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Make an Offer (Holy Crap, I'm a Grown Up!)

Sometimes, I look at my life and it hits me - Woah mama, I'm a GROWN UP. I real life adult. Responsibilities, bills, gonna be a momma, the whole nine. Don't get me wrong, you can be a grown up without those things, but without those things I do not think I personally would be. And now... I am.

So this weekend shoved me into grown-up status even more. I guess shoved isn't the correct word... more like I stepped into. And why now, more than a couple days ago, am I feeling more grown up you ask? Well...

We Bought A House!!!

That's right, I'll soon be paying a mortgage (the word still makes me shudder, can I call it something else...?)
Ok so we didn't buy it yet per se, we've made "an offer" but we're buying a house from a builder (it's not even a house yet, right now it's a plot that will be a house) and builders don't typically turn down offers especially since we offered the asking price (unlike buying someone else's house you can offer lower and they choose whether or not they accept it).

As any of you who've been reading may know, we'd been looking for a while. We had pretty much given up our search when we didn't find just the one and the thought of paying a mortgage started to frighten us. We still browsed a bit though and came across a lovely woman named Vikki at a house we definitely didn't want. Vikki mentioned pre-construction and how it was in our price range and we really thought it wouldn't be for us, we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and have a look see anyway. And low and behold, here we are a couple weeks later (After looking for MONTHS) with our names signed on paperwork!!

Thankfully, we've got time to save, adjust, and realize this is all coming true. We don't close until May. It has really worked out for us - our lease isn't up until May and other things may keep us from wanting a house much before May, but we definitely wanted some place to call home in the May/June time frame. So when they told us our closing date could be pushed back to May it was like a sign. Oh, and the house is called the EVELYN just like my beautiful mommy. TWO signs. woah-hoah.

Here is a picture of a house being built in the same area that has the same design and floorplan as our house

and because we are huge dorks, both my husband and I, here is us in front of our Plot Sign, where our house will stand in just a matter of months (6 or so months... and that'll fly, trust me - I know!)
Funny story about this pic... it was taken with a self-timer, so I sent Mr. P over to the sign and I stood by the truck on the road, getting the camera set up on the bed of the truck and getting him in the viewer. I got him in there then set the time and then ran (waddled) my preggo self over the mud in 10 sec. for the pic. I had just made it and only by jumping over to him.

Anyway, if any of you are really that curious, you can check out our floorplan/neighboring floorplans at Simpsons Crossing (that's our new neighborhood!!) and clicking on the Evelyn - or whichever one you wanted to look at.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

A Trip to the Dairy Farm (Turning Myself into a Food Source)

Otherwise known as breast feeding class!

On Tuesday, I attended my first breast feeding class. Now, if you're anything like me, you're wondering, "How in the great world do you have a class to breastfeed, do you all sit around and pull your boobs out??" If you're not like me you're probably thinking, "Oh a class to breastfeed, how educational, that's not perverted at all." You people have no imagination. :-P

Anyway, to answer that first question, no we did not sit around and pull our boobs out, thank goodness. BUT we did learn a great deal (Ok the non-perverts have it for the win). We had a nice lactation coach who was called Linda A (apparently at the hospital there is also a Linda B, and their big joke is they come in pairs - like breasts! - har har har) and was very excited about all things breast. She shared SO much information with us and I'm actually really glad that I went because I am now not so intimidated to do it, she informed us that it's not actually supposed to hurt, and if it does, you're probably doing it wrong. I feel like I am now all reared and ready to go be super Boobie Feeder Mommy! We'll see...

