I just want to say your blog has moved me to tears on more than one occasion. Please know I am praying for you and your daughter.

    My favorite experience with the Marine Corps is watching my unmotivated, non-disciplined boyfriend Recruit morph into my gung-ho, moto, polite, inspiring, SSgt father and husband. The transformation is incredible, and for all the crap we go through, I know the Marine Corps made him into the person he always wanted to for that I am proud to be a Marine Wife!

  37. My husband served in the Army for four years and did two tours in Iraq. My most memorable moment was waiting for the hangar doors to open when he arrived home. The minute the men began opening the doors and my boys marched in I experienced absolutely every emotion mixed into one. It was an experience I will never forget in all my years.
    My other favorite time from that period was all the friends I made. We had nothing in common rather than our husbands were in Iraq together but somehow we made it work and continue to do so. They are my loyal companions and I love them dearly.
    Thank you and your husband for your service to this dear country of ours.

  38. I just donated - Ebonie Hill-Williamson [].

    I admire your strength and courage. GL with the run!!

  39. Oh - and my most proud military moment? The day my dad retired from the Army. He sacrificed 24 years to give himself - and my family - a better life. The way he grew up and where he lived, he should be dead by now...but instead, he's an amazing father, a fantastic grandfather and a proud, retired Army soldier. I'm still so proud of him. [e-mail:]

  40. Stephanie makes awesome canvases! I wander over there every now and again to check out her stuff.

    A positive military experience...I guess when my husband deployed. I learned so much about myself during that deployment. You really learn what you're capable of and how strong you can be when your husband is gone and it's just you taking care of everything at home. A deployment sucks, but that would be my silver lining.

  41. ooo i forgot my email address. i'm sorry

  42. The military has affected me in so many positive ways - but I think the one that I'll choose is just seeing how much of a family they become. I won't go into detail about it in here...but if one of their fellow soldiers is struggling/suffering the amount of support they show is amazing. Or if something happens to one of the soldiers (my (ex) boyfriend who was a soldier was killed by a drunk driver) the way they come together to support the families who are suffering is amazing too.

    Praying for you and your little one!!

  43. ooh Mrs. P, I can not look at your blog or your husbands picture without tears in my eyes. I know I have said it before but my prayers are with you. My prayers are with that precious baby girl. I pray the Army is treating you well and taking care of your needs. My husband has been a soldier for 16 years and in less than 2 weeks we will be going through our 7th deployment. The army gives me strength, when I look at the soldiers lined up I have tears because I know how strong they are and that they are choosing to keep me free. I think I would choose to have the picture of my husbnads warrant officer graduation last year made

  44. what a lovely giveaway. i think of you often and pray for you, your husband and little girl.

    i was very proud to be a army wife when my husband received his commission after OCS. brought a tear to my eye :)

    my email is garcial at dickinson dot edu

  45. I'm not sure if this counts, but when my father handed me a box full of all of my grandfather's WW2 medals, and told me to take care of them, I felt my heart melt. This meant more to me than anything else possibly could have at the time. I can't remember a time I was more proud.

    I know one of the most memorable times I'm going to have, is coming up, when Mr. gets back from Iraq here in a few weeks.

    I was also insanely proud of him when he graduated EOD school. He'd wanted it for so long, and he got it.

  46. I am the most proud of a dear friend of ours that has served two deployments and just returned from this latest one on this Easter Weekend. We are so proud of him for helping to complete their mission and come home safely!

    I have been so touched by your story and been following you since you lost him. I am very close to your age and can not even think of what it would do to me to loose my husband. I have keept you in my prayers and thoughts. I only hope that time heals your wounds. God Bless you. My e-mail is

  47. I would have to say that I have 2 moments that stand out in my mind. The first is when I see the pics from my husband's two deployments and hear the stories. To think that these men and women give the ultimate sacrifice for our country is such a humbling feeling. Second, when I drive around housing and see all of the welcome home signs up in front of the houses, I remember the sacrifices that the families give also while their loved ones are away. It always brings a tear to my eye knowing that their loved ones are back home with them. What a joyous occasion! A tear is then shed for those who didn't make it home.

