They Really Are Watching

... Kids that is. They really are watching and paying attention. We read about it all the time in parenting columns, to be careful because kids are watching and learning from your every action, but I don't think it really sinks in until they really, really show it. It didn't for me, at least, not until today.

We were in the truck driving off base and had the music up. I was dancing around like a fool, as I'm known to do while riding along and I look back and Ariana is totally jamming out with me. As I watched her, I saw that she was emulating my moves. I did a raise the roof move, her little hands went up. I fist pumped and Ariana's little hands were balled up into two little fists waving. I swung my head back and forth and looked back and there was Ari swinging just as crazily as her mama. When Eenie Meenie (yeah, the Shawn Kingston/J Beibs song - don't judge) came on, when it said eenie meenie miney mo I would point. Needless to say, I glance back and right at that part Ari's little finger is waving through the air pointing, just like mine.

It was probably the neatest thing ever. Ok, maybe not, she does lots of cool things (I mean learning to walk and talk and her now being able to say I Love You Mommy probably most definitely trumps that on the neat list) but still, it was rad.

It really made me feel like I matter. I mean, of course I matter. I'm her source of food, and cleanliness, comfort, all necessities; but this was one of those things where I felt she really thought I am neat, not just the other way around.

Later this evening, we had a dance party in the living room. Not only is it super fun and helps her run off some of her energy before bed, it is also a great calorie burner for mama. We were dancing and laughing and having a grand ol' time. I realized that... Wow, my kid thinks I'm cool. She's probably the only person in the world who sees me for how awesome I really am (kidding, kidding) and that is so... well, awesome. I'll be really sad when I am no longer the coolest person in her universe, when in fact I turn out to be the most uncool person she knows. So for now, I will bask in being this little girl's super cool mom and keep this blog post for when she is older and thinks I am totally lame. Ariana, this cool mama thinks you are the coolest person in her universe, too. More than you'll ever know :)


  1. Too sweet. And I love all her hair! Now we just need a vid of Ariana gettin' her grove on! :)

  2. This post is too stinkin' cute! :) Being a mom is such a blessing. She will one day cherish this post :b


  3. Yes, they do go through the "my mom is uncool phase". But mine is 26 and recently posted this on her FB wall in a conversation with me: But I have come to be okay with the fact that I have turned into you, without even realizing it. One day I woke up and I was just like my mother... I'm glad to be like you. ♥ Love you mommy.

    There's hope. These amazing times are just fuel to keep you going and get to the "other side".

    Semper Fi,

  4. Haha I love reading your posts about your adventures with Ariana! :D I remember when my half sister was a baby.....and thinking she would never be like me because we had different moms. 16 years later and everyone says she's just like me LOL! Enjoy those precious moments :)

  5. I really have 2 thoughts for this.

    First, not all little girls think their mom's are lame. Even when I was supposed to, my mom was my best friend and I would rather be with her than anyone else. I'm still like that at 27 years old. I never thought my mom was lame, but always the coolest, if not a little weird or silly.

    Second, I do have a card for you to say Thank you also, but I wanted to thank you sooooo much for my Secret Santa present! I'm sorry I haven't thanked you earlier, I've been just on and off the computer on facebook really fast every day and not really sitting on the computer looking at things and really doing things. I knew I had to make an effort to do that today. I'm still looking for my stamps to send the remaining Christmas Cards and a few thank you cards, including yours, but you will get one in the new year.

    I hope your New Years Eve is wonderful and that the New Year brings you even more joy and happiness with your littler girl, and comfort knowing your angel husband is watching over you and your baby, very proud of you and your courage and bravery!

  6. So sweet! I'm not a mama yet but posts like these make me look forward to being one someday :)


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