Some interesting snippets from the class (this way I don't feel like I'm rambling on teaching you the whole class, when half of you, I'm sure, aren't pregnant and don't want to know how to become a food source at this point of time)
  • Linda B's last name had the word 'boob' in it. It was something like Boobchivick or something. Really and truley. It was very difficult for me to suppress my giggles at this.
  • The correct way for the baby to latch on is nose-to-nipple. You line their nose up with your nipple, kinda tickle their lip, bottom lip on then top lip over the nipple. Make sure lips are not sucked in. Sounds easy enough, right? I'll let you know. Anyway, Linda A demonstrated this first with a cow hand puppet (oh, the irony) and then when she wanted to show more detail, her own mouth. Oh, I forgot to mention she was using a stuffed breast (like a plush breast, I guess you could call it a teddy-breast?) to demonstrate. Yes, she sucked the stuffed breast in front of the class. Talk about, once again, trying not to giggle...
  • Breast pumps slightly resemble torture devices. She demonstrated with a balloon. Man I wish I had a video to demo this for you guys, because my description isn't going to do it justice, but she held the balloon (probably the size of maybe a full B cup) against the hand operated breast pump, and pumped. And you could SEE the balloon getting pulled into the pump. The suction was that strong that the whole thing... went like... in the tube. Like I said, so hard to describe.I'd never seen anyone use a pump before, but apparently your whole boob also moves. How I'm not terrified, I don't know... Linda assured us it wouldn't hurt...
  • There are different types of nipples. Out-verted (ok, I forgot the real name, but the stick-outtie kind), flat, and inverted. It's pretty self explanatory what each one means. Linda shared with us that she has one of each, a flat and inverted. I'm sharing with you that I think mine are flat? but I'm not sure. They don't really stick out on the reg, but they sure do stick out when I'm cold... Anyway, for those that have flat or inverted nipples, there are devices that can actually stretch the nipple out. One you wear in your shirt, it's like a little circle thing with breathing holes and while you wear your clothes during the day, it's doing it's job stretching your nipple out. Another method is the breast pumps, clearly their suction helps pull your nipple out of hiding. This part frightens me a little, and if my nipples are not long enough, should I be stretching them now?? Just more to worry about, I guess...
  • Bottle feeding can really screw up breast feeding. This I did not know anything about, and found very interesting. Apparently breast feeding is a learned response (I just assumed it'd be natural... animals do it...) and when you learn something the wrong way, well obviously you're not gonna do it the right way later. So apparently, in a bottle there is one hole - shoots milk out, straight down. In the breast, however, there are FOUR holes and they shoot... well, in 4 directions. Talk about a super soaker! So, when a baby feeds from a bottle, they only feed from the nipple, tending to kind of chomp or make biting motions on it. However, when feeding from the breast, they latch on and kind of roll their tongue/jaw to activate some glands in the breast encouraging the milk to just flow. SO if the baby if taught with the bottle, he/she is going to learn the chomping motion and then begin chomping away at your boob, which in turn does not feel nice in the slightest - that is why it is so important to breast feed right off the bat, if you want to do it at all. We learned that the best time to introduce a bottle is between 3 and 6 weeks, that way they've already learned how to use the breast and they aren't too old to learn something new and be totally confused about what the heck a bottle actually is. There are also "breast bottles" that replicate the shape and way a breast works as far as feeding (see right, and check it out, if you want, here).
  • And last, but certainly not least, breast feeding really is important. It helps grow strong bonds between you and baby, it's the best nourishment they can get, it has antibodies to make them not get sick, supposed to make the smarter, turn them into super man and give them the power to read minds. Ok, maybe not the last two, but it's supposed to be some really good stuff for the baby. All joking aside, I am pretty excited to give my baby the best I can give her and I am already fully equipped to do so! And even though some things sound a little frightening (did you read the part about the pumps and nipple stretching) my fears have somehow been relieved, and I'm ready to give it a whirl. I hope I didn't scare anyone away from it with the scary bits, but if so let me know and I can give you the more serious side of the lesson.

It's the Final Countdown!

Can you believe it? Only 10 More Weeks until Princess P's due date. I'm still on the ever-so-hopeful thoughts that the due date is actually a week late and she'll make an 'early' on-time debut, but who can blame me? That being said, please enjoy this 30 week belly pic along with this little Weekly Check-in Questionnaire Doo-hicky that I yoinked from Katie.

How far along?
30 weeks today, 10 to go, WOO HOO!!!!

Total weight gain: Ugh. Approximately 25 Ell-Bees. So not stoked about the whole "large number popping up on the scale" thing...

Maternity clothes? For the most part. Pants most definitely, but shorts and sweats I still wear "normal people" ones. Shirts are some maternity, some pre-preg, as long as their long. Some dresses are maternity and some are pre-preg, depending, again, on the cut. The most comfy thing is Boyfriend Sweats (Victoria's Secret Pink) and a tee-shirt sans bra or undershirt, but that's clearly not practical for out of the house wearing, so I break down and get dressed... sometimes. Oh, and if you wanna send me a gift, I desperately need new bras. The "larger" one I bought months ago is not comfy so I'm wearing sports bras and one very stretched out BioFit. I need to hit up the maternity boobie section like woah.

Sleep: Yes please! The tireds are back. Boo. I want to sleep all the time. I force myself to try to get up but I usually end up sleeping during the day. Night time is still give and take, sometimes it comes easily sometimes it takes hours.