    Semper Fi,

  48. I am not connected to the military so not sure about entering right now, but Crikey, you really are amazing.

  49. My most proud military moment and hardest was this January when Me & my two kids dropped my husband off to do his first deployment. I thought I was fully prepared to see him off with no tears. I bawled the whole way to the base & continued to cry for the first two months he was gone...It is now April and spring is in the air & my tears have finally quit flowing. Only four months left until he comes home to us. I am so proud to have my husband fighting for our freedom & freedom of others.. So proud to be an Airforce wife & family of the B-1....

    Mandy Kidman

  50. The moment the meant the most to me was seeing my brother and boyfriend (now husband) step off buses and march towards me. It's that simple. I have never been happier.

  51. Hey honey! I was thinking of you yesterday!!

    This may sound weird, but I'm grateful for the opportunities the military has given my husband. I watched him work at a (monetarily) successful job that he enjoyed but wasn't fulfilled with. He was, at best, coasting, and towards the end, floundering. It was horrible to see. And even though we're brand new to this still, I can tell he's already a different person. He's excited about his "job" (our new life, more accurately), has the camaraderie and fraternity he's missed so much of his life, and really feels like he's in the right place. So, it makes the living apart for the last six months worth it to see him happy. And my email address should come in the reply-to of this comment. I'd love to win, but mostly I just wanted to share that.

  52. Mrs P;
    I think of you daily and pray that you and little A are doing ok. It is going to take time and we all know that we all deal with things differently but if you ever need anything all you have to do is ask.
    Being the brat of the Army and then my first husband was Air Force and my second husband Navy; you could say that the military is just what I am drawn to. I love a man in uniform. :) So I have so many times in my life that have impacted me with the military, but the one time that stands out for me was when Navy was out on work ups before deployment to Iraq and got severally injured (broke his back). They were in the middle of the ocean and they could not catapult him off the ship; well after three weeks of thinking it was just pulled muscles they finally decided that it must have been more serious and after a few calls they got Navy on the Command General's Helicopter (he was there visiting the fleet). This is not something that would normally happen seeing as he was a PO1, and only the big wigs got to rid in this helicopter. Well they got him on it and got him home. Thank God for that since he was severely hurt and had to subsequently have two back surgeries and two ankle surgeries in less than three years and they had to medically retire him as he is permanently disabled due to the injury. I always wish that I could have thanked that General for letting my enlisted husband get on his helicopter.

    Thinking of you and little A.

  53. Hey so I guess that blog link didnt work but if you click to go to my dreams in reality blog you find it pretty easily - go to the one that says 'heart for a soldier'

  54. Oh-- I also donated a few days ago! Good luck on raising more funds! It's a good thing you are doing :)

  55. I'm so glad to hear you're doing well. I've been thinking of you so much lately. I hope you and baby Ariana continue to do well throughout the coming weeks.

    The military has been my world for the last two years, first with our engagement, and now with our marriage. I'm very thankful for the military for many reasons! The health care, in my experience, has been very good and has been an immense blessing. Being in the military has also given us the opportunity to travel and experience the world in ways that we otherwise would not have done. I'm looking forward to the future!

    When was I most proud, though? Probably when I pinned my fiance (now husband) on the day of his Commission. Yes, that was a very proud day!

  56. I don't know too many people in the military, but my sweet sweet cousin is a Green Beret. My favorite picture ever is of him graduating. He is 5'6" and its the funniest picture ever. It goes something like this Tall Marine, Tall Marine, Tall Marine, Andrew, Tall Marine, Tall Marine.

    And then when I watched the documentary of Green Berets, I was even more proud than before. I was shocked at what my cousin had gone through WILLINGLY!

    He is overseas now, and I pray for him every minute I can.

    I have a prayer mirror that I write everyones names for the day that I want to pray for. I use the mirror because I see it every morning and have a few seconds to pray for them all. Your names are at the top of the list and haven't moved.


  57. My most memorable military moment actually happened quite recently. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for so long and ended up having to travel across the US for in-vitro fertilization (hooray for Tricare). My husband's boat knew everything we were going through and when we had a heartbreaking miscarriage in March at 8 weeks they allowed Brandon to have 5 days of free leave (unheard of!) and sent us a huge bouquet of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Even my own job didn't do anything for me, not even a card, yet my husband's boat was thoughtful enough to reach out to us during a very difficult time in our lives.

