I Want to Shout from the Rooftops (OpSec Prevents That)

I just want to shout that I will be seeing my husband soonish and I am more than excited about that. Because of OpSec (Operational Security) I don't want to say too much, as even though they aren't coming home from a deployment it can still put our unit at some level of danger (there are Terrorist Cells in the US...), so I will just say that soon can't come soon enough!

I feel kinda like a ding-dong and have no idea how I'm going to survive deployment when (not even) 2 weeks has been tough enough for me. I will admit, though, that I was beginning to get into a routine and I would imagine it may get easier once a routine is established and you're up on your own two feet. I can only imagine though, as our deployment has not arrived... yet.

As for my day, I will spend it cleaning our house so that when the husband arrives it won't look like such a sty! I had a problem, when I got home from MD I just kinda... put the stuff I brought home with me in the middle of the living room floor. And since, it has kind of, well... spread. Oops! But that's what Sundays are for (besides going to church, if you can get your lazy - and now, guilty - butt out of bed)! I don't even want to look in my kitchen. I was actually good with the dishes (usually my biggest downfall, piles of dishes) and kept them in the dishwasher and actually ran it like I wasn't the only person needing dishes (big accomplishment), but my scrapbooking has taken over the dining table! Half of me wants to clean that up first... but what if I want to do some more scrappin' later today?! It is a mess though, maybe I can half put it away. Check it out...
Yeah, when I scrapbook, I like to spread out. And pile. And well... make a mess.

Speaking of cleaning and organizing my house, I have an appointment to go look at a house (FOR SALE) today! We're debating buying a house. A big part of me wants to. I want to paint my walls, have a dog, hang things permanently, change what I want to change when I want to change it. But a small portion (the reasonable part) is thinking WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WOMAN?! I do not want to get stuck here and who knows how long we will even be here... So it's something we're considering but not set on. In the meantime I will enjoy looking and dreaming ad pretending we're people who don't move every couple years :)

I suppose I should quit my procrastinating and begin the cleaning festivities.

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  1. Hahaha okay freshman year, when Shannon Abell and Caitlin and I were the tightest of trios, we used to congregate in Caitlin's room (shannon's suite) and Shannon would scrapbook on the floor all night, and when she'd get up to pee (often) there would be this semi-circle void where she sat and we made fun of her because she took up so much space with the scrapbooking that she backed herself into a corner.


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