Monday Funday

Oh, it's not Monday? Well, it certainly feels like it because I went back to school today. Part of going back to school is awesome because I love it and seeing my new frans and all that good stuff but part of it sucks because lounging around doing nothing was also awesome. We have an extra hour in our day now and have to go on Friday too, booooo Friday class. But that's ok because I need those hours!

Our boxer adoption is moving forward. The hardest part I'm seeing right now is matching. I want them all because I hate seeing cute lil furbabies with no homes. We have a few that we really like, the one we had our heart set on is already pending adoption but I'm certain we'll find the one to fit perfectly with our home. I am really excited and very ready to have our furbaby here with us.

Baby girl is becoming a diva. She certainly has personality, momma's girl! I tell her no and she either throws a huge fit (ie Ariana, get out of the grill, that is not for little girls. WAAAHHHH) or laughs (ie Ariana, get off those stairs. Insert hysterical baby laughter here - until she gets removed from said stairs, then insert fit). She's a handful and I love it. I love her little personality. I love watching her run around the house and laugh and smile. She's such a happy girl, even for a prima donna.

Spring break was fun. Mostly just relaxed. And cleaned. Had a party one night but that was as crazy as I got, just enjoyed days with my baby girl and spring cleaning. It was nice though.

Things with Zach are well. I am dealing with a lot of emotion about everything and takes all my crazy in stride. It's definitely hard and I've definitely got a ton of emotions but happiness is luckily the main one and the one that outweighs the others. It's difficult though because sometimes I feel guilty or am afraid I will lose Jonny. In the end I know that will never happen and Zach even said that if that did happen that he failed because he doesn't want me to ever forget or stop talking about/completely let go of Jonathan. And that is how I know he is awesome. I expected lots of emotions about this and I warned him about it from the get go and he is still on board... and boy does he make me laugh! Ok enough gushy stuff... gag gag.

In bloggy news... the milblog conference is quickly approaching! I really wanted to go this year but I'm trying to figure out how to swing it. I have school on Fridays now so it would be really hard to get there on time unless I found a decent flight. The baby could stay with my parents because they live just outside of DC... but I hear the rooms are all booked up. I probably waited too long again just like last year. Crap. Hopefully I'll figure it out and get to meet some of you awesome ladies in person! And if you haven't yet, head over to the site and nominate your favorite milspouse blog.

Two posts in less than a month... I'm really working on coming back guys! Love ya!!


  1. So glad to hear you're happy. I'm glad you're back!

  2. lol! Oh how I can relate especially with a baby girl who has tantrums and a dog :-). I have had a rottweiler/german shepherd puppy for almost a month now and he's coming along but he's teething and he bites a lot (esp. sweaters and jeans, etc.) and my niece is going thru the terrible two's. I'm glad you're doing well Rachel :-). ♥
    you are a strong beautiful woman. I know jonny is watching over you with God.

    p.s. To Zach....Take care of her, ok?

  3. Giiiiirl. I haven't said anything on FB yet, but I am ecstatic for you!Zach seems to make you happy, and that is all that matters!

    Good luck with the boxer pup! I am so glad you are taking the time to pick the perfect one. =)

    love ya always girlfriend. <3

  4. I'm not sure how far away Packs River MD is from DC, but there is a Navy Lodge on base there that you might be able to book at if the drive isn't too bad. Glad to see you are happy and school is going well. You deserve all the happyness in the world.

  5. It looks like things are looking up for you and I am o so o glad that you are happy! You deserve to be happy and to enjoy life as it comes to you! Keep smiling :) We are all behind you!

  6. Awww!! You gush, girl! :) He sounds like a winner.

    Are you adopting through a breeder, I guess? It sounds like a good, reputable place, but man. I was freaking out for the 2 minutes the shelter was reading our application to take home Jeb, and we got to take him home right away! I don't know how you can wait. :) I can't wait to see pics of your new pup, when you get him/her. Do you want a him or a her, or do you care?

  7. I've been reading your blog almost since you started it and I've never commented before. But I just wanted to echo the dozens of others in the post before this and say I'm really happy that you're allowing your heart to open up again when it comes to Zach. It takes a REALLY special man to allow room in your heart for Mr. P AND for him, and for him to encourage that? Wow. I'm very happy for you, girl.

    PS: My boyfriend is no longer in the military and I didn't know him while he was, but he IS a Marine. Semper Fi, my love! :-)

  8. Can you email me and tell me what site the milblog conference/voting is?

  9. Yeah for school! boo for Friday classes.

    My husband & I have 2 boxers. We live outside the DC area and rescued them from the Reston boxer rescue. Check them out! Best dogs EVER ;)

  10. I love you too Rach! I'm so glad that you are happy and that Zach makes you happy too :)

    He seems like a great guy being able to handle everything and just know that Jonny loves you no matter what and he wants you to be happy :)

  11. uhhh... you can stay here too... :-) lol

  12. Please help us keep the Zeta Alpha chapter of Phi Mu open at Baker! Encourage your sisters to sign!!/event.php?eid=213433325335189

  13. Hey girl. Long time reader, first time commenter :) I just wanted to say I am really happy for you and your new developments. Zach sounds like a wonderful, patient and understanding man and I wish you nothing but the best in that! Also I hope you are okay from the recent tornado and received no damage.. I live in Hubert and work on base, the damage is pretty heart breaking :( Hope to read an update soon! Take care <3


  14. I'm so glad that Zach makes you laugh. That is the best part of any relationship. Mine makes me pee in my pants at least once a week!

    I am SO happy for you. You two sound like a great team.

  15. I would have commented soon but i thought it would be a little wierd to comment on someone post that i didnt really know (i'm a loser like that sometimes) but o well i'm glad your happy! If anyone deserves to be happy it is you and you baby girl. Screw anyone who gives you crap about it and don't give yourself crap. Life is about being happy nothing else matters.


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