My Disgust

I usually don't get into politics. I try to keep my opinions to myself, as I've sad before. But this one, well, I can't let this one lie.

First, there was a post on the Voices Washington Post thread, about how the First Lady can relate to Military Spouses. I highly, highly disagree, as I left in a comment on the particular post. Go check out the article, check out my comment, and leave your own. Many of my readers here are milspouses - how do you feel? Do you get to jet set off on vacations? Do you have your own personal wait staff? DOES YOUR HUSBAND GET BODY GUARDS ON DEPLOYMENT?? I'm not saying the First Lady's job is easy - it's a job that I have never walked in and can not imagine, just as SHE can NOT imagine walking in the shoes we walk in every single day.

Anyway, the particular reason for bringing this up, is because, once again the president is taking a (much deserved??? ha) vacay! Instead of going to Arlington National cemetery for the wreath laying ceremony, he is heading to his hometown, Chicago, where as the Washington Post says "they will visit with friends and participate in private events." Now granted, it states he will be giving "remarks" at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetary, but I must ask, is he doing this because he really cares or because it's CONVENIENTLY located near Chicago where he will be partying it up with friends and family and knows the wrath he will get from the American people if he does nothing??

Showing you care for the fallen of the country, and the Armed Forces in which you are the Commander-in-Chief of, as the president, should be top priority. TOP.

And I also must ask, where is my invitation to the Gold Star breakfast (lol, kinda butt hurt about that one).

I also have one last thing to post, because tonight, I'm pissed. This girl commented on my angry Obama facebook status, and I need to document it because it's unbelievable,

Obama Supporter: Wow is all I am going to say,
I disagree with that
but I tend to get
blasted on here about my
beliefs and understand
the rights to free speech,
I proud to say that
I voted for obama, we wouldn't be in this war
If it wasn't for that dumb ass George W Bush.
(*check out that sweet grammar, by the way)

My Response: [Girl]
, your Free Speech is not appreciated on MY Facebook. Until you've walked in my shoes, I don't care what your thoughts on the president and his ditching the Arlington ceremony are, not at all. Sorry.
Me again:Oh and another response to the "George W Bush got us into this war comment" ... I guess that wasn't the Al Quaeda guys that crashed into the twin towers and the pentagon and a field in PA killing SO MANY AMERICANS on 9/11, was it? No, that wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with it. How people just FORGET that, I will never know.

Her: I'm sorry for your loss rachel, but seriously if that's the case just delete me. I'm done!

And my last response to that discussion:
Then be done, I recall you added me. I never asked for your input on my status. Actually, you didn't need to read it, comment on it, or anything. So deleted you shall be, if it's that is the case.
(*Clearly, I was mad and not making much sense at the end of that one HAHA)

REALLY?? And to any of you out there who want to tell me how wonderful he is and how wrong I am, the same responses go to you. As one commenter on my facebook status and fellow blogger Amanda, also said: "I have NEVER been involved in an Obama debate where the Obama supporter didn't revert to "look at George Bush". If Obama is so fucking great why can't you argue him on his own merits? When will he stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his decisions and actions? When will his administration stop being a reaction to "what Bush did"?"

This isn't a discussion on whether I think the president is doing a good job, I am pissed about this incident and I am just sick of people defending him all of the time. I'm sick of the lack of support we, military and milfamilies, get from our MILITARY LEADER. I'm not going to talk on whether or not I think he's doing a good job (or whether or not I like him - that part is pretty obvious), I'm not educated in those areas enough, and I won't pretend to be and start a big debate, but this incident just boiled my blood.

And with this I leave you with a quote from our commandant when he spoke in Okinawa recently, "He may be the president, but the Marines are MINE." (Thanks, Maria)

And a big, fat, fucking OOOOORRRRAAAAHHHHHH


  1. You know, he is the FIRST (mother effin') president that didn't participate in police week. He.... couldn't be bothered with a freakin' ceremony to honor fallen law enforcement, and current law enforcement, like my hubs who serves and protects when he rides in his convoy from the white house to the capitol.... and protects members of congress.... yeah i don't like him either... and what a chode. Seriously... If he can't honor our fallen.... why should we honor him??? ((ranty!!)) <3

  2. I love this post and I love how strong you have been through everything! I agree with you 100% and I also think that it should be a requirement for the President to have served in the military before taking office because how are you suppose to lead our troops if you have never been in their shoes? As for Michelle feeling like her job is similar and that she can relate to us... I don't recall ever having a multi-million dollar pay check, a multi-million dollar home, or being able to jet set and wear designer duds. I'm pretty sure none of us will ever see that amount of money or privilege because Congress already thinks the military is over paid for what they do. If that's the case then why do so many soldier and their families qualify for government assistance like WIC. My husband is an E-6 and yet we still qualify for WIC, I don't think we will be jet setting anytime soon! Take care and stay strong, there are a lot of us out here who love and support you!

  3. Hooah from this army wife! I got out of bed to read this when I saw you posted. :) You took the word right out of my mouth. This on top of everything else he's done (underdeploying troops, meaning longer deployments with less support for the guys who ARE over there, skipping the inaugural Medal of Honor ball, sending troops to the border UNARMED and again undersupported) just shows how little he regards the military. But, honestly, most people who have led very posh lives (like they have, having never "earned" below 6 figures) with no real felt need for the military do feel that way, as is probably the case with that one commenter. Someone said, "People say 'America is at war.' America isn't at war. The American military is at war. America is at the mall." Sub in "The President" for "America" and it's still true.