    On a side note, we'll end up having to travel back to NC for another round of IVF. I'll be in the Fort Bragg area but I used to live in Camp Lejeune and have many friends there. I plan on visiting and if you're looking for someone to hang out with I'd be glad to go out to lunch with you! Here in WA they don't have good food like Texas Roadhouse! :)

  58. That's a toughie. I'm proud of my Marine Corps and her Marines every single day. I'm proud of the other branches as well.

    Um... so maybe at the birthday celebration last year when the Korean vet came into the room in his uniform we all stood to give him a standing ovation. We understand brotherhood... there is no doubt about that.

    Semper Fi
    (my email is on my blog)

  59. First off, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. You are an amazing woman, mother, and wife.

    I am proud of our military every single morning when I watch my husband walk out of the front door in a familiar camo uniform.

    AlyIFOAblog at gmail dot com

  60. I donated, good luck at the run. It really is a great cause.

    alyifoablog at gmail dot com

  61. It's hard to pick my most memorable military moment. With a spouse, brother and brother-in-law and sister-in-law in, there's a lot. I think my favorite (non-homecoming related) was when my husband did the commissioning oath for my brother's commissioning. My two favorite men!

  62. This may sound cheesy, but I think YOU are an example of what I'm most proud of being a military SO. That you still come here and blog, you are keeping on keeping on, and showing us all how to do it just one step at a time. That and the outpouring of support you have received in the last few weeks showed me the strength of the military community when we rally together.

  63. Hmm...that's a toughie because there are plenty of moments like that for me. Its hard to pick one. I guess the biggest one was when we were newlyweds and G.I. Joe left for Iraq. When I was on post dropping him off I was crying in my car. A couple of MP's approached me and asked if I was okay. I told them why I was upset and they actually thanked ME, and went on to reassure me that he would be okay.

    I don't know, its probably lame. But I was 19 and had no other experience with the military. The compassion a lot of servicemembers have for other service members still moves me after 5 years.

    jmccown at liberty dot edu

  64. What an awesome giveaway!

    My proudest military moment is every day! I get to call myself a military fiance (soon to be wife!) and know that my love is serving and protecting our country! With the sacrifice comes much pride!

  65. My proudest moment was when I was working at a grocery store here and a Navy Veteran came through my line. He told me stories from the war he was in and about his very loving wife whom had just past away. He said how she always stuck by him and his career no matter what. How she was his biggest supporter, his best friend and soul mate. It truly touched my heart when He said that I reminded him of his wife. And how lucky my husband was to have someone who supports him the way I do and his wife did for him. This was my proudest moment, the moment I felt like I had an important role as a Military wife. I was not only Proud of my Sailor, the US Military, and our Vets.. but I was proud of myself... and all the military wives who stand by their husbands no matter what. We are apart of this Journey too, and Sometimes Our Job supporting them is needed to give them that extra push they need to get through another day.

    My email is

    BTW.. I have listed you as one of the ladies I choose to give the "Beautiful Blogger Award" to. I know you have already received it, But I feel you truly deserve it.

  66. I just want to continue to say how sorry I am for your loss, your story really touches me, and I think your an Amazing women to be thinking of others during what your going through.

    I have been a Soldiers Wife for 8 years, then entire time my husband has been in the Military. My husband just left on his 4th deployment. I think my Proudest Moment is the way my husband is ready and willing to lead his Soldiers like he has known them forever. We just moved to a new state in December, it is now April. My husband just deployed 3 weeks ago. But the very first day he signed in he found out he was deploying. He had 3 months notice, so he has only known these guys 3 months. But he is a great leader for them, I am very Proud of my husband for serving our Country.

  67. I love you blog. I don't know if i could be as strong as you have been going through this.

    My favorite memory is the day my boyfriend decided to enlist. The fact that he made the choice to enlist and serve our country just melts my heart.
    My other is my granddad is a korean war vet and getting his purple heart.

  68. Hi Mrs. P,

    I have been reading your blog for several weeks now. I stumbled across it after having decided to blog about my own husband's current deployment in Afghanistan. The day I found your blog was the day you shared your sad news about the loss of your hubby. My heart broke for you. The pictures - you, the baby, your happiness - it was just too much.

