I Already Failed

Ok so I already failed the NaBloPoMo and have not posted every day since I started (and I started late - double fail). Booooooo. I'm a loser. In my defense I was on the road most of the day yesterday so blogging was nearly impossible. Anyway, let's talk about today.

So today, I'm heading up to Maine (I typed that "Marine" at first - clearly my brain is stuck lol!) this weekend for an American Widow Project getaway. I'm super excited because widow time is just excellent for the soul. I'm excited not only to see friends I haven't gotten to see in a while, but to meet new ladies, enjoy being able to talk about the journey of widowhood with people who have "been there - done that" and don't look at me like I'm nuts, and be in Maine in the fall! Oh autumn in New England, you can't beat it!!

Today has been interesting though. I should have been there by now. In fact, I should have been there 4 hours ago. But instead, I am sitting in BWI typing this here post. Why, you ask? Well, because I think I have poop luck, that's all I can say to explain it!

My dad drove, and Z came along, to drop me off at the airport. We left in plenty of time to get here in time, but of course there were 4 accidents on the highway. Traffic was mostly stopped. My flight was supposed to leave at 245 and we arrived at the airport at 222. I went to the ticket counter and it turns out I could fly, but my bag could not because it was after baggage check time. I tried to see if my bag could just catch a later flight and of course that wasn't happening and there was no way I was getting my huge bag on the plane carry-on style. So, standby on the next flight it was. And of course, the next flight doesn't leave until 935 tonight. Sigh.

So, dad, Z, and I went out and had some lunch at Panera. It's really weird because when Jonathan left from here to NC, I drove him down and accidents kept us from being on time that day, too. He and Brad missed their flight and once it was worked out with their officers and they secured a later flight, we had lots of time to burn. We went and had lunch - at Panera - and then went to Loafers, a bar near there and had some drinks. That's where Jonathan dropped to one knee and proposed to me. I thought about that a lot today as history slightly repeated itself. Except this time no Jonathan and certainly no proposal. Just accidents, traffic, late flights, and Panera. It was good remembering though. In fact, it didn't make me sad, it made me happy remembering it and telling dad and Z the story.

Anyway, we had our lunch then swung by my college on the way back to the airport because I had to pee so bad. I went in to one of the academic buildings and did my pee thing and of course was then remembering my college days, too. Again, happy memories. Finally got to the airport at 530 because I couldn't check my bags or head to the gate until 4 hours before the flight. Go to check my bag and what do you know - my bag was 13.5 pounds overweight.

Here's what happened... you see, I have a huge problem making decisions. Currently, my suitcase holds clothing suitable for 4 different states, 4 different reasons to be there, 4 different climates. Because during this trip to MD, I'll also be traveling to Maine, New York, and Los Angeles. Well, I started going through the suitcase but didn't want to leave anything behind... just in case. Then, I wanted all my shoes (6 or 7 pair... plus the pair I'm wearing) to travel with me... just in case. I never know what I'm going to feel like wearing! So, I packed it all. Plus toiletries. Then, two carry on items - my diaper bag which had my laptop and some Jonny items in it, and my purse. I get to the counter, get told I'm 13.5 lbs overweight and I begin... "rearranging."

Let's just say I'm a magician and you should probably call me Mary Poppins. Because you know what? I did it! I found a home for all 13.5 lbs in my carry on baby bag and purse! The guy at the counter even gave a hoot and let me know how impressed he was. I'm carrying on 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, a sweater, 2 DStripped magazines and one of my blog books in addition to what I was already carrying on. And it is HEAVY. But I am feeling like a champion. Now, if only I could just get on this stinking plane and head to Maine... Still an hour and a half to wait, and have to wait through standby because I'm not guaranteed a seat!
Thank you, Photobooth, for keeping me entertained, even if I do look like a lunatic to by-standers

Oi, what a day. All I can say is I'm glad I'm used to sitting in airports. I'm entertaining myself with the interwebs (which here in BWI costs money - ew) and doing a little worky work. I am sooo ready for some serious widow time, I'll probably be even more crazierwsee, it's setting in already) than normal by the time I get there!


  1. I live in Maine! Where are you guys headed?

  2. Ha. Sounds like me. I pack 2 duffle bags full of stuff when I go back home JUST for the weekend! And I even have some clothes there already! I just think to myself "I may need this! And I will be upset if I do need it and don't have it!" Haha.

  3. Very impressive... let me just say you have more skill than me. I was once over by 5 lbs and ended up leaving certain items in my vehicle.

  4. I hope your trip is amazing and can't wait to hear about it!


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