    I, too, am sick of seeing "Bush's war" written all over everything from Iraq to Afghanistan. But then, there were idiots back in the day who said that WWII was "FDR's War."

    Keep on, sister!

  4. Well Said. I have to agree with you %100 on all aspects!!

    BTW. I am a new follower, I have been for about a month, I just never knew what to say in regards to what is happening in your life. I am sorry for your loss. You have been in my prayers.

  5. Oh My GOD! That freakin pisses me off. I may need to blog about this myself i'm so annoyed by this.

  6. OOH EFFIN RAH!!! Seriously...I was soooo freakin' livid too! I'm sorry someone gave you crap...dumb! Completely the wrong person to even begin to argue with when it comes to our PRESIDENT honoring the fallen. You didn't deserve that all. I didn't vote for him, I really don't like him. But when he got voted in I did pray that he would make the best decisions for our country...guess that's an unanswered prayer that I'll be thankful for as long as he doesn't get elected again! Anyways...I really hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend & know that along with many other not only will I be remember you, your daughters & your husband sacrifice but everyone who has given their lives so unselfishly! MUCH LOVE TO YOU GIRLS!!!

  7. You said it so much better than I. I heard this on the radio today and thank God I was parked because I went all ape shit in my car! Man I was pissed! OH AND he is sending the most eloquent speaker in his stead *cough*cough* Biden! I can just see him making some half assed joke! OMG I want to punch something.

  8. I seriously agree with you 110%
    and I hate it when people think they are making so much sense in comments on fb or that they are right! Tell em like it is girl, and I have your back completely!!!

  9. I'm not even going to get into the rest cause it pisses me off.

    That said, "I'm really sorry for your loss, but..." is the stupidest f-ing way to start a sentance. I don't even get that.

  10. Thank you for posting this and your comment on that article. I'm behind you in everything you said. There is no way she could ever know what it is like. I'm truly at a loss for words on this one.

  11. I saw that he was skipping the Arlington Memorial Day ceremony, and I had the exact same reaction you did. Our men and women who have given their lives to this country deserve to have our president honor them in the traditional Arlington ceremony - not a ceremony created for convenience. And the men and women who serve today deserve a president who back them completely with reservation or question.

    Sadly, we do not have that with our current president.

  12. I 2nd the Hooah from the previous Army wife. You said it all and you said it well.

  13. I really can't say it any better than you just did.

    I love you, and you are fabulous. ♥

  14. Good grief. I was just telling my husband today how I was done giving my opinion on anything politically related because Obamacrats have nothing truthful to retaliate with but instead they attack with hurtful comments or completely unrelated statements such as "but, but look at Bush..." It's just like you said. It's unfortunate that we can't speak our minds without so many getting so upset because our opinions may be different from theirs.


    Extremely well said, and I honestly couldn't agree more.
    I may be Canadian, and I sure as heck don't know much about politics, but I certainly can say that I am not a fan of Obama, and I am certainly not a fan of his beliefs!

  16. I hate that people constantly want to use facebook as a means to argue and be ignorant. I'm sorry, I thought facebook was a way to connect with FRIENDS. And no friend would ever say that. So good for you for erasing that tie. That being said I know I also can never ever understand how it feels to be you but I can understand how it feels to be so pissed off that you just want to scream. I say go ahead and scream- as long as that beautiful baby of yours isn't asleep!

  17. I'm avoiding news in general right now (hubby is deployed so denial & ignorance are pills I can easily throw back), but I still read blogs, especially that of fellow milspouses. So first, thank you for sharing the posts, and I echo your sentiment: "OOOOORRRRAAAAHHHHHH"

    My opinion? I tend to not like people in general for the most part, but especially not the people with hugely bloated heads. They are scary looking.

    When I think of our "leaders" in their safely padded offices, facing ANY challenge, I remember a quote from a dear friend: "When in danger or in doubt: run in circles, scream and shout." And I laugh at the image of them running in a circle screaming like a cartoon character, because that's how real they are [not] in my mind.

  18. What a great post! Good for you for writing it! I had NO idea about what Michelle Obama had angers me so much. And just disgusting that Obama will not be at Arlington or as I read did not participate in Police Week. As a wife of a former Marine and current Police Officer I am just disgusted by him. I am so glad I didn't vote for him and cannot wait for his term to be over. Also, LOVE you response about George Bush being the only reason we are in this very very sad that people have forgotten about 9-11....I have not, nor will I ever....Semper Fi

  19. HOOAH!!! I totally, completely agree with you. I think it's freakin' BS that he can't take 10 minutes out of his "much needed" vacation to make a speech and honor our fallen heroes. Absolute BS. I didn't like him before, and I CERTAINLY don't like him now. It pisses me off that he can't show a single ounce of respect for the military.

    Not only that, but why the crap is everything Bush's fault? Did he single-handedly make the economy dive? No. Did he start the war? Absolutely not.

    Keep on, sista! <3

  20. I feel the same way you do about all that... I cant believe she said all that when she could have kept it to her self.. WOW... And i think he is AWFUL... I cant stand how he doesn't act like a president... He does what he wants and has all the parties and just invites all the other leaders over to the white house all the time.... NEVER showing up for the important things for america.. It is a shame that everyone blames bush for everything when actually it started when clinton was in office and he tried to cover it up... Had no clue about the michelle obama thing.. WOW.. thanks for posting this...

    i will leave you with a nice quote my husband found in some army times kinda thing...


  21. Ugh. Seriously? What is wrong with that person.

    I voted for Obama. There I said it. I'm not proud of it though. I suppose I was sick of how things were, but I am definitely not happy now and completely kicking myself in the ass for my decision. I really think now that McCain would be doing a much better job then the current President.