    My memories of the military are mixed and ongoing. We are an Army family and my hubby is on his 4th yearlong deployment in 8 years. He has deployed within weeks of the birth of each of our three girls therefore missing the first year of each of their lives. The only thing that seems very different about this deployment is the fact that I do not have a newborn at home to keep me occupied. I'd like to say that each deployment gets easier but I don't think that's true. In a way they get even worse. I feel myself getting a little more numb with each one, and that is no way to live.

    As for a proudest moment there are of course many. I am so proud of my hubby for all of his dedicated and noble service. He earned a bronze star on his last deployment to Iraq for reasons I am not sure of and probably do not wish to know. What I do know is that I was so proud of him for achieving such a high honor. There is never any moment I feel this pride more then when we families stand waiting in whatever building they have assigned for that bus to pull-up with our soldiers aboard. The spouses, parents, siblings, fiances, and of course the children all waving American flags yelling out their loved one's name as they get off the bus and walk to formation with a beaming smile on their face. That moment - that heart beating out of your chest moment, is like no other. It makes you beyond proud to be a military family.

    And yet, even now I feel selfish for having written this because you will never have that moment. Not all of our soldiers got off those buses that my husband did. That moment of pride is not worth one empty seat on a bus. Military pride is kept very much in check by what we sacrifice in the name of liberty.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the world. The world knows far too little about what goes on inside "our world". What would it change if they knew? Much love to you and yours,


  69. I came from a small town in TN. Not much goes on there. I went to college and that's when the military entered my life. I fell in love and married an Army officer. Now it's nothing but conference calls and battle assemblies. I share my man with the Army and she likes to take him away as often as she can.

  70. I'd like to enter as well. :)

    My most memorable military moment is tied. The first would be watching my husband graduate from bootcamp. The amount of pride I had watching graduate out in Great Lakes was amazing.

    The second would be homecoming day after our first deployment. Just something about the pride in America, seeing everyone come home, watching all the families, something about that day will always be in my heart and why I'm proud of our military. My husband's ship pulled in with 5,000 Sailors who were proud to have served and be back home.

    email: mindy.s.turnboughATgmailDOTcom


  71. I am so sorry for your loss. You seem like a very strong woman though, which gives many people who have lost loved ones in this terrible war hope.

    For the contest I could write a book about how the military has postively affected me. But I'll keep it short and sweet. The man I married May 19th, 2010 is currently a U.S. Marine. We met last June and started dating in August. Many people thought it was too early to think about settling down but I knew he was the one. He makes me feel so safe in his arms. If he was not in the military we would have never met. He is stationed in the same state I am in and is luckily only an hour's drive away from my school. I credit the military for our meeting and have been proud of his decision to serve our country and his decision to re-enlist upon his EAS date in 2012. The military life may not be for everyone but I could not see myself with anyone else. He is my husband, my marine, and my hero. xo

    My e-mail is
    (I know, it's lame, but I was out of ideas!)

  72. I just started reading your blog yesterday and it touches my heart so deeply. You are such an incredibly strong woman. You and your daughter are in my prayers.

    When I saw my husband graduate basic training, I couldn't believe how much he had changed in the time away from each other. Just seeing him in his uniform makes me glow with pride.

  73. WOW, just read your blog for the first time and I am exhausted. Prayers for you my dear, your strength shows through your words and you are an inspiration to all. I think every story I read of fallen hero moves me because I myself am a wife, mother and an 20 year active duty member of the Air Force. Being here or over there, the tears still come but when you read the stories of these heroes it put a face to those that have the hardest, most rewarding job in the world, serving this great nation!

  74. I stumbled across your blog purely by accident and clicked the link mainly because it had pink in the title and I'm a sucker for anything pink.

    I am so deeply sorry for the loss that you and your daughter have suffered and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    I think the moment I was most proud of our military was when I learned that a friends son had been wounded in Afghanistan trying to save someone else, who sadly did not make it home. I was saddened at the loss but also proud to know that there are still people, men and women, who are willing to sacrifice anything and everything for our country and their comrades.

    On a different note, I am a quilter and I wanted to offer to make a quilt for you and one for your baby girl, something to curl up with and try to relax while you try to make sense of everything. Please let me know if you would let me do this for you guys. I am so touched by your story and amazed by your strength.

