Did you know... it is National Blog Posting Month? Yeah, I didn't either. But now that I do know, I'm sooo participating. I signed up over at BlogHer to get involved (my profile is still pending approval at this time), I think it will be neat to try to blog once a day for the (rest of the) month. I'm a little behind but I will work my hardest to be a daily poster for the rest of the month! You will all be tired of hearing from me, I'm sure.

So I guess I should do a real post now instead of just saying I'm going to post everyday, huh?

Well, today is the day that the boyfriend is finished with the Marine Corps. That's right, his terminal leave starts today. In fact, he should be heading back to the house any minute now. I'm both excited and a little nervous. Excited because we'll be able to do what we want and not have to wait for leave to be approved but nervous because we're not sure what he's going to do next and because I don't really remember how it works in civilian world. In the military world, you're united with other spouses/significant others by situation. You're all in this together and you seem to make friends by circumstance. You make battalion friends, deployment friends, etc etc. How do people make friends in civilian world? Work? School? Still living in Jacksonville this isn't a big issue, but if we end up moving like we've discussed, I'll have to make friends (unless I move back home... then I've got friends there ;D) So it's all a bit exciting, a new endeavor, but nerve wracking none the less. Here's to a new adventure!

What else is going on... well we had a nice awesome weekend. Maggie was here with her 2 kids so Ariana had lots of opportunity to PLAY! We had an awesome Pampered Chef party and I would like to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who ordered. I made my goal and will be able to get the deep covered baker for 60% off!! I'm pretty excited about that. I also enjoyed lots of time with Mags, it's not often I get to see her and there was lots to catch up on.

Ariana has gotten to be quite the diva. I can't believe how fast she is growing. I know everyone told me it would go by so quickly but I'm still astounded how fast she's growing and how smart she is. I recently had to give her her first hair cut. Her bangs were in her eyes and she wouldn't let me put clips in so a bang trim it was. At first, I'll admit, I wasn't a huge fan because they were a little short however now I think they are super cute! She sat so still for her cut too, just watching mommy with the sheers! She's such a big girl :)

It's nearing lunch and nap time so I'm going to head out of here, but expect more from me later!


  1. I wish you guys the best of luck on your new chapter of life. I'm sure you will meet friends no problem, although I also understand that it's different. I've found that being a Military Spouse ... we tend to cut to the chase .. and get past the introductions and straight to the point when meeting new people, because as you said, we're all in this together. Just be yourself, and I'm sure everyone will love ya!

    Yay for being able to get your deep covered baker. I've been wanting one, myself lol!

  2. I’m actually REALLY excited for my boyfriend to get out of the Army. Just a little over a year now! Then again, I don’t have strong ties to the military other than dating him and I am much happier in the civilian world. Most of my friends are from work (either my current job or previous ones) or volunteer organizations I’m involved with – I’m curious to see how my boyfriend ends up making new friends once he’s out, though, since almost all of his close friends are from the Army!

  3. Oh, how exciting and how nerve-wracking all at the same time! Best wishes for your new future together!
    I look forward to reading your daily posts! :)

  4. My husbands terminal leave from the Navy starts in April and I honestly can say I'm terrified of the incoming leap into the civilian world. Good Luck!

  5. Boyfriend should work with my hubs, and you and I can be friends!!!!! :)

    OOOH There is a place in town called Ariana's Pizza... So you have to move here and run that place!!!


  6. Girl, I felt the same way when Mike got out of the military. Luckily, I moved back home to Milwaukee and had friends there but a great way to make new friends through work or school. Just keep your chin up and new adventures are always so exciting! :)

  7. Work is the way I have made most of my friends since school (but if you'll be going to school that's a good one too).


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