    I can't believe he's not going to be there Memorial Day. Seriously, he's probably the first president to not be there. I just think it's disrespectful of him.

    Kudos to you for standing up for yourself and your beliefs. You are such a strong woman!! HUGS!

  22. The only thing I can say is they are full of crap and its not the first time the president has pissed on our military and wont be the last... Glad you posted this tho!

  23. Holy. Crap.
    That's pretty darn awful--that girl commenting on your fb like that!
    And wow. I read the article and saw your comment. *whistles* Some people have nerve. In the wrong direction.
    I don't know many people personally who are in/involved in the military, but heck do I respect them.
    And golly, do I get tired of hearing everyone yammer on about Bush starting all the bad stuff...
    Anyways, world problems aside, g'night dear. :)

  24. I think the only part of this that is ignorant (not that you said that...) is when any individual tells a milspouse they can relate or understand. Unless you join our "silent (who's silent anymore, by the way?) ranks" then you don't understand shit! It's insulting.

    really, not to fuel the fire, but I think people revert back to "bush did such-and-such" is just to show every president sucks at some point or another. All of them drop the ball in regard to the military or any given policy. Just a guess.. . I do see your point though, people should say Obama is good/bad, right/wrong based upon his choices. Yet, at the heart of that is opinion and no one can please EVERYONE.

    Egh... it is what it is to me.

    Also, gotta say it's shitty that broad says "I'm really sorry for your loss, but..". It's in poor taste.

  25. Wow. I am in total shock. I told my mom and she said "go figure. he's a scumbag". I have personally been to 4 laying of the wreaths in ANC (my husband was a member of TOG for 3 years) and this year will be my first year since I've become a milspouse that I haven't been able to go. It pisses me off more than anything when he pulls crap like this. Yes, everyone deserves a break but it seems like we turn on the TV and he's in Hawaii or somewhere taking a "vacation". And taking a vacation on such an important holiday in which the president is expected to participate just shows his commitment to our country and our troops. I can't wait to see the backlash he gets from this...


  26. AMEN, I agree with you 200%!! Obama has got to be the most militarily (is that a word?) disrespectful president we have had in a LONG time. He's a douche. Period. I swear that he just pisses me off like no other, I really have no idea what he even got voted in for. Sure, change is good and all, but how about we change things that need to be changed, and not change how we respect the military. If it wasn't for our Marines, Soldiers, Coasties, Navy, Air Force he would NOT be in the position he is in today. He needs to wake up and effin realize that fact.

  27. I can't agree with you more! I am not a military spouse/girlfriend, but I still think it's one of the most single important things to do as President to HONOR all of the fallen military. No, wait, scratch that. It's part of his freakin' JOB. In my opinion, I feel like the Obamas are just really big celebrities who happen to be in Washington and not Hollywood.

    Rock on, sister! You are so strong, and I think that is a very admirable thing.

  28. This is just perfect!!! It is evident you have all of us standing behind you on this!!! You are amazing!!! :)

  29. I actually had this as my facebook status last night, and someone made an interesting little comment. I linked this post to it.

    Jordan Streetman Obama, you are so unpatriotic. Seriously, if you can't do the job, why did you sign up bud.
    Jessica Renee Gerren im going to take this link..HE IS A POS
    Yesterday at 3:18pm ·

    Tina Allen And is anyone surprised.
    Yesterday at 3:44pm ·

    Polly Johns pathetic........God help us!
    Yesterday at 4:40pm ·

    Polly Johns It flies in the face of our veterans. Just choking on the thought of calling him Commander in Chief!
    Yesterday at 4:44pm ·

    Taylor Brooks Thomas I mean...he needs to show respect to his friends in Chicago... right?
    Yesterday at 6:29pm ·

    Warren Reid Squires Thanks for the silver lining Taylor. Our party needs it. Drastically.
    9 hours ago ·

    Kevin Petersen hey guys guess what?.. this has nothing to do with whether or not a president is doing a good job...
    8 hours ago ·

    Jordan Streetman Well, here. Read this.
    It's a young lady who just lost her husband over in Afghanistan. Showing you care for the fallen of the country, and the Armed Forces in which you are the Commander-in-Chief of, as the president, should be top priority. Country over family. Just like the military has made that same commitment, so should he. Like I said he's doing a bad job.
    7 hours ago ·

    Logan Davis maybe november will be the first step to actually rebuilding the country. lets hope so.
    6 hours ago ·

    Polly Johns Ok.... just for starters one sixth of our economy is now in the hands of bureaucrats, small business owners are being choked with new regulations and taxes that will be job killers, our country has had a litany of terrorist attacks, we have a president that ridicules american citizens and calls out states for protecting their borders and on and on...
    See More

    Thank ya sister friend!

  30. Very well said.

    I also think it should be a requirement that all presidents should have served in any branch of the military. I never understood how someone who has no experience in the trials of a military life can
    dictate orders to the military.

  31. Couldn't have said it any better myself! When a person (or party's) strongest argument is to say "But Billy did _________" I call that Kindergarten...not politics. Its a shame that's what politics have turned into.

    And you know, it boils my blood when people say Bush started the war. CONGRESS has to declare to war, people. A democratic congress did that. Geeze people freaking need to go back to 8th grade social studies because the ignorance blows my mind.

  32. Ohhh man was I fuming when I read the article BEFORE I finished your post, but that is just outright ridiculous! First lady, totally different life. Yeah I am sure it is probably hard coming second to the USA, but common now, your husband is not in the same ranks as the men and women in the military. totally different ball park.