Best moment this week: The kicks. I just can't get over her moving. And also getting all the furniture put together, everything's getting SO real.

Movement: All the time. They told me from the very beginning we've got a very active baby and now I believe em. I'm pretty sure she's a dancer... or maybe a kickboxer? Her favorite spot, as noted in my last post, is in my ribs. They are sooore. She also likes to hammer away at my left side when I lay down, but no lie - I love that feeling.

Gender: Baby GIRL

Labor Signs: Couple of Braxton Hicks contractions. They're not fun, and they do hurt sometimes. Headed to L&D the other night when they were coming every 15 min for a 2-hour time span, but it was just exhaustion and dehydration the docs said. Cervix is still closed and no word on effacement or any of that gory business.

Belly Button in or out? In still, but weird. It's kinda... I don't know... hard?? It's opened up like a big ol' mouth and the top is hard. I hope that doesn't mean it's getting ready to pop out, I'd be fine keeping my belly button on the inside, thanks. (I had a horrible dream about it popping out and being really gross, so I'd rather just keep it in for now...)

What I miss: My favorite jeans, although maternity jeans and the freedom they bring, have really grown on me. I also miss being able to have a cocktail (what can I say, I enjoy my nights out), exciting sex (I feel like I can only do it in one position and I'm afraid I might bore my husband to death, although he doesn't seem to have a problem, at least I've still got a libido!), my energy, and feeling in control of my emotions (for the most part.)

Weekly Wisdom: Go to the classes! Yesterday was a breastfeeding class, Mondays are childbirth/lamaze, and in December I'll be going to New Parents class... they help you prepare and know what to expect to a tiny extent. They've helped ease my fears, make me more confident, and feel like I know what's going on. I am no longer terrified to attempt drug-free labor or breastfeeding, but we'll see how my tune changes when the time gets here...

Milestones: 10 Week COUNTDOWN. Holy toledo, we're in the single digits starting tomorrow... How INSANE.

Lamaze and a Rib-Ing Pain (How Big ARE You Baby??)

I must admit, I pretty much love being pregnant. Pregnancy makes every day a little adventure, and makes each day, week, month, something to look forward to as each day is one day closer to my little one being here. While there are some pains (literally) and some trials, I really have enjoyed my pregnancy and feel so lucky to have this experience.

That being said, one of my most favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling Baby P move. Each little flutter, every kick, brings a smile - and quite often a giggle - to my face. And each time, it never fails, I realize all over again "There's someone in there!" Some of her kicks now, as she's getting older, I can see my tummy actually moving. It's really like something of a sci-fi movie, and I hope to catch it on video one of these days, but of course she never does it when I'm expecting or waiting for it! The fact that this is something that Mr. P can sit and experience with me is something I really enjoy, too. The other day, he laid his head against my stomach and was talking to our baby. He said to her, "If you love me, punch me in the face" (I thought to myself when he said this, don't let yourself down when she doesn't, she's not particularly active right now and that's kind of a loaded request for someone not even here yet) And what do ya know - she punched (or kicked, elbowed, head-butted...) him right in his cheek as he lay there! We were both very astonished and so excited! Of course daddy then had the biggest grin on his face "SHE LOOOOVES ME" haha they're so cute together already and she's not even here.
Now that being said, I don't mean to complain when I say that I wish this kid would get out of my ribs. Haha. I love the movement, I love feeling her there, I love knowing she's still there. But her new favorite spot to hang out is up in my ribs, particularly on my right side. I don't know if it's a foot, an arm, a butt... but some body part has been there continuously over the last few weeks. And I'm pretty sure there's a bruise on the inside from where Little Miss Thing is constantly rubbing. Of course, nothing I say or do helps to move her from her spot. It's where she likes to be and it's where she'll remain until she's ready to move. So, until that point I will continue to just rub my aching ribs. I know I could have it worse - my friend Cait's baby wakes her up in the night kicking at her ribs - at least we don't have that going on... yet.

