Wrote this on the airplane yesterday but was too cheap to spring for in flight internet so here it is comin' at to you bright and early this morning (for those of us still functioning on Pacific time, anyway...)

Well here I am soaring along in the sky about an hour left until we touch down in Charlotte and then a hop skip and a jump over to JVegas. I was a little sad to be leaving the left side of America today, if my little girl were with me who knows when we would have headed back. There is just something about the west coast that is… I don’t know, happier? Maybe it’s all the sunshine, the good ol’ fashioned UV rays.

I am definitely ready to be off this airplane though. And super ready for hugging my princess tomorrow when she wakes up. I’m going to peak in at her tonight but I won’t wake her up. Man I miss her!

I keep thinking of all the new people I met this week and in meeting new people I tend to think of all the people I’ve met through my short 23 years. It’s really phenomenal how many people you have the opportunity to meet on a day-to-day basis but as busy humans absorbed in our own lives we often miss the chance to reach out to a stranger and meet someone new. I’ve always been one of those “talk to anyone” kind of people. You know, the girl at the grocery store who will turn around and strike up a conversation with the people behind her because the line is taking long and she just feels like talking? Yeah, I’m that girl. So many people come in and out of our lives that we often do not give them a second thought. But lately, I’ve been thinking… every single person you come across serves some purpose in the greater scheme of things. Even the ones you only met for a second, even the ones you think you wish you had never met. They all mean something. There is some connection, plan if you will, that drives people and their spirits and these random connections and pathways we walk in life. Well, that’s one girl’s thought on the matter, anyway. I often find that I harp on people I’ve lost in life. No, not lost like in the sense of losing Jonny (although that is a main thought and focus of mine), I’m talking about those that have walked out or have been pushed away. For some reason, I tend to just mull that over so much, why is that person gone? Why did that relationship end? (I’m not even talking romantic relationship here, I’m talking any relationship between two people) But maybe, just maybe, that’s all part of the way “things are supposed to be” as well. The people who we’ve met who have hurt us or those that we have hurt are all meant to teach us some lesson. One of my greatest struggles is learning to let things go. I just want things to be okay with everyone and no tension, but obviously that’s never going to happen so maybe what I should do is look for the lesson, be glad I had the opportunity to meet and learn from another person, accept it for what it is and be grateful for more opportunities to meet more people. Everyone we meet has got a story and probably something we can learn from them. Even the girl in front of you in the grocery store. So next time you meet someone, even if you believe you’ll never see them again, don’t write them off right away. The world is a funny place and who knows where our lives will lead us and when you’ll be running into that person again. Hell, you just may need them in some future situation.

In other, less philosophical news, one of my favorite things about flying is the Sky Mall magazine. Are any of you familiar with this great mag? I love looking through it. There are just some of the silliest things you will ever find for sale, crazy inventions.
Some of my favorites this trip include Orbit Wheels, which are these rings you wear on your feet and the ad claims they are a combination of skateboard and in line skate. They look completely impossible to do but of course I can not give a fair review as I’ve never tried them.

Then I came across the “Gravity Defyer” shoes. They look like sneakers with some new sneaker technology but I can’t really tell you why they are special because I couldn’t get past the logo. In the magazine there’s a little photo of the shoe with the arrows pointing to what each part means. The logo is a um… tadpole looking… thing… and the arrow pointing to it states, “Slick Seed of Life Logo – because it’s cool.” Seed of life. Looks like a tadpole. Do you find this as hilarious as I did?

Some other interesting Sky Mall finds included The Million Germ Eliminating Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer, The 40 Second Electric Toothbrush (“Four brushes clean teeth in forty seconds”), The 24/7 Self Cleaning Litter Box (this one is entertaining because it looks like a little kitty space ship), and The Mustache Mirror (a mirror with 3 different mustaches so you can test out a new facial hair look every time you glance at your reflection), as well as a plethora of other fascinating inventions, gadgets, and novelties. Ooohhh Sky Mall Mag, thank you for keeping me occupied on what feels to be a 47 hour flight.

