My boyfriend is back! Woo hoo!!!!! He's actually been back for 4 days but I've been a bit busy *wink wink* No, seriously, it's been kind of insane around these parts.

A couple days before he came home, I headed down to Beaufort, SC to spend a couple days with one of my bestest friends from back in the day, Maggie. Her home was so beautiful and she had awesome Halloween decorations and it was just so nice to finally get down there to see her. I got a tour of Beaufort and all it's historical-ness (the south is so awesome when it comes to that, isn't it?) as well as a tour of Parris Island. The highlight of the tour was getting to see a DI yell at some recruits. That was basically awesome. We also went on a mini hike, saw some gators, and ate at an interesting restaurant with a very interesting waitress. Haha. It was a great visit!

Z got home on Friday, I picked him up from where he was working so I wouldn't miss one second with him. Of course we got lost on the way home but it was so awesome that he was next to me that I really didn't mind. I was really surprised because I thought Ariana would be weird, she's going through the stranger danger phase and it was almost 3 months he was gone, but she lit up when she saw him. Smiled and started pointing. On Saturday I had the surprise for Z - his mommy flew in from Wisconsin for just the night! Since Z is getting out of the Corps any day now, it was a good time for his mom to come and visit because she hadn't seen where he'd been living yet and he might not be living in JVille much longer! (who knows for certain, though, haha).

It certainly has been a good 4 days having him home. Ariana seems to be pretty stoked he's back too, she just kinda stands near him all the time. And now because I am a fan of lists I will list some reasons it's great to have him back

  1. I am sleeping again. I sleep much, much better with him by my side
  2. There is a pot roast cooking in the slow cooker as I type this
  3. Ariana is smiling (not that she wasn't before, but extra smiles are extra good)
  4. I'm not the only one changing poopy diapers
  5. I am laughing a lot more
  6. He just makes me haaapppppyyyyy
Play time already!

And here are reasons he is a turd
  1. He makes me go to bed early (ok not make, but he says my not sleeping is not healthy and begs me to go to bed by 1130/12. YIKES! It's actually really good but I still complain about it!!)
  2. He farts. And smells.
  3. That's really all I have, I'm super glad to have him back. I could have gone on longer with the "Yay" list but I'm not trying to make anyone barf.
I'm also glad that he is who he is, because right now is a tough time for me and he is so patient and understanding with me and my emotions. Ha he's more understanding with my emotions than I am most the time haha.
What would I do without him to style my hair for me?

Tonight we'll be going to the Onslow County Fair. I've gone every year that I've been living in JVille. I'm pretty excited. And I'm hoping I can get Ariana on some rides without being terrified like she was in Disney!

Also, just a quick note, I'm having a pampered chef party at my house (in Jacksonville) on Saturday. If any of my bloggy friends in the area would like to come, please let me know and I'll give you the details, the more the merrier!!!

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  1. I am glad to hear you smile through your words again! Enjoy!

  2. This whole entry made me smile. I'm so glad you're happy.

    Is it bad, that the one thing I'm not looking forward to with David coming home is him blowing up the bathroom?? lol... Not that we don't poop... but he does damage when he poops!!! hahaha and the farts... oh my word... he gets pleasure out of gassing out his classmates.

    Men. Marines. Stinky!

  3. I adore everything about this post. I am so glad you guys found each other I adore reading all the posts and how great he is for you and little miss. Have fun at the fair!

  4. Yay for having him back home! :) If I lived closer, I would gladly drop by for the Pampered Chef party :b

  5. I'm glad he's home. :0) I agree with the sleeping better part. Even with a newborn, I am sleeping better now that my hubby is home than I ever did with him gone. :0) Enjoy the time. :0)

  6. HOW CUTE!!!! I Loooooooooove this post. It makes me happy to be able to feel your happiness through your writing!!!!!

    love you girl :D

  7. If you give me the link (and it can be shipped to me) I will buy something from your party. I live in Norfolk and getting married on Friday and can't make the drive down. Saturday we are doing Fleet week here (no not part of our honeymoon we are waiting for that).

  8. I was just wondering if it was weird to go from calling you're spouse husband to calling your new spouse boyfriend? I hope this doesn't come off as rude just curious :) Love the pics by the way!!

  9. Great post:) I love seeing you so happy, it gives me hope for my friend who just lost her husband in Afghanistan a year ago, her story is so similar to yours.
    Thanks for sharing so much for all us readers, it's truly an eye opener for myself!

    On a different note, I am hosting a giveaway on my blog, and you should check it out:)

  10. Amazing blog... glad I stumbles across it. Amazing story and so glad you are finding happiness. :) GOD BLESS YOU!


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