Tonight we had Lamaze Class. Mr. P's unit isn't exactly... supportive... of his attending my appointments/classes/anything family related, so he wasn't able to make it. Instead my friend Whitney came with me as birth partner. I've just got to say I am so very lucky and blessed to have the friends that I do. This was the relaxation/labor prep segment of the course which meant the birth partners would be massaging us preggo ladies. Whitney was such a trooper and did all the massages, paying special attention so she can properly teach my husband later. She even did the foot massage and she hates feet, I told her she didn't have to, but like I said she is such a trooper. I'm so thankful!! Mr. P did make an appearance at the end of the class, which was nice for him to be there, and I am lucky to have had anyone there at all, let alone TWO people.
And now, as the Ravens are on Monday Night football, I am going to go enjoy having a teeny piece of Maryland down here in NC. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

I Love Getting Bloggy Awards :)

The lovely Ashley at Kiwis and Cocktails nominated me for the fantastic Sugar Doll award. I just looove being nominated for awards, especially playing along the little game that goes with the award.

For this award I am to give 10 interesting tidbits about me and then nominate 10 blogs. For my tidbits, I'm being a copy cat and stealing Ashley's idea by letting hubby give the tidbits so here it goes, straight from the horse's mouth (so to speak):

1. She is particular - things have to be done a particular way, have to be done her way.
2. She is adorable.
3. She likes to laugh a lot.
4. She loves her music, she needs her music.
5. She is pretty good at driving a stick (he said this with a smirk, but for all you perverts out there, I drive a manual transmission, mmk??)
6. She is a good wife. An awesome wife. She likes to baby her husband. (He didn't want me to add that last part on, but he said it, no backsies!!)
7. She likes to be tickled (he says as he 'tickles' my feet... tickle as in lightly touched. My tickle-ish-ness had drastically faded and he's right, I enjoy to be 'tickled')
8. She likes to drink when she's not pregnant.
9. She is stubborn.
10. She is loving. Very loving.
(And the Patriots game is on, so this took a REALLY long time hahahaha)

I also realized I never posted that I was TAGGED by Ashley once before and missed it. So here it is now.
For this one I answer 5 Questions with 5 Answers for each Question. Then I tag 5 bloggers. I'm going to be lazy and say the people tagged above are tagged again, if they'd like. :-P

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
November 15, 1999...
  • I was in 8th (I believe?) grade at Aberdeen Middle School
  • It was less than a month until my 13th birthday so I'm sure I was planning some kind of party. Actually, this may have been the year we went Scuba Diving at Knight Divers
  • I was relying on my mom to drive me around to hang out with my friends. I hung out a lot at the mall during these years.
  • I was totally boy-crazy! I mean, what 13 year old girl isn't? I also really liked both NSync and MXPX... what a mix...
  • I was really ready for Thanksgiving/Christmas break - some things never change!

2. What are 5 things on your To Do list today?
Seeing that today is basically over, let's focus on tomorrow, I should create a To-Do list anyway!
  • Preggie lady fitness class at 1030
  • Call the doctor and find out if train rides @ 9 months are ok
  • Head to Best Buy for some Christmas present research (shh don't tell Mr. P!)
  • Lamaze class
3. Snacks you enjoy?
  • Cereal. That's what I'm about to have actually!
  • Starbursts
  • Girl Scout Thin Mints
  • Freshly baked cookies (I can't wait til hubs is done his diet so I can bake for us some more!)
  • Fresh fruit
4. Where are 5 places you have lived?
  • Richlands, NC
  • Catonsville, MD
  • UMBC Campus, MD
  • Aberdeen, MD
  • Zweibrucken, Germany

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
  • Baller houses for us, my parents and Jonny's parents. Our house would also have lots of land and horses.
  • Maybe a private island (haha)
  • Fun toys for us... Boats, Four-wheelers, RV for the parents
  • Baby P's school/college
  • Money to a good cause, maybe breast cancer? march of dimes? Maybe a FEW!

Veteran's Day Thankful Thursday

I don't typically partake in Thankful Thursdays, usually because I forget it's Thursday before I have the chance (hence why I've been slacking in my Wishful Wednesdays, too) but yesterday, I skipped a Veteran's Day blog because I wanted to incorporate it into a Thankful Thursday post.