Also, I must admit, I did not root for the Ravens. My heart lies with the Pats and without Jonny here to actually bicker back and forth with, I couldn’t help but stick with my Patriots and be pretty stoked when I found out on the airplane (we had to leave to board before the game was over) that Pats took it home in OT with a field goal. Let’s not let this get political, I’m just saying I was pretty happy.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. I wish I had words to express my sympathy for you and your sweet daughter at the loss of your husband. I have been an Army wife for over 13 years and it just doesn't seem fair. My thoughts and prayers are with you - I'm new, so forgive me for commenting on this right now. You have a such a positive spirit! Totally an inspiration! :)

  2. I also LOVE the sky mall mag.. It is always the first thing I do once the plane takes off lol... Glad you had a great trip. Oh and I was also rooting for the pats :)

  3. Haha so I fly every week, and not only was I in Charlotte yesterday but I was sitting at the gate for the Vegas flight! Were you delayed? Was it the B Terminal? :) Charlotte is a fabulous airport. Hope you have a great trip.

    And I also used to love SkyMall, but after traveling for basically every week and reading it about as often it got pretty old. I check it out every now and then though :)

  4. Oh I'm that girl who talks to everyone I pass by, stand next to, whatever. I talk to everyone! I desperately need one of those mustache mirrors!!! Like...for serious!

  5. Ha I always read that mag. when im flying....well if I can read it before my 2 year old snatches it away. They do have some crazy stuff...I always wonder how much of that actually sells and if people really order from that magazine hmmm?
    I agree I think that people you meet even if for a little while are there for a reason, and you are right everyone has a story...we tend to judge people way too fast and you have no idea what is going on in their lives, maybe if you talked to them you would change your thinking. I think its awesome you are "that girl" that will talk to people in line. I always talk to people in elevators lol.
    Im glad you had an awesome trip....maybe you and miss Ariana will have to take a trip out there or something since you liked the west coast :)

  6. So... first off... I think you tapped into my head (as usual!) before writing this... Except... I've been struggling with "What is this teaching me" instead of "why are you in my life/not in my life"

    And to sky mall... When David was deployed after we had Ariel, I was working for Alaska Airlines, and I would clean and restock the aircraft... I would totally (and I mean TOTALLY) send David the sky mall's! hahahaha! I'd also send him the stacks of magazines people left on the airplanes... and other random crap I'd find on there! Man, i miss that job.

    I need a job. :-(

  7. I took the Skymall catalog off my plane yesterday. It says to take it!

    I took a picture of the "Seed of Life" shoe... Because of the sperm. Why on earth would anyone think a sperm is a good "mascot"?

  8. I always look at the Sky Mall magazine to keep me entertained. It's so neat to see all the things they are selling! I'm so glad you had a great trip hun and I'm also like you. One of those randos that strike up a conversation with anyone. =)

  9. haha! i was flying this weekend and also noticed those shoes with the sperm logo! like wtf is that!

  10. SO what were you doing on the West Coast?? details please.
    I never look in the Sky mall and obviously, I am missing out and need to next time!!

  11. sky mall mag o man good times that thing is full of crazy stuff!!! I always skip to the sudoku page and then browse through the rest when I'm done. I agree with your view on our paths of life all being meaningful even if for that 2 minutes at the grocery store.

  12. Rachel,

    Even at 23 years old, Darlin, you are GETTING IT! People walking into Wal-Mart as I am walking out smile at me....It is not a conscious thing, I guess I just "feel" happiness. Darlin, we just (all of us) NEED to learn to enjoy EVERY SINGLE DAY and I sure as hell WISH I had learned it much earlier in my life! You are in a great position to learn it now after all of the heartache/loss that you have ALREADY lived! I think that you are alot like me in that we talk to ANYONE, yet are VERY aware of our surroundings, ALWAYS aware of what is going on. VERY smart thing to do! You take care of that precious little one and yourself...Worry about the stuff that YOU have control over....Would love to meet you sometime/somewhere and give that little punkin & you hugs!!!!

  13. I found your blog because I Googled "Slick Seed Of Life Logo". Someone else posted about the advertisement, and it is just too unreal. Especially the fact they're telling us what's cool.

    I like Skymall too, I think it's an addictive thing, I used to never read it, then read it to laugh, now I actually consider buying stuff from there....

    I like your blog, and think I'll be back!


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