Night Time Extravaganzas! (I Just Don't Sleep...)

So I'm not much of a morning person. I prefer to spend my time among the moonlight, it's when I feel most awake. My mom likes to say this is because of my terrible sleep patterns, but even when I go to bed at a relatively early, or more normal, time, I feel tired during the day and more awake and alive as the evening sets in.

That being said, it's not hard to understand how much more I can get done during the evening and early morning hours! A prime example is how much cleaning I got done when Hubs was in the field. Those are the nights I sleep worst (and am also free to be the loudest the latest I want!) so I get tons done. Literally, I scoured my house, read and almost finished a book... well you get the point.

Tonight, my husband went to bed early (by early I mean he was in bed by 1800) as he had to be at work at 0130 - a WHOLE nother story. So while I wasn't enjoying time spent with him, I used it to get some things done. BABY ROOM THINGS!

I haven't discussed my craftiness yet, but I'll take a second here to toot my own horn. When I want to be, I can be moderately to extremely creative. Because the baby's room is animal themed I've been looking at different animal decor for the nursery. And boy, is nursery decor expensive! So, I took it upon myself to make my own. You may have seen the animal motifs at Target or Babies R Us, where they have squares with an animal on each one, and you hang them on the wall, usually in sets of four? Well, I'm doing my own! I bought 3 (they didn't have 4, gotta go back!) 8x8 canvases from WalMart and a few paints to add to my ever growing acrylic paint collection. I googled "Baby Animal Cartoons" and I got to work.
The first one I completed, I did not do tonight, Mr. Monkey!

A regal Lion, King of the Jungle!
And a happy little Elephant!

I realize they may not be the most beautiful or artistic creations in the world, but I'm pretty sure little Princess P will love them nonetheless.

As well as being awake to paint, I was also awake for Hubs own wake up call. It is always neat for me to be awake when he gets up, since... well... I never am - he gets up for work REALLY early! He got up at midnight (yep, I said midnight) and I therefore was awake enough to make him breakfast, make sure he had everything before he left, and send him on his way with a kiss and smile (much better than his usual grunt of tiredness I give him every other morning...)

It's times like these where I wish I were more of a morning person, so that on a daily basis I could wake up and make him a hot breakfast and send him off. But I can't change the way that I am, maybe the baby will, but I haven't been able to in the last 22 years and some odd days that I've known myself... So for now I will have to do my best to make good lunches at night, leave notes, and make my morning goodbye grunts as cheerful as possible.


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