Warning: This post may be a bit Motarded.
Definition of a Motard (a la Mr. P): "Motivated to the point of retardedness."
A term often used to describe people who are overly excited about anything Marine Corps/military/regulation/American. Often associated with the "super motivational" haircut, the high and tight.
Used in a sentence: Babe, you are such a motard, I am surprised you don't have a high and tight (Hubby to me when I was seriously rocking out to "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue" by Toby Keith)

Ok, enough with the babbling, on to the thankfulness...
Photo Cred

Every day, I am thankful for my wonderful family. I'm thankful for the family which I was raised, my amazing parents who support me like none other, my crazy little sister that I am lucky to have no matter how annoying she can be, and my extended family at large, they're pretty neat. I am thankful for the family I married into. My awesome husband, who I don't know what I'd do without. I could seriously go on for hours about all the reasons and ways I am thankful for him so let's just leave it at he loves me no matter what, he takes care of me, spoils me, and is the bestest man I could have asked for ever. And my new extended family, they're pretty neat, too.
Also, the new family that we are creating. My beautiful little daughter baking away inside. I'm thankful for the opportunity to even be pregnant and the chance to become a mommy. I'm thankful for every kick, every symptom of pregnancy, and every little joy that comes along with it, because it really is a miracle.

I am also thankful for my friends. My wonderful friends I've grown up with who have been by my side regardless, all the women that stood by me at my wedding day, I don't know what I'd do without them. My friends from school that I still keep in touch with and the sorority sisters that continue to think about me even though I'm so far away. And my new friends, the Marine Wives I've met along the way so far. I would be a mess down here without the ladies I've gotten to know.

And *begin motivational section* in this issue of Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for our military. Without which America wouldn't be... well America. I'm thankful that there are men and women out there who risk their lives daily so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we do and feel safe and protected in the ways we do. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to grow up in a military family and learn to appreciate all these things at an early age. I'm thankful that my husband is the strong and good Marine that he is, that he has the dedication to work his butt off for the Corps. I am thankful for all the things the military has provided for us, as well.

So now I'm wondering what's up with my lack of readership? Is my life that boring or my posts that difficult to read (I know I tend to write in stream-of-consciousness fashion, so maybe I'm just too all over the place?) I'm beginning to get a bit depressed at the dwindling amount of comments I receive, it's kind of a blow to the ego!! So if you stop by and my blog sucks, feel free to let me know! Hahaha.
And lastly, hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Also, in lieu of the Veteran's Day topics of this post, head over to Married to the Military for an awesome Build-A-Bear giveaway!! Run quick, the giveaway ends tonight!!

Forced to Quit

So that whole working thing was short lived. Yeah, that's what I'm saying - it's over. A total of three weeks, a new record. What happened was this:

A few weeks ago, as I was changing a child's diaper, I got kicked in the belly. He was about 18 months old but a really hefty boy and yes, it hurt. When I went to change the next child's diaper, I felt a strong pulling/tearing sensation in my stomach. "What is going on in there?!"
So, I headed to the director and was sent straight over the the Naval Hospital to make sure everything was still A-OK. The Labor and Delivery ward (in addition to the actual place you deliver, L&D is basically like the pregnant woman's E.R. after 20 weeks) cleared me, assured me that baby was fine and placenta was still attached, and that I might be a little sore. I actually didn't freak over this situation because I kind of figured it was an 'outside' thing... as long it's nothing with the baby - who cares?

Since that time, I've felt a pull in the same spot every once in a while when I move certain ways. I mentioned this whole scenario to my doctor when I went to see her at my 28 week checkup last week and she says it sounds like I indeed pulled a round ligament, and that muscles and ligaments are much harder to repair while pregnant, especially belly ones that are continuing to stretch the most in these final months. She also advised that I lift no more than 20 lbs.

When I left for the doctor from work the few weeks ago when the incident happened, the director of the center informed me that I should let them know ASAP if I have any restrictions because it would be difficult to work with lifting limitations. So, naturally I called her right after the doctor's appointment to let her know what was up. I assumed they'd be a little put-off and we'd figure out a way to make sure I followed doc's orders and still worked in the facility. However, she advised that I just "Put in my letter of resignation."

I was both half upset and half relieved. Work had been really wearing me out. The tiredness from the first trimester is beginning to rear its ugly head again, along with catching a cold (which is typical when you begin work in a daycare center) and other work stressors I had been facing. Ok, I'll just quit then, I figured.
But then I got thinking about it - they can't make me quit. They can't fire me because I have a medical limitation - they already hired me. And then I realized, this is basically discrimination. I went in on Monday with a resignation letter prepared as well as an "argument" to keep my job. I was determined to discuss the situation with them and see if there was any way around it - Could I be placed in a different room? In a room with younger (smaller) babies, or older (not needing to be changed) kids? Could I just be on call-in basis like a sub? All of these were shot down by the directors. They were nice and cordial the whole time, but were unwilling to work with me. "There is no other work we can provide which will guarantee that you won't lift 20 or greater pounds" was basically their argument. Re-apply in February after the baby gets here and you can "have your job back."
I was slightly taken aback but I handed over my letter of resignation - fully understanding what would happen if I did - There'd be no fighting it. My letter is my own choice, it is solid evidence that I chose to leave my job and I can no longer go to HR or to a lawyer and yell discrimination, now that the letter is handed in.