    As for your invite to the gold star breakfast I don't blame you for being mad about that. I would be pissed too!

  33. HOOAH from this Army Wife! I coudn't agree more!

  34. Oh and another thing (you have me riled up now!!!),
    how and who determines who gets an invite to the Gold Start breakfast?? Does someone that sits behind a desk go eeny, meny, miny, moe???? YOU should have been invited. ANYONE and EVERYONE that has lost a spouse should have been invited.

    I think ALL you followers need to bombard the White House with calls and get you to that breakfast!!!

    White House Numbers:

    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    FAX: 202-456-2461

    And emails too!!!

    Joe Biden -

    This link above takes you to a site that supposely sends emails to the whichever one you click.

    Everyone tell them Rachel deserves that invite!

  35. I'll give you a BIG FUCKING Hooah from this ARMY WIFE.. You said exactly what I was thinking..
    Oh and this whole they want to build A mosque on ground zero? Are you kidding me! Are they fucking stupid that would be like a slap in Americans face...

    UGH! This subject really gets me fired up.


    I just <3 you!!

  37. Way to go girlie..and I have my Marine sitting here next to me and he said to tell you, "I appriciated that!" Trust me, he never listens to me when I am reading my blogs...thanks for getting his rock girl.

  38. I agree with you whole heartedly! I don't bring up debates, I don't argue with people about what I think he is or isn't doing right. I have never walked in his shoes, nor will I probably ever, BUT! I don't believe that he is honoring the fallen, I don't believe that he is taking the job of being the Commander in Chief for the ENTIRE military (past and present) as seriously as he should. There is no way that Michelle Obama can know what it's like to be a milispouse! I mean, I would LOVE to live in a giant house, have a maid, butler, cook, nannies, wear new clothes all the time, have all the time in the world for a big 'ol garden.. but the simple fact of the matter is, I have to take care of all of those things by myself. I don't have money to get new clothes, I have an 11 year old boy who eats 3049573407 times a day, and a 6 year old girl who takes an hour to eat her small dinner. I have laundry to do, (small but nice) house to take care of, dishes to do, lawn to mow, etc etc! My husband doesn't get to just go "Yano what, I think I'm gonna go to Minnesota (which is where he's from) to see family and friends and just ditch work for a while." He would end up in the Brig! It makes me so mad when people try to say "Oh, I know how you feel!" No you don't! You have NO CLUE how it feels to have your loved ones in an area that people are trying to kill them, never knowing if that next knock on the door will be a Chaplin and an Officer dressed to the 9's! Just makes me incredibly mad!

  39. Excellent post girl, I cant even begin to describe how much I agree with you! God bless you and that little princess, Hooah!!!

  40. You are indeed wise beyond your age. Keep up the great commentary.

  41. hell yeah!!! and oorah! i am in 100% agreement with you on this one girl. I don't even have anything to say, this makes me so mad. Whatever, at least he won't be there to taint an honorable American tradition.

  42. 100% agree with you!!!

    as a fellow mil spouse...the fact that he is skipping this is ABSURD!!!!
    HE wanted to be the president...
    i surely didn't vote for him.
    i think there are tons of ppl who wish they hadn't!!!

    this is a slap in the face to our military and those who have lost loved ones.

    i applaud you Rachel for how you are handling what life had dealt you.
    you represent us mil spouses VERY WELL!!!

    also...why the heck is everything bush's fault?
    that's the only thing they ever say...why?
    b/c obama doesn't have anything else to stand on.

  43. President Obama is not the first President to leave his VP in charge of the ceremony. Nevertheless, I do know that the President should be there to show some hope and encouragement to the family and friends of the fallen.

    And, I do think it was only a matter of convenience.

    This country cannot stand correctly if our Commander in Chief is not there to help us up.

  44. Rachel!!!!!! I am so so so so so so so happy you posted about this because it is an upcoming post on my own blog- Michelle Obama is terrible and here is why- she said her platform was going to be military families (clearly to get the mil vote hoping to sucker some mil voters in) and then within the FIRST year of service changed it to CHILDHOOD OBESITY! I will admit that i dont know IF she did anything for milspouses or not, but i know for sure her husband had the exact opposite idea in mine when he FROZE MYCAA spouse tuition assistance program. The Obamas (in this MARINE WIFE'S opinion) are fairly UNmilitary friendly considering her platform was SUPPOSED to be MILITARY FAMILIES. She has spoken twice already in my home state on childhood obesity and never once mentioned military in either of her visits. WTF?!?!?! Semper Fi Rachel!

  45. Amen! Amen! And Amen!

    P.S. The Commandant really said that? That makes me happy.

  46. WTH, I miss the news about him Skipping the Arlington Ceremony! I am proud to say that I did not vote for Obama!! I have never seen a President with such lack of respect for the military as Obama. I agree 100% with everything you said!! I am so tired of hearing BUsh got us into this war! It is so easy to forget 9/11 when it doesn't effect your daily life! People are so ignorant!

  47. You are my HERO!

    You are exactly right! We are headed to DC tomorrow to see the Marine Corps Parade with my dad (a former Marine) - I will be thinking of you and your daughter!

  48. OORAH Woman!

    List of Obama's accomplishments:

    He pisses me off...

  49. As a fellow military wife, regular reader and first time commenter, I just want to say AMEN SISTER, AMEN!

  50. OMG! I posted the tid bit about Obama not going to Arlington on my FB in disgust yesterday and it started a huge debate. People are CRAZY. It really fires me up that he doesnt support our troops in the least bit. Well said post.

