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This post is from last.... Friday? A while ago. I didn't have service enough to post it though... so here we go.

Wow. I have been busy. It seems my life goes in silly cycles. Off cycle things are low key and I find myself bored and looking for something to do. However, On cycle, well that's just intense. I'm never home and have no time and instead remain crazy busy. Being the social butterfly I am, I certainly prefer the on cycle. There's something about being constantly on the go that just works better for me. I find myself getting sad when I've got time on my hands. Too much time to think and reflect. I prefer a steady hustle and bustle, with my only down time being when I'm driving from place to place or in the shower.  Which is how the last week or so has been going.

As I mentioned in my last post, I've signed on as an independent distributor with ItWorks! Global. I absolutely love the botanically based products that I have seen with my own eyes work and I am beyond excited to bring them to my friends. One of our best and most notable products are the "Crazy Wrap Things" or the Ultimate Body Applicators. During the launch week of my being with the company, I focused on wrapping my friends at a discounted rate. It's been awesome seeing the results and how excited my friends are at seeing their own bodies tightening, toning, and firming in as little as 45 minutes. As with every new endeavor, I'm a little nervous going into this. Failure is always a huge fear of mine, but after WidowU with The American Widow Project, I've learned to not listen to the nasty whisperings of self-doubt and I have decided that failure is not an option. So in turn, I've been busy with this business, but so far I love it. I'm excited that in one week it is already growing and I'm happy to see others getting into it and paving their own way, too. If you're interested in earning some extra money and would like to join my team OR if you're interested in trying out our amazing products, please do not hesitate to check out my site or email me here or at I've never been big on self advertising here in my space where I come to share and vent and reach out, but this is something that I actually think is totally worth sharing and I know that several of my blog friends would benefit getting involved and I wouldn't want to keep it from ya.

Along with the business, I've had plenty of time to have a little fun this passed week. I got to have a girl's night out and surprisingly met some cool people. I have been learning that I seriously need to stop focusing on how old I am getting and just revel in the fact that I am still awesome regardless of my age. Although meeting successful 21 and 22 year olds sometimes squashes that fact... haha. I spent some time at Quantico with some very good friends. I really wish I made trips down there more often because these friends are like family to me and it's tough to not see each other as often as we used to.
Col Costantini and the folks he works with (I stole this from FB)

This Saturday, I had the honor of attending the retirement ceremony for Col. Will Costantini. I met Carrie, Will's wife back at my first Blog World Expo experience in 2011 in Las Vegas. Carrie is a riot and one of the greatest people I have ever met. She's a voice for military families, wounded service members and of course good ol' gold star families like mine. She is such a genuine woman and I'm honored to call her a friend. Her husband has served in the Marine Corps since the beginning of time (ok I'm exaggerating) and from what I heard at the ceremony was an incredible Marine, a great leader, and is a standup guy all around. They are awesome folks. The ceremony was really nice. In fact, it was basically in the commandant's back yard. I'm still reeling a little bit that I was not only invited to a ceremony in the commandant's back yard, but that I enjoyed a Bloody Mary and kind of lounged while I was there (I know, you can dress me up but can't take me anywhere), in all seriousness it was beautiful and the things the fellas who worked with Will had to say about him really said a lot about his character.
Totally look like I belong there, right?

 I also got to see MilBlog friends that I hadn't seen in a while as well as meet some more. I love the MilBlog folks, I had such a fun time. We adventured down to Quantico and ate at the famous Globe and Laurel. I've got to say, that restaurant is sooo rad. USMC stuff everywhere, even inside the tables. And the food was mighty tasty as well.

Then we journeyed on over to the Marine Corps Museum. I've got to say that was a little rough for me. The last time I went was with Jonathan. I looked around and I could see him in places we'd walked, up on a hill I made him stand to take a photo, on the concrete blocks by the door... the silly things we did replayed in my mind. But I've got to say I think I held it together pretty well and I enjoyed the walk through the park and all of the memorials they have out there. And the chapel that they have there - is SO money! Haha, seriously it's beautiful and amazing and you should go have a peek if ever you get the chance.
Another stolen FB pic me, Chad, and the Marine Corps Museum

Then after a brief bout of crazy at the mall (let's just say I'm incredibly directionally challenged and leave it at that) we made our way over to the Costantini HQ for food and festivities. I really had a blast and I'm still so honored to have been invited.

I left from the shindig I stopped in Columbia, MD and excellent halfway point for a birthday gathering for my friend and Phi Mu Sister Shannon. I'm really happy with how often I've gotten to see my sisters this summer, I've had so much fun. Shannon is such a good person and I am really happy I made it in time to celebrate with her. I also did some crazy dancing with a British boy. It was fun. I love dancing. Even if I'm terrible at it.
Me, my big Amber, and her bf Ryan. Somehow I did not get a pic with the Bday girl! Fail!!

From there it was home to pack and get ready to head up North to hang with the fam and finally get my little one after a couple weeks apart! Woo wee, what a week!


  1. I am still attempting to recuperate from last weekend's hijinkery, and I am soooo glad we got to hang out! You MUST join us again, and again, and... Oh, and swipe away on those FB li'l cell cam is so proud! You look awesome!

  2. Honey, it was awesome meeting you and navigating the wilds of a ridiculously oversized mall. Glad we didn't have to go all primal cuz I'm pretty sure we're tough enough to take all those crazy mall denizens as a team, even if we had no clue where we were!!

  3. The entire trip was incredible, but meeting you was one of the highlights! Thank you for making a great trip even better! The mall story will give us something to harass you guys about for years to come :)


  4. Sounds like a really special weekend. and look at you, hot mama! :)


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