  75. I forgot to add my email to my previous post so I am writing about another favorite memory I thought of on the way home from work today.
    It was the day my husband deployed and as they were called into formation (outside), behind them the Friday night football game was beginning, and as the last guy got into formation the National Anthem began to play. That song still brings tears to my eyes to this day. I couldn't have been a prouder wife that day. "He always wanted to be a hero, she always wanted to be a princess, as fate should have it he's her hero and she's his princess."
    Thinking warm thoughts towards you and Ari!

  76. Hi Rachel!

    Just thought I would let you know that I donated to your run and I also sent out an email to my Phi Mu chapter encouraging them to support your cause! I think it is great what you are doing!



  77. My proudest moment...HMMM I have so many... When my hubby graduated from basic and he came running towards me and didnt let me go...Seeing the flag flying in the air just brought tears to my eyes...Seeing my hubby getting promoted when we didnt expect it...Hubby getting a ASSURGAM recognition coin from Sgt. Major in Afghanistan...Oh I could go on forever...Im so proud of my husband and will be there to support him threw everything. RAKASAN

  78. First, I would like to say that I think of you and your daughter often. Your story has touched my heart and I pray that you find peace in yours.

    My proudest military moment (so far) was simply when my husband left for OCS on New Year's Eve, 2008. I was 12 weeks pregnant with our second child. He was prior service and served in Desert Storm. He decided after college and a 13 year career as an architect that his true calling was to serve with his brothers and sisters. Just 2 weeks shy of his 39th birthday, he graduated from OCS. Entering at this late age is almost unheard of, but he keeps up with the young soldiers as if he was their age. It is these moments that make me so proud. He has sacrificed time with his family and traded a successful career to do what he loves, and that love is to serve our fine country. I could not be more proud to be a military wife.
    Laura (

  79. Mrs. P,

    I am not posting this to enter, although my husband is a proud Navy sailor and I am a Navy veteran. I am writing to tell you that I think you are such a couregeous woman for what you are going through.

    I sat here reading your blog with tears streaming down my cheeks...I don't know how you do it. I would simply curl up in a ball and die but you persevere, you share your most intimate thoughts and feelings with the world. I have so much respect for you and am really in awe of how you are dealing with everything.

    Although I don't turn to prayer that often, you and your beloved husband and beautiful daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the strength and courage in the world to deal with this terrible time.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express how much it broke my heart.


    Jennifer Rivas

  80. My Father was both a WWII vet who served in the South Pacific & a Vet of the 'Korean Conflict'. He passed away a little over 3 yrs ago, and the 40/8 & American Legion posts he belonged to had an Homor Guard w/21 gun salute @ the graveside service..... as the Adult child of a man who served not once but twice I can say that I am proud to have been the Daughter of a Man who served to keep this country safe and free. I have been watching the HBO series "Pacific" and it really illlustrates just how horrible it was for our fighting men in a part of WWII that you don't hear about as much as the European theater. God bless you and your family -- you have experienced the ultimate sacrifice! My heart goes out to you and your sweet little girl, I know she will grow to be proud of her brave Father as she gets older.


  81. Congrats on your win at the MilBlog contest. Job well done!!

  82. Sending some blog love-- I have an award for you on my blog :-)

  83. I am a Navy wife, my favorite moment was the day I married him & joined the family that is being a military wife.

    I am so sorry for your loss, you are always in my thoughts these days.

  84. I am an Air Force wife, my husband is a pilot and we know 3 pilots killed in training accidents in the last two years. I think my most memorable moment has been at memorials for thos pilots, watching the missing man formation fly overhead. I had watched the formation several times before, but now everytime I see it I cry. The military is such a family and when even one member is lost we all mourn so deeply together. I am so sorry for your loss, I only discovered your blog recently, but I have been praying for you and your family since.

  85. and Ariana are in my prayers and my thoughts. my proudest moment was when my husband came home from AIT, our children and i lined our walkway with red,white and blue ballons and the kids made a banner to hold in our front yard as my husband drove up. there were lots of cars passing by our home that day which was odd but none of us paid any mind to the traffic we were just so excited. when my husband pulled up our kids dropped the banner and screamed with glee as they ran up to him. as my husband and kids were going in the front door a 18 wheeler truck stopped in the middle of traffic with a row of cars behind him,he pulled his horn and yelled out " thank you for your service and god bless", in that moment i was overcome with such emotion, it was with that simple gesure that i felt not only pride but realized what our life was about now. it seems like such a simple action but this man's actions were so much more to me and my husband. thank you for helping me rember this moment and the emotions i felt with it. i wish the best to you in your run and hope my dontation will help you in reaching your goal for the race. god bless. my email is