  51. I agree with this post 100%! I am also SO sick of Obama supporters only argument being that "Bush started this.." Or "Stop blaming Obama for what Bush did.."

    I heard this quote recently and have found it so true... "Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." I've deleted MANY fools from my Facebook since the election who continue to support the man we call our President who has failed, and continues to fail, our country miserably.

    Again, Rachel, well said!

  52. Ok. So my blood is now boiling at the thought that someone who obviously once called you a friend would say something so disrespectful and so hurtful to you in YOUR OWN SPACE. You know my views on the NObamas...I dont have to reiterate them (GOP ALL THE WAY). But this is a new level of low for him. All I ever see are pictures of him in all these pensive poses and I think to myself- do you even work? Like for serious, do you actually DO anything in that office you're posing in? Or is it just for the aesthetics? I know that my husband hasnt been put in the same dangerous situations as you, but as a military spouse myself, I would have expected his COMMANDER IN CHIEF to attend a ceremony honoring his fallen brothers and sisters. This is just disgusting. But then again, the morons of this world wanted change. This is definitely a change. Happy now?

    - Shan D

  53. Wow. I have so so so so much I could say (all of it is agreeing with you!) but I'll try to keep it brief.

    *there is no way the 1st lady can understand what it's like to be a military wife. i can't believe that comparison was made (even if it wasn't her that said it)

    * I can't believe Obama is not going to the ceremony in Arlington. That really upsets me.

    * props to you for speaking your mind - and wow that girl on your facebook was a bitch. I'm sorry. :( I would have gotten upset too.

    * and you're 100% right about how people always bring up Bush when you say something about Obama. Blah.

    That's all for now. I hope that today is better for you.

  54. Oh, girl, this is the first time I've commented. First, I am so, so sorry for the loss of your husband and truly appreciate his service and y'alls sacrifice. I have to say that I don't think I've ever commented but have thought about you often and kept you in my prayers. With that said, I think you are the best freakin' writer EVA! I couldn't have said it better myself and the truly bad thing about this is that the media (who just looooves Obama...or as my hubby calls him Nobama) won't even report on this or will find some way to downplay it. It is a disgrace!

  55. What a great post! Thanks for talking about this issue. I don't know jack squat about politics, nor do I care but this president is a joke, in my opinion. I think he has a total lack of respect for our military and their families.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  56. Ach. To me, Mr. Obama is like many of Americans today. Memorial Day is a holiday. It is just another 3 day weekend, a time to drink and be merry. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I believe Memorial Day is about remembering all the Veterans and their sacrifice for this nation. It's a time to toast their service and thank them for all they have given. Mr. President this Memorial Day while you are enjoying your "holiday" my husband will be serving this country. On a day that is suppose to acknowledge and thank him for his service he will be silently and courageously still doing what he does every day. And Mrs. Obama, you have no idea. None. The women who stand behind the men protecting your husband know what it is like. You don't deserve the honor of being called a Military Wife.

    God bless those brave men and women who have heard the call of service. God bless those who have sworn to serve and protect. God bless those families that love and support them. God bless those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. And God bless those left to carry on. Thank you.

  57. Aaahh! I think I just might love you, and I don't even know you. I will never pretend to know what you have gone/are going through... but as the fiance of a Marine, every single thing you said in this post completely resonated with me. I am soo sick of this obama stuff I could throw up.

    Oorah to you, Maam :)

  58. I agree with you that the First Lady's experiences in the white house are NOT the same as a milspouse. However the article was skewed, if you notice the author does not directly quote Michelle Obama. The first Lady's actual words were “I know you become everything. In a small way, I have experienced that over the course of this campaign, but in no way does it compare to what you are going through.”

  59. OHH and another thing (I forgot to say it earlier lol)! I completely agree (and have been saying for some time now) that to be the commander in chief of the United States Armed Forces, you should have served at some point. How can you possibly understand how to run the military unless you have been IN the military??

    Ok. That's all. :)

    -Shan D

  60. This makes me so angry! It's absolute garbage. His speech at Brian's grad was an awful, politically-motivated piece of crap. I wish you had been there to give him a piece of your mind. He sucks!

    Very well said. Hugs <3

  61. In my book he lacks patriotism and what it means to truly be an American. But you are amazing and I think of you, Ariana, and Jonny often. :)

  62. I never liked Bush, but I have to agree that Obama isn't doing much better. It disgusts me that he can't take a bit of time to honor our American military.

    -From a Navy Wife, Marine Corps Sister, and Air Force Daughter.

    (PS, your daughter is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen.)

  63. HOOAH from an Air Force wife!! Couldn't agree with you more!

  64. You tell them girl! I will admit, I voted for Obama. But that was when he was making all these promises and Americans had hope. Just about all he has going for him is he can give a good speech. I'll give him that much. But has he done a single thing he said he would? No.

  65. I so agree with you I can't believe that person thought she could say anything to you. Majority of the people don't like Obama. Those that voted for him are starting to not like him either. You keep your head up and keep on keepin on! Love your posts!

    Also, why would Obama participate in any type of military function? That would involve him sending a message that it is okay for us killing his people. Don't worry he'll get his.

  66. I as well do not like this debate. In my eyes Obama has very little respect for America. He needs to show he is proud of the US and that he is president. From him not sticking up for America when the Mexican President came here to not going to the Arlington Ceremony this weekend and everything before and after those. He is the most disrespectful President we have had. As far as Michelle trying to relate herself to a Milspouse *pardon my french* HELL NO, she is no where close to being anything like a Milspouse. Ok, I have to stop before I get carried away. I dont like Obama end of story. I agree with Mrs.P.


