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"It's so weird, we're staying. It's like, we're visiting, except, without the leaving part of the visit"

Some wisdom from my boyfriend about what it means to move to Maryland. Gosh, isn't he full of insight?! Oh that man keeps me laughing, that's for sure.

So, we've made it up to Maryland. I've been so very, very MIA from blog world because life has been pretty busy as far as the move and setting everything up, but I found a second today to pop in and say hi with a quick update in between move things and seeing friends and job/school hunting.

We have the official closing date for our house, this FRIDAY! I have been hoping we might be able to make it earlier (yes, I'm over excited) but it looks like we're set for Friday. Then the real fun begins - the moving in, the organizing, the painting, the setting up. Oi, I can not WAIT! Thanks to Pinterest, I have tons of awesome ideas for the house. I'll be posting photos after closing of my new abode that I will be the owner of (owner - AHHH) but I have refused to post photos until then because I'm terrified of jinxing it.

Besides that kind of stuff, I've just been kind of hanging out at mom's and catching up with friends in between losing my sanity buying a home haha. Of course, my emotions have been on a crazy rollercoaster. I have been trying to articulate it but it's been hard to even put into words the emotions that run through me. Excitement, fear, anxiety, happiness, sadness... emotion words never really seem to sum up true emotion, do they? So instead of trying to define it I've just been living it. Ok, today I'm feeling fsajflfhewr but yesterday I was feeling ahhhh and tomorrow I'll probably feel EEEEEE. See, that's much more like it! Ha.

I do, however, have a bunch of neat stuff coming up, including a virtual scrapbook giveaway (I know many of my readers could totally benefit from this) so stayed tuned, because when my sanity returns so will my blogging!

Hope everyone's well!


  1. That is so exciting! I bet everything will be fine with the closing :)

  2. I've been a little behind ... where in Maryland are you moving to? My husband and I are relocating to the area ourselves come June. :)

  3. Fingers crossed for you! Can't wait to see pix:)

  4. Hi! I'm a new reader of your blog, just found it. I wanted to say that I think you are incredibly brave and your story has touched my heart so much. I just wanted to tell you that. I actually cried while reading some posts of yours. My hubby is currently deployed and I feel for all you went through (and still are). Emotions that I cannot even imagine. Keep up the great blogging and as always, keep your head up. I think you're doing an amazing job and are a great mother to your daughter! Thanks for being so honest and real. Good luck with your new move!

  5. ahhh so exciting! and haha I love what Zach said :)
    I cannot wait to see pictures of your house! Glad you made it to Maryland alright and that you're a home owner!! ahhh!

  6. Congrats on the new home!! I visited Maryland once and thought it was very nice. I hope you enjoy this new journey of life :)

  7. Good luck with the move and getting settled in! And congrats on your new home! :)

  8. Good luck with your transition. We just moved to Maryland and bought a house too. I hope your move is easy and everything goes smooth.


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