  86. I think the moment that affected me the most was the day my husband retired from the United States Navy after 20 years of service. I thought my face would crack from the big smile I had on my face watching him up in front of that chapel in his dress whites. I was good until he called my Daddy, who served in Vietnam, to stand up and he gave him a flag flown in Columbia, South Carolina where: 1. The WWII memorial is (my Grandaddy served), 2. the Vietname memorial for SC is and 3. the recent wars where my husband has served is. My Daddy was speechless as he held his flag and later with a tear, he told my husband it had taken 40 years....for someone to recognize he had served his country. It was an amazing emotional moment I wouldn't trade for a thing. My two favorite men in the whole world, that I loved, loving their country.

    You continue to remain in my thoughts and prayers as you walk this road you never asked to be on. Thank you for YOUR service.

  87. I forgot to mention that I donated, and I also posted the button for the donation site on my blog. You go girl! We're all supporting you!

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

  88. Howdy, there, Mrs. P.

    First things first: Glad you and Ariana enjoyed your Easter!


    Always in my thoughts and prayers,
    Semper Fi


  89. I learned of your story from a mutual friend on facebook. I know we have never met, but I have been thinking of you constantly.

    I am so sorry for your loss and everything you are going through. I am a new mommy as well, and I really do admire your strength. You are an amazing mommy, wife, and person.

    I wish there was something more I could do. I wish you still lived near and that we were friends so that I could give you a hug. I wish I could make things better for you.

    All I can say is that I can tell what an amazing woman you are. I will continue to pray for you.

    If you are ever in the Jacksonville area, please email me. Anything you need... a place to stay, a friend to have lunch with, a ride, anything... please let me know. You are a fellow Marine wife and you always will be. You are family.

    God Bless you and your beautiful daughter.

  90. Glad you enjoyed my Tag Chasers post :) As for the button, I can't take credit, but I got it from your lovely friend Mrs. GI Joe who has some help from other MilSpouse blogger ladies :) Here's the post:
    I love it!

  91. ahh, I never commented on this post. I think I just went right to the warriors link when I read it maybe?
    Not sure what happened, but I gave you my support! :) I think you will do fabulous. THINKING OF YOU! AND, I WILL snag that lovely button and put it on my blog to get some support for you! :)

  92. I wish I had the words to console you in your loss, but I do not. My son joined the Marine Corps in 2005, did a tour in Iraq, and I spent everyday sweating.

    I got my Marine back while others did not.

    I remember as I watched my son line up for his moto=run at MCRDSD graduation that there was a Marine wife with a husband in my son's platoon. She was behind several of us as she had come later and had to take a spot toward the back. Someone requested that she be able to move forward so she could see her husband in the formation, and someone else said that they were there first, and if she wanted to see her husband, she should have gotten there earlier.

    I just said, "She's a short little nothing and I can see over her easily. She can stand in front of me." Then I turned to the lady who refused to yield a spot and I said, "We may have to march through Hell with some of these people, and I WILL NOT have any ONE of them say that I refused to let her see her husband at graduation when I can do it so easily."

    and some wonder why she's my ex-wife . . .

    May God keep you, your blessed daughter, and the memory of your love, your Marine.

    Semper Fi...............

    Bob Perrow

  93. Geeeez, could you make this any harder? There are sooo many moments my heart just swells with pride, to the point I think it might burst. Every time I see a Marine Corps commercial, when they say "The few, the proud, the Marines." I tear up every time. Homecomings are a given. Every time I hear the national anthem or hear the Marines' Hymn...

    But my most favorite, proudest moment was at the airport when I was dropping Matt off to go to Japan. We were riding the shuttle from our hotel and before we got off a little old woman asked Matt if he was in the service and when he said yes, she came up and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. It was so sweet and it really showed me how much our military means to this country. There's some that take it for granted, I know, but those are the people that I like to remember. :)


  94. Bonus #3 {hope i did that right!}

  95. K, I donated and if I am doing this correct I am suppossed to leave three seperate comments for the three bonus entries?! lol?!
    Numero uno...