  67. Well said and right behind you Rachel! I'm not an Obama Mama either.

  68. This is so, so incredibly disappointing and sad. I cannot believe in a time of war that our President is not going to pay his respects to those who gave everything for our freedom. It really breaks my heart.

  69. I couldn't agree with you more!! Well said!

  70. I think what your "friend" said was really crappy and disrespectful. I also disagree that the first lady understands what we go through. She has, however, really made military families her first priority and for that I do give her credit.

    I'm disappointed that Obama will not be at Arlington like he was last year, but he has done a lot for our military as far as legislation and policies go [from Nov 2009] ( I'm not always the biggest fan of his decisions, but as I think Samantha said pretty aptly above, you can't please everyone.

    My husband lost four of his men last July and I was able to attend one of the funerals [in Arlington] and it was heartbreaking. Knowing that what I experienced is not nearly even a fraction of what you have gone through makes my heart ache for your and your daughter's loss.

  71. I couldn't agree more. And why can't people just keep their comments to themselves if they can't say something nice on YOUR facebook? I hate that! I'm fairly opinionated, but you know, if I see something that I don't like, I swallow back what I'd like to say (usually) because everyone's entitled to their own opinion. That girl who commented on your facebook had absolutely no class. None. You, however, have more in your little finger than most. You are so strong and so brave, you are a hero to many.

    Keep on holding strong Rachel!


  72. I so totally agree with you - and I rarely post anything political or even religious on my blog or on FB, because it can be so divisive....
    Sadly, when I heard the news today that Obama was blowing off such an important ceremony to go on vacation, I was not even all that surprised. Sad, angry, even indignant, but NOT suprised.

    Whether anyone likes him or not, they have to admit he is really shooting himself in the foot by treating military and their families so poorly!

    Rachel, the GOOD NEWS is that every time he does this B.S. he is giving us further guarantee that he will NOT get a second term.

    No effing way.

  73. I certainly hope American voters remember this when its time to vote next time. Barry (Barack) needs to be blasted out of there! Perhaps this time people won't be so easily swayed by sparkly words.

  74. There is a commercial that is shown on AFN here in Japan- it is Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden talking about what "we" need to do to support our military. So I wonder: a. was this commercial made specifically for AFN? b. Is this actually being shown to non-military people (ie. stateside on network TV?
    Hmmm- makes me think the two ladies are trying to make us think they are supporting us. It makes no sense though when they say "we" the viewers (all military) need to support military families. Ummm- I do support a military family- my own!!
    I didn't vote for Obama. But being the fair person I am- I am trying to give him a chance. So far he is failing.

  75. I have been following your blog for a while and have never commented.

    I am a fellow 2 MEF wife, different unit though, we are stationed in @ Indian Head MD, we used to be in Beaufort SC...

    My husband has been on the "ground" combat deployed twice (once since we have been married) and numerous other deployments as well.

    I laugh when the first lady's life is compared to the way of life of military spouses! I personally was offended, so I cannot imagine how you must feel about that being a gold star wife.

    I agree with you 110% with what you have to say about Obama (& the administration and his commitment to the military and military families). As one of the more "senior" (read older, been around awhile) I try to help out the younger wives where I can but without government help its hard.

    I guess if all military spouses were fat and unhealthy without medical care they would care!

    Screw the breakfast...have your own gold star breakfast with your beautiful daughter ! And who wants to have to go and play "nice" with a VP who does not seem to care much either!


  77. HOOAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah girl!!!!

  78. I don't think I can say much that hasn't already been said! YOU GO for speaking up about this! He's a pathetic excuse for a military leader, and he just keeps showing it over and over again. I'm glad to see that many other people are seeing it too.

  79. I try to remain as apolitical as possible so I sent you an email. For now, I'll just say I think you're amazing!

  80. As a fellow Marine wife and former Marine, I am offended on a daily basis by the way the President views our military. And to compare the life of the first lady to the lives we spouses live is like comparing a cozy hammock to a sleep sack in a shelter half on hard dirt. Give me a break. Has she moved 5 times in 3 years? Given birth to her children in 4 different places? Been through pregnancy and newborn twins alone? Lain awake at night wondering if the craziness on the news would result in the dreaded knock at her door? Oh, and did her hubby get his pay raise cut by over half in the coming year? Whatever. Her life is like a military wife, my ass.
    Keep your indignation going girl. You have an amazing gift for writing and a platform with which to effect change. We are ALL behind you 100%.

  81. Mrs. P - I respect you and your opinions. I love your blog and I think you're doing something special for military families by sharing your experiences.
    But I also respectfully disagree. I've seen a lot more - policy wise - from this administration than from any other in my lifetime, focused solely on military families and veterans. I'm a milspouse and a military brat. I've been military my whole life. I'm also a lawyer and a policy wonk, so I follow what's happening in terms of legislation very closely. I always have.
    But, I would never speak disrespectfully about *any* former President (or the current one for that matter). And if someone pulled that on my Facebook, I'd defriend too!
    I think the cemetery thing is much ado about nothing. Only recently has visiting Arlington for Memorial Day become SOP for Presidents. I remember when GHWBush visited Normandy and thinking that was pretty awesome to visit the graves of those who are rarely visited by Presidents. Arlington is special, yes, but so are the dead who made the same sacrifices in national cemeteries across the country. I hope that Obama (and future Presidents) will make an effort to visit more of them and to get out of DC for Memorial Day. If I had a family member in that cemetery in Chicago, I'd be speechless at the hoopla and insulted at the criticism of Obama for speaking there as well.

