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I need to talk about my daughter for a second. Not only is she the most gorgeous creature on the planet (I might be a little biased) but she is sooo smart, and funny, and just all around awesome.

Right now, she is using her bike helmet as a cradle for her "baby." Even though she has a thousand baby dolls (give or take), her baby at this moment is a strand of garland and a scrapbooking heart shaped hole punch. She is rocking her baby and feeding her baby. Just now she told me her baby was hot and needed to cool down. How does she do this? She grabs oven mits off the counter and puts them over the helmet. You know, because we use oven mits for things that are hot. How clever is that?

Tonight at dinner I was talking to my sister and I said how I didn't even really want to make cookies not thinking A was really paying attention. She cocks her little head at me and says, "I DO!" It's not as funny written out. The way she enunciated and just looked at me. I couldn't help but laugh.

The things this girl comes up with. Mom asked her to do something the other day, she put her hand up in a little salute and said "Ay, ay Captain Grandma!" Then she comes up to me another day, bows and waves her hand majestically and says, "Hellooooo Princess Mommy!" Where does she get this stuff?

She is so neat and never ceases to make me giggle. Even on days when she is in a mood, I will laugh at least once. These are the moments I want to remember. Mommy hood is the most awesome thing in life. Period.


  1. Definitely the most awesome thing. :)

  2. I think it's our children that give us hope and motivation to keep us going and keep living. We learn to live in the moment and cherish every moment with our children. Because as a widow we know our life can change in the next moment. Wishing you many blessings for you and your family in the coming New Year! You have a beautiful little girl:)

  3. what a precious gift she is! I can't wait to write down the things that my son says.


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