Orange Juice is Absolutely Delicious (The Joys of Cravings)

I bought the wrong cookies. I went to Wal*Mart today, and after buying the essentials (canned goods and other one-person meals...), I gave in to my two most recent and strongest cravings.

First, chocolate chip cookies. So unhealthy, but they make me happy and less grouchy so healthy for people who have to be around me (ha ha ha) and I can justify that everyone needs a little sugar in their life ;-)
My favorite kind these days areChips Ahoy Chunky. The perfect mix of big chocolate chunk, cookie, and crunchy deliciousness. I have also settled for the "Great Value" brand, as they taste very similar, they just do not come in a fantastic re-sealable pouch, but they will do when the Chips Ahoy kind are no where to be found.
As was the case today, Chips Ahoy Chunk were MIA. So, I settled for what I believed to be the Great Value Chocolate Chunks.
Boy, was I sad to discover this evening, in cookie craving frenzy, that I accidentally picked up the chewy kind! Ewwie! They will work for cookie craving cutoffs but they are not all that delicious to me :( Oh well, I suppose they will work for now... until my husband gets home and finishes them off so I don't feel guilty for wasting them and buying new ones :-D

Along with the cookie craving comes the extreme need for Orange Juice. My husband now calls me a "fiend" my addiction for the fruity citrusy goodness is so fervent. Of course, I have a current most faaave brand of OJ
Minute Maid Premium... and of course it must be pulp free (I've never enjoyed pulp, if I wanted to eat my orange juice, I'd buy oranges!) Thankfully WalMart was well stocked in this department and I brought home 2 cartons (we'll see if they can last longer than 4 days, that's how long they lasted when my mom got them at my last trip home...) Sometimes when I drink this delicious drink, I think of my good friend Shannon W. She hates anything citrus. It just reminds me how grossed-out she would be by my craving. Oh Shan, I love you, even though you loathe one of my favorite beverages ;-)


  1. Oh man, I had orange juice every single day I was pregnant. And if someone else tried to drink some of my OJ??? Poo hit the fan. Lol. I actually want a glass now..

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