  82. Ooo-f'ing-rah devil wife. As some one else said, I'm glad I found the blog too (although it sucks that I found it because of a cross-post about your loss). And screw their gold star breakfast. If the Corps has taught you anything, it's that family and friends are all you need.

  83. Thank you for posting this! George W. Bush did not start this war, why don't people get that? Obama should be at Arlington. Simple fact.. although not surprising at all he won't be there.

  84. I know your husband died overseas, & I can't even begin to tell you how many prayers I send your way for it. I've read your blog quite a few times when he first died, & I'll continue to, though this is probably only my second comment or so. But this post PISSED ME OFF, & I don't want to tiptoe around being afraid to say so just because you're a military wife in mourning. You don't want angry comments on your Facebook, but hey, this is what blogs are for. Delete it if you feel like it.

    All I want to say is this: Get off your high horse. The President went to the ceremony last year, & he'll go again in the future. Whether you think his vacation is deserved or not, frankly, is NOT RELEVANT. Are you working 24 hours a day? Are you dealing with the worst old spill in history or fielding daily death threats from a country that hates you for passing a historic health care bill? No? I didn't think so. He is ONE MAN; it's not like he decided not to go & isn't sending anyone at all. It's not like he decided it's not going to happen & canceled it. For crying out loud, he decided he needed to catch his effing breathe & be with his family. As someone who only wishes she could be with HER family, perhaps you, of all people, could understand that.

    And perhaps Michelle Obama isn't going through what you are - of course she isn't - but who are you to talk for a SECOND like you're above them for what you're going through? Or above anyone? I feel for you, I DO, & I can't imagine going through what you're going through or raising a child alone in the wake of my husband's death. But this attitude is a dangerous one, one that's not appreciated or appreciative, one that spits in the face of YOUR country & the country YOUR husband died for, one that breeds hate & anger & a lack of respect.

    And be angry if you want. Your husband DIED, for crying out loud. You deserve to be angry, & I think a lot of us are angry FOR you. But show some goddamn respect for the things that the government does, & the things the President does, whether you like him or not - & ESPECIALLY if you admit to not knowing enough to have any idea what you're talking about.

    And if you can't bring yourself to have any respect for the government? Well, OK. How about having some respect for other people & their lives & what they're going through? Mother Theresa once said, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle." And I'm sure I'll get a lot of crap for posting this comment, despite having tried to convey how truly sympathetic I am for your battle. But thinking that our battles trump the battles of ANYone else's, particularly of someone tasked with keeping our country together, is selfish & useless.

    I DO respect you & what you've been through; I cried when I read the story of your husband's death, I retweeted it to tell your story. I have friends who serve overseas, a friend who died in Iraq & is buried in Arlington. But this post made me angry, & I'm not going to NOT comment just because you blogged that you basically verbally beat down anyone who disagrees. So pressing "post comment" with a bit of fear about the backlash I'm sure to receive from your readers, but... well, there it is.

  85. Also, um, that last crazy-long comment was from me. I used the wrong Google profile, which will not go to anything. Rachel, I know you have to approve these comments; if you want me to repost on my regular name, shoot me an email & I'll be happy to... though, um, I don't have the comment anymore, if you wanted to send that too.

    Just don't want to look like one of those mad commenters who's afraid to use my real blog identity.

  86. Interestingly, do you know who the last US President was who attended each Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington? Bill Clinton.

  87. Disgust? No, its more than that. I have a picture taken on a cell phone... i'm going to try and dig it out, where Obama put his hands by his crotch when everyone else had their hands over their hearts at a ceremony at Arlington last year.

    Fuck him, and the camel he rode in on!!

  88. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  89. OHHHHH, how I agree with you!! I recently deleted a "friend" that had requested me, not the other way around when she wanted to talk trash about that new video circulating with the soldiers "remaking" the Lady Gaga video for the song Telephone. Stating that she's sooo glad that they have managed to convince "us" that they are over there fighting a war, but why can't we just pass they health care bill. Needless, with me 8 months into this deployment, I LOST IT! And after I said quite a few things, and basically personally attacked her, I just deleted her. I am RIDICULOUSLY annoyed with people assuming that they know anything about the life we lead as wives of service members. I'm sure that Mrs. Obama has a difficult life, but come on ppl!

  90. Shame on you. SHAME. You think only the veterans buried at Arlington are worthy of presidential attention? The president IS going to be at another veteran's cemetary and I salute him for honoring those veterans, as he honors of all them. As for the First Lady, how classless do you have to be do criticize her in this way? Do you really think she has some glamorous lifestyle or do you think she -- as you did -- more likely lives in fear every day that some lunatic will kill her husband?

    I truly felt badly for you after the Washington Post piece, but this post took care of that. No, the president and First Lady don't walk in your shoes -- and you don't walk in theirs. You sure are happy to judge, though.

  91. I dont think the President deserves all this hate. I am not an Obama supporter, but I am not an hater either. We are at war, and everyone's view differs for personal reasons. Arlington Cemetery is not the only cemetery for fallen soldiers. The fact that this is memorial weekend, and an holiday, the president deserves some me time too. He is combining work with holiday and I think that is good enough.

    I love you as a person, and I believe you are strong ane beyond this. Give that little girl a kiss for me, will you.