But I did one thing that I rarely ever do in my lifetime - I decided not to fight it. What was it worth? All the signs were pointing to the fact that right now isn't the time for me to work. I don't need the job to survive. And I don't want to burn my bridges in the case that I would like to resume working there again in the Spring. So, I let it go. That's right. Let. It. Go.

So while I may have "let them get away with it," I think in the end, it's what I wanted, too. It's just an interesting situation, in my opinion, to think about.

Just food for thought, I suppose.

Career Choice

I want a career. Yes, I have a job, but I don't plan on making a lasting career in child care. It's fun for now, but it's not what I want to do.
So, that being said, what do I want to pursue a career in? Well, that's where the issue comes in!
The reason I haven't continued my education is because I don't want to pay money for training in something that I'm not sure I want to do. I have my Bachelor's in Psychology with a couple of certificates, but anyone who was a psych major knows there isn't really anything you can do in the field with just a Bachelor's. I've also thought about teaching. I enjoy working with kids and think I'd enjoy it more if I weren't changing diapers and doing feedings but actually teaching things. I was actually looking very seriously into getting my master's in teaching before I heard that it's really hard to find a teaching job in Onslow County and other surrounding areas right now... and we'll be (most likely) moving in 2 years by the time I'm done the degree, so who knows what the job market for teachers will be wherever the Marine Corps sends us. And then on top of that there was the issue of which grade level would I want to teach - sometimes I think teaching Secondary Social Studies would be great, and I'd like to teach a specialized area better and then sometimes I realize I like little kids and older kids are just jerks most of the time. So that is another tough decision.
I've also looked at going to school for further psychology, for addiction specialist, HR specialist... and many more...

So I pose this to you, bloggy friends (who actually read this, I feel like it's boring and as such no one reads or comments, but hey I can try, right?!) what career field are you in? Do you like it? What are some pros/cons of your careers? What was the education/experience like getting into your field?
Please help me out guys!

Cats and Cribs

Hope everyone had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

We had a very low-key Halloween, and while I missed all the festivities of Halloween's past in Maryland, being with hubs on Halloween and just hanging out was pretty sweet, too. On Friday at work was costume day, so I had to throw something together, seeing that I hadn't even considered what costume would fit over my new body shape this year. I ran to WalMart the night before and found some tiger ears, tie, and tail and some costume paint/make-up. I had a black dress and leggings at home and a tiger would have to do it! My coworkers and the kids all seemed to like it, so my quick-fix was a grand success!
I visited Mr. P at work when I got off to bring him lunch. I forgot about my face and gave him a huuuge hug, since he had had duty and I hadn't seen him since about 5pm the night before, I was excited, ok?! Buuut oops about his face... haha
Friday evening I was feeling pretty bummed about our lack of Halloween plans and low and behold hubby comes home telling me we got invited to a party! So I redid my face paint and we picked out something to throw together for the hubby, and we headed out!

It wasn't the best Halloween party I'd ever been to, but we had a good time, got to cut loose a little bit and have some Halloween fun - Oh and dress up :-D

Halloween day (Saturday) we decided to take some time to move the futon out of baby girl's room so we could set up her crib that my mom had bought and had arrived at our front door on Wednesday. It looked like it was going to be a really daunting task, but it wasn't that bad at all and didn't take much time - and Mr. P only cussed out the parts one time! haha. Crib assembly success.

Our bellies were growling after our grueling labor, and we wanted some delicious Chinese. We looked at ordering and we both wanted SO much that we decided it would be more cost efficient and more satisfying to our bellies if we just went in for the buffet. And let me tell you, what a buffet it was. A preggie woman's dream I like to call it. So much food, and desserts. I think I got like 4 plates of food... oops. Haha. All the Chinese goodness and fried deliciousness we could eat for two? $22. Fooding our hungry selves... total success.

Now we're having the laziest Sunday. I have picked up a cold or something this weekend and am wicked congested and feel like doing nothing. Our typical Sunday ritual consists of meal planning/grocery shopping, hair cut for Mr. P, errands, and house cleaning, but I won't be surprised if only part (or even none...) of that gets done.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and your week is just as awesome!

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