SEMPER FEET Operation: Dry Socks

As my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, I ask him every chance I talk to him what he needs. One constant that he always asks for is socks. After talking to my other friends with spouses deployed to Afghanistan, I noticed this was a constant among almost all of them. They are walking through swampy yuckiness. They are sweating. They do not have regular access to running water. Their feet are taking the brunt of the harsh conditions. They need clean socks. So, I took it upon myself to begin a sock drive!

I am collecting Plain White Crew Socks and Baby Wipes (or Wet Ones) to send to a company of Marines in Afghanistan.
How can you help? You can donate socks and baby wipes, money to buy socks, baby wipes or help pay for postage; or just simply tell your friends about the cause. I would like to be able to send at least 1,000 pairs of socks and I think we can make this goal a reality!

Please spread the word of the sock drive by snagging the button!


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