  96. My first profound military moment was when I found out that the man I was interested in (my now fiancee, my Marine) was trying to get himself deployed. I didn't know that everybody deploys at one point or another. I felt so possessive over him and was overcome with anxiety. I felt proud though that he was volunteering himself. He wanted to, no he still WANTS to protect this lovely country. I continue to be so proud when I learn more and more about the Marine Corps.

    Semper Fi.

    Ps. I hope I get to meet you/see you during the 5k at Lejune!!


  97. I did't grown up around military, but ended up marrying an Army man. I remember getting a phone call fom my husband one afternoon saying that they're been an accident - they'd been there less than a month at that time. Rich is EOD, so him and his team leader were out doing amission and an IED went off hurting his team leader. I think the biggest moments sticking in my head were when I got to see his team leader after he got home from Germany, and was doing ok (he actually deployed a few times after that), and then seeing my husband get off the bus and knowing he was finally home. He never deployed again, he got PTSD.

  98. My proudest military moment is when I hear of stories like yours. You and your husband gave us the world to be protected and for that I am truly thankful. How I wish bad things like this didn't have to happen, but knowing he was protecting our country is such a great thing. I pray for you and your family. It is an honor to read your story. Thank you for sharing.

  99. My proudest military moment is watching all of the families of the the men and women serving around the world and how supportive and hopeful they are every single day of their lives. It makes me admire those who are serving and their families tremendously. They have more courage and more strength than any other families I know.

    A few years back I had a friend that was serving in the military and I actually met him while he was on leave. One night we got to sit and I listened while he told me the inside stories the entire night. I was amazed at the bravery and the heart of that man and I honestly will never forget him. We have lost touch since that time that we on leave but he is someone that will always hold a place in my heart.

    And of course I would love to enter this giveaway! My email is:

  100. I grew up a Navy brat. My father served our country, his brothers served our country, my grand father served our country as well as his brothers (who both died on the U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor, I would proud seeing their names on the memorial in Hawaii several years ago). I have always had a special spot in my heart for all of our Military.

    My proudest moment was in January of 09'. I was working on my very first Military charter for my airline and we were bringing soldiers to Kuwait for their deployments. I was humbled beyond belief by these men and women. Some were quiet and reflective as they sat in their seats thinking of their loved ones at home. Some chatted softly to their friends and coworkers. Some were rowdy and quite a few came to our galley to play Poker with sugar packets. Every single one of them walked off of our plane with a look of determination and the feeling of being proud to serve their country even if it meant leaving behind the people they love most.

    Standing back and wishing them luck and a safe return made me feel nothing but a warmth to have seen the look of these people willing to do something for their country that so many people don't. Watching these people made me feel even more honored to be an American. We might not all agree with the wars they are fighting but they do it because it's asked of them.

    So without a doubt those moments watching them walk off have made me the proudest of our Military members.


  101. I'd love to enter! My favorite military moment was listening to all the stories my grandfather told me years and years ago. He was shot while serving in WWII, and I'd listen to him tell his stories for hours.

  102. I am Tyly Crossland on the donation page. I'm so glad you reached your $1,000 goal!

  103. My proudest military moment would be knowing that my grandfather received many different medals for his service during Vietnam. He was stationed between Germany and where I grew up in Arizona.
    Now my husband is serving over in Germany and it's the best feeling, knowing that he is looking down at us and is proud that I have found someone so great as my husband is. When I go back to Germany next month I plan on taking a drive up to his old stomping grounds and taking a weekend to explore the area.

    May God be with you during this time of need. Thank you for not only your husbands service but also for yours. I am forever grateful for your family.


  104. My proudest military moment... hmm. I think it was sending P off to Iraq in December. It hurt so much to let him go, but I was SO proud of him too. He kept his composure, and helped me to keep mine. He was joking around, and when the moment came that we had to say goodbye, to let him get in the van, he came back over to give me one last hug. Watching him leave, seeing him go off to do what he grew up wanting to do, so hard, but I've never been more proud of him.

    socalibadger at gmail

  105. My favorite military moment was hearing that my husband carried around his laptop in Iraq carrying pictures of our newborn. He told everyone he was "carrying her". 6 weeks later he actually did get to carry her!

