In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Marine Corps is pretty close to my heart. I mean, a certain Marine is my heart, so of course I keep the Corps close by as well.
Anyway, Valour IT has this fantastic fundraiser to raise money for laptops donated to wounded service members. These laptops are free (hence, donation) to the wounded and include voice activated software for those who may no longer be able to use their hands - pretty sweet, right? They also donate GPS systems for those suffering from memory loss. It is an awesome cause and is highly appreciated by wounded servicemembers.

Sooo, this year, I'm on Team Marine (OORAH!). I'm here to have you head on over to the site and make a donation. Our goal is $15,000 and we would love to not only raise money for this awesome cause but also to WIN! (Ok, you know, I get excited about competition... anyway, moving along...)

So go HERE if you would like to donate
and go HERE if you would like to join the team!

There is also a sweet auction associated with this fundraiser. The highest bidder gets the item (obvi) and the money for the item is donated to the bid-winner's choice team. So go bid on some neat stuff and tell them it's for TEAM MARINE!!!

Woooooo!!!!! (PS can I just say I love that the widget (see below) features one of Jonathan's favorite USMC quotes?)

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  1. i just noticed you updated your pictures on the side with a new one of your daughter... she is so freaking cute!! such a beautiful smile :)

    good luck with your fundraisor

  2. Hey, I left you an award on my blog! Go check it out : )

  3. Hey,
    Ive been reading for a while but never really commented. I just wanted to say thank you for this post and for all the little things you do to try and reach out to help anyone and everyone. My husband is a wounded warrior and did receive a laptop in bethesda (though Im not sure it was from this group) and it definitely brightened his long stay in the hospital. Little things really can make a difference and I think its awesome of you to use your blog for this kind of thing. anyways I am getting long winded but just really wanted to say thanks


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