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Just wanted to give a quick shout out before bed! I've been pretty busy lately. Mostly doc/dentist appointments and trying to get the house organized. Not only because Z comes back in a mere 2 days (EEE!) and I've got a huge surprise for him (can't disclose it here just in case he peeks!) but also because I needed just any excuse to get my house in order. I've got to say it's been a huge success. Especially with a good friend of mine who's been cracking the whip and making me work and helping out a ton!

Tonight I did some arts and crafts with my friend. It was really nice, I really miss having crafting time - reminds me of my college days. There's probably 1,000 other things I should have been doing but hey, why not some time for fun (and something that truly takes my mind of things - cutting and placing bits of paper woo!) with friends.

This is the time of year when the funk creeps in the most. I know I've been kind of a bummer to some of my friends lately and I am gracious for those who take it and still love me and do their best to cheer me up. It's the time when I start getting bam-bamed by so many anniversaries and memories. Happy ones, of course, but they make me miss him so badly. That's why it's good I've got so much to look forward to during this time and it's great timing for Z to be coming home - he's good at cheering me up and when I can't be cheered just being there for the rough moments. I finally broke in and went to a psychologist today (Head shrinker. Hey I'm allowed to say that since that's what I initially wanted to do, and I just think the term's funny - don't get offended). It was pretty great and I am feeling confident there will be some breakthroughs with my crazy anxiety, so that's another helping hand through these funky months ahead.

Tomorrow I get to head down to SC and see one of my closest and oldest friends (my matron of honor from our wedding!) and spend a couple days with her and her family before I see Z. I'm very excited about that, too. Like I said, lots of fun things happening to help keep me upbeat from being a complete drag. I don't like being that person but sometimes I can't help it.

Another cool thing, today I got an email from an editor at Reader's Digest informing me this here blog has been named one of Reader's Digest Best Blogs and will have a mention in their Dec-Jan issue! I was both super shocked and super excited about the news. It's a huge honor, to me, to be a best blog anywhere, let alone a publication as large and widespread as Reader's Digest. I still can't believe anyone cares about my ramblings, so thank you so much to all who follow me and take the time to read the musings of a slightly (ok, let's face it - completely) crazy widow trying to make sense of her thoughts.

Well, exhaustion seems to be setting in and I've got a lot to do tomorrow before heading down to SC so I'm off here, just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and kickin'!
Don't forget - it's hump day, it's almost the weekend! Keep your chin up and push through the rest of the week!

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  1. Congratulations on Recognition from Reader's Digest.

  2. Oh girl...keep your head up, even if it's being seen by a head shrink! I go to a Physiologist weekly...I nutted up this last deployment (our 3rd one) & a lot of things from my childhood that I never dealt with surfaced...I am now being sent to a Psychiatrist once we get back to California from vacation. They think I have more than just a little depression/anxiety so we will see how that goes. Just know you are helping yourself...don't be embarrassed...I've come to know & believe a TON of us women, specifically deal with depression, anxiety & more mental issues but are so afraid of being judged so harshly especially if we are a Mother...but in all reality if we would just be willing to talk about it we could get the help we needed even if it's just someone to trust & talk to! I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me so far!!!

  3. Girl - your (mostly) crazy ramblings are why so many people see you as such a hero in the mil spouse community. You are incredible! Congrats on Reader's Digest!!! :D

    PS - Have a safe trip to SC!

  4. Good for you Mrs. P-- staying being during a time you anticipate as being difficult. Lots of good things going on for you! :)

  5. Congratulations on the Readers Digest awesomeness!!!! That is so wonderful (:

  6. Say hi to Maggie for me!!!!

    I'm excited to learn what Zach's surprise is. Is there anyway that could be a picture entry??!!! Or is it a bedroom surprise?? lol!!

    Sooo... my hair needs love if you want to come to PA for some Hillary love... lol...

    I'm so proud of your blog accomplishments!!!! :)

    And... in case I haven't told you... It's great seeing you happy again. I know this is a bittersweet time of year.. but you know...

    Geez, I'm crazy too... lol, maybe that's why we're friends!!!

    And yayyyy for arts and crafts time!!!

  7. Congratulations on the Reader's Digest article! I just found your blog, but your voice is so engaging and inspiring I'm not at all surprised about the feature. I hope the coming weeks are easier for you though. Thanks for writing.

  8. You are awesome! Congrats on the nod from Reader's Digest! I couldn't agree with them more. :)


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