  92. Since everyone is entitled to their opinions here is mine. Some of you are sooo effing rude!! Didn't your mothers teach you if you dont have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. All of you who are talking about Rachel commenting about getting off her high horse, GET OFF YOURS!!! Who are you to be rude like that?!?! you guys are awful Id like to see you ladies be half the woman she is.

  93. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  94. To the commenter who posted the long, hateful comment above, all I can say is that I pray for you and pray that you come down off your arrogant high horse. Rachel, I admire you, support you, and always keep you and Ariana in my thoughts and prayers. My husband and I are so thankful for the sacrifices that you and your husband have made. You are more than entitled to your opinion, and I respectfully agree with everything you've said here. While I realize that Obama isn't the only President to miss the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington, I think that in a time of war, it was his responsibility to be there. God bless you and your family, and please know that there are 100 times more of us out there that support you versus the one or two that act like assholes. You are stronger than I could ever be!

  95. To the poster above, "suburban Sweetheart"

    You are correct in that the President, ANY President, is busy beyond belief and has more on his plate than most anyone. However, with all the jobs he has and all the issues that are playing out front and center, the lives of the brave soldiers always (ALWAYS!) trump everything else. Scores of soldiers have given their lives for this country. There is no bigger sacrifice. They deserve at least a couple hours out of 1 day to be remembered by the President of the United States. Arlington is one of this Nation's most sacred places. We are in two wars and thousand of service members are willingly risking their lives at this very moment. They give so much and never ask for anything in return. They deserve this day...the fallen deserve this day and the President (no matter who it is) needs to step up and make the utmost of this day and honor those that deserve it...and do so at the most hallowed place they are able to.

  96. Suburbansweetheart....God help you if you EVER have to deal with what Rachel has..I have SOOOO much more to say to you but I will just bite my tongue.

    Rachel, God Bless You and your precious little one...Thank you for your sacrifice Darling and Jonathon, RIP....Love headed your way!

  97. Go Rachel...a big fat FUCKING OOOORRRRAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

  98. I'm not sure why the article (the link you provided) is so offensive to so many - the author is summarizing her empathy to military spouses for the reasons listed. They don't seem all that far-fetched to me...

    "She said that she had a newfound sympathy for military spouses because, like so many of us, she had hugged her husband goodbye knowing that there were people out there who wanted him dead. She said that, like us, she had spent lonely nights raising her daughters, comforted only by the knowledge that her sacrifice was for something bigger than herself. She, like many of us, quit her career so that her husband could pursue an all-consuming calling. She got us. More importantly, she told us - and the nation - so."

    I'm very sorry about your husband, I've shed many tears while reading your blog, but I respectfully disagree about Obama's dedication to the military hinging on one missed visit to Arlington National Cemetary. Cemetaries acorss the nation are filled with war veterans, is one in Illinois less worthy of our honor?

  99. I think she can sympathize and also have empathy as many of our military supporters who have no one serving do every day.

    However, if the press machine behind her is going to try to build her up as a great ally to military families, then they have to follow it up with action.

    It would have been nice, for instance, had she gone in front of Congress when they decided to pull the plug on tuition assistance for wives. I think it would be terrific were she to attend a homecoming for a brigade.

    Because the truth of it is, actions speak louder than a press release. And we need to see her in the forefront standing behind us, knowing she has our back.

    We need allies --across the political spectrum. And all I ask as an Army wife is they come through on their words with solid action. More doing, less press machine. I am sick to death of all of that junk be it conservative or liberal.

    As for the criticism of Obama. I have to say. It was unfair. If you go back through the records of other presidents, many didn't even take part in Memorial day events. I think we have to choose our battles, and the one I'm more interested in is the one that deals with the strategies of war that keep our loved ones over there, away from us, fighting on a dangerous terrain.

  100. Key Point alot of people are missing or perhaps do not that the President acts as the Next Of Kin for the Unknowns...that is why it is important that he is there. I don't agree that ANY President should miss Arlington on Memorial Day.

  101. i totally agree with you, when i found out about all of this i was on fire!
    your such an amazing person, and how you support our military!
    i love reading your blog!

  102. The criticism of obama was unfair? That's funny, I didn't hear anyone coming to Bush's defense when he was criticized, and we was criticized for everything. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, but Rachel's "criticism" of obama was far from unfair. There is absolutely no excuse for obama not to have been at Arlington. He is the Commander in Chief of the Military, but I guess going home to spend time with his terrorist friends is more important than paying respect to our fallen Soldiers. He's made it blatantly obvious several times that he couldn't care less about our Military, and I'm disgusted that people still defend him.
    Rachel, these people are ignorant and pathetic. They are completely clueless and will never understand. Keep your head up and continue to stay strong.

  103. I am in complete agreement with you. It pisses me off that he claims to support the military and their families while taking away funding for military spouses' education, possibly approving the lowest raise for the military in over 30 years, and of course, not showing up to events that are important. He's a liar and a fraud and a lot of people were taken in by him.

  104. As a wife of a former Marine, I agree with you 100% and I was thinking of you and your family this Memorial Day.

    Semper Fi!

  105. Dear Mrs. Porto,
    I am extremely sorry your child has lost her father, and I think it is a sin.
    As you get older, you will grow as a human being and your political opinions will change, as happens to all of us. Don't let yourself be blinded by the hatred and ignorance of others.
    On this June 8th, 2010, I thank you for our Liberty, and please remember Liberty, and please,please remember U.S.S Liberty. It's very important.

  106. Im a new follower, i just want you to know that you and your daughter are in my prayers. and to this post i say
    I agree with everything you are saying.
    Stay strong my dear you are loved by many i can tell:)


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