  106. I have to say that like all others i have many many proud moments of my life as a army wife. My husband graduating ranger school, leaving for his first deployment, returning from his many many deployments, and all those breath taking moments in between where our soldiers strength and courage are above and beyond what people give them credit for.
    Being the FRG leader of our company I would have to say that the strength and support that comes from our fellow wifes is what amazes me time and time again. At a time during deployment, there is no one else that understands what we do. The way that we pull together and hold strong for each other is something special!

    love the egg stare down by your little miss!!

  107. I just donated in memory of my husbands best friend Jimmy Shelton! Charlotte Saunders

  108. Rachel, I also made a donation to your race! You'll be running on my birthday, and I will be thinking of you all day.

    socalibadger at gmail dot com

  109. Once again I forgot to leave my email address.Maybe due to the tears in my eyes from reading all these amazing stories :D
    Charlotte Saunders. I donated in memory of my husbands best friend Jimmy Shelton. RAKKASAN!

  110. My proudest military moment was when my son and i watch my husband graduate Army BCT. I'm so proud of all our troops!

  111. My proudest military moment #1 was watching D be commissioned - watching all his hard work being pined on his shoulders. (this is one I'll put three more for my extra entry's/donation for your run from Lt.Kovatch :))

    My email is

  112. My 3rd favorite moment is when he let me read an email his captain sent him that said what an honorable and good marine he was - it made me feel so good that he had found his calling in life and others recognized that.

  113. My 2nd favorite moment was watching him graduate from TBS. It was such a time of challenges for us and it felt so good to watch him finish!

  114. My 4th favorite happens every year at the Navy/Army game watching my dad and D raz each other and seeing them have a bond, and a connection because of the military. It has been amazing to have had my dad already experience what D is going through with the deployment, and has made my dad and I even more close.

  115. Okay, I had this typed. The screen failed me!!!!

    Okay. First, my email (Don't laugh) (I said don't laugh!!!! I don't know why I don't change it, once a Marine wife, always a Marine wife right!)

    Okay. This is a story from long long ago. David and I weren't married yet, it was just a couple months before we got married. It was 4 July 2003 (You know I haven't written a date like that since he got out!) David was deployed. He deployed in January with 1st LAR Alpha Company on the USS Tarawa. They made regular port calls, but of the most important one was when they landed in Kuwait in Feb. They spent some time in Kuwait then in March they were one of the first wave to invade Iraq. Davids company did many missions in Iraq, one of which included helping getting POW jessica lynch. Anyway, on this 4th of July I was watching the fireworks with my friend near my home in WA. I get a phone call from David. it had been 6 months since his feet had touched US soil and that was what he was calling to tell me. His ship had docked in Hawaii, and was coming home soon. I breathed my sigh of relief that my Marine made it home. At the time, I didn't know much different. However, 14 months later, with a new last name and a baby, I realized what exactly I had. My friend, like you, lost the love of her life. Her fiance, David, also a Marine, was killed in Iraq, one week before his 20th birthday. I met my friend, online through the *other* blog site you've used. She and I became great friends. We both had our Davids, we both had our Marines. I logged onto AOL that day and the main news was that Marines had been killed. My heart stopped... My marine was deployed at the time, but to Spain, hers was in Iraq. With my heart in the pit of my stomach, and IM pops up. My friend said "hes gone" and at that moment, I realized the reality of the situation. I was overwhelmed with emotion and patriotism and hurt. My heart hurt for my friend (as it does now for you) since it could have been me in those shoes. I was proud of all the things my husband had done in the military, and all the things he would do. But that, my dear was my proudest moment. I still think of PFC David P. Burridge on the day that he lost his life for our country, as I will for Jonny too. I am proud of our military and honor those fallen.

    You're a strong woman Rachel. And Bless your heart for reading this!!! :-)

  116. I am a Navy Wife, for 14 years I have been with my husband, and I am proudest of him when I see him through my children's eyes. My kids are 9 and 10 and when i see their pride about their dad shining in their faces. I am the proudest wife ever.

  117. i was army. i went in about two years out of high school. had i not done this i would have been in a totally different place. the military helped me to become who i am. it instilled integrity, honor, and a great sense of pride for my country. it taught me lessons that will stay with me my entire life. my oldest daughters father was navy. he passed away 10 years ago. it has been a struggle but i would not trade any of it. i am proud of my experiences and the fact that i am a veteran.

    many prayers going out to you and your daughter.

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