Lamaze and a Rib-Ing Pain (How Big ARE You Baby??)

I must admit, I pretty much love being pregnant. Pregnancy makes every day a little adventure, and makes each day, week, month, something to look forward to as each day is one day closer to my little one being here. While there are some pains (literally) and some trials, I really have enjoyed my pregnancy and feel so lucky to have this experience.

That being said, one of my most favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling Baby P move. Each little flutter, every kick, brings a smile - and quite often a giggle - to my face. And each time, it never fails, I realize all over again "There's someone in there!" Some of her kicks now, as she's getting older, I can see my tummy actually moving. It's really like something of a sci-fi movie, and I hope to catch it on video one of these days, but of course she never does it when I'm expecting or waiting for it! The fact that this is something that Mr. P can sit and experience with me is something I really enjoy, too. The other day, he laid his head against my stomach and was talking to our baby. He said to her, "If you love me, punch me in the face" (I thought to myself when he said this, don't let yourself down when she doesn't, she's not particularly active right now and that's kind of a loaded request for someone not even here yet) And what do ya know - she punched (or kicked, elbowed, head-butted...) him right in his cheek as he lay there! We were both very astonished and so excited! Of course daddy then had the biggest grin on his face "SHE LOOOOVES ME" haha they're so cute together already and she's not even here.
Now that being said, I don't mean to complain when I say that I wish this kid would get out of my ribs. Haha. I love the movement, I love feeling her there, I love knowing she's still there. But her new favorite spot to hang out is up in my ribs, particularly on my right side. I don't know if it's a foot, an arm, a butt... but some body part has been there continuously over the last few weeks. And I'm pretty sure there's a bruise on the inside from where Little Miss Thing is constantly rubbing. Of course, nothing I say or do helps to move her from her spot. It's where she likes to be and it's where she'll remain until she's ready to move. So, until that point I will continue to just rub my aching ribs. I know I could have it worse - my friend Cait's baby wakes her up in the night kicking at her ribs - at least we don't have that going on... yet.

Tonight we had Lamaze Class. Mr. P's unit isn't exactly... supportive... of his attending my appointments/classes/anything family related, so he wasn't able to make it. Instead my friend Whitney came with me as birth partner. I've just got to say I am so very lucky and blessed to have the friends that I do. This was the relaxation/labor prep segment of the course which meant the birth partners would be massaging us preggo ladies. Whitney was such a trooper and did all the massages, paying special attention so she can properly teach my husband later. She even did the foot massage and she hates feet, I told her she didn't have to, but like I said she is such a trooper. I'm so thankful!! Mr. P did make an appearance at the end of the class, which was nice for him to be there, and I am lucky to have had anyone there at all, let alone TWO people.
And now, as the Ravens are on Monday Night football, I am going to go enjoy having a teeny piece of Maryland down here in NC. Hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. eh...kicking you in the ribs? That does not sound fun! :)But, I guess I would like the movement to know she is still alive and doing well. I am still scared of it all!

  2. hey, when you leave a comment and i get it in my email and try to respond- it says No reply. So I cant just email you back. But, I was going to reply to your comment. Um, You looked JUST IN Time because as you commented, I was deleting most of the pics. My husband does not read my blog, but if he saw the pics he would be horrified! He wants to have a NOW! and those pictures did not exaclty scream "I am ready to be a mother!" haha. plus my MIL reads my blog sometimes so I had to get rid of them.

  3. If I leave you a comment on your blog, Do you get an email? You can just reply to that email and you can email me from your email (For me, its gmail)
    Try it now with this comment. Reply to that email notification.
    TO fix yours do this (I copied and pasted from my friend's blog):
    When you all leave comments I am dying to respond to each and every one. However, many of your email's come up at and I can't respond. Here is how you fix it (if you want to!)...

    1. Go to your Dashboard on
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    3. Scroll down to the line that says : Show my email address and CHECK THE BOX.
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