Hey... From Vegas

Hey Frans,
I'm writing to you from my room at the Excalibur in Las Vegas, one of my faaaavorite cities in America.
Why the hell are you in Vegas, Mrs. P? You may be wondering.

Well, I got invited to be on a panel at the 2010 Blog World Expo. (Pretty tits, right??)
The Blog World Expo is basically a conference on New and Social Media (blogging, social networks, etc etc). So anyway, the panel I was on was yesterday. It was basically a military spouses panel focusing on how blogging and other forms of new and social media are beneficial to military spouses especially during deployments and points of separation. You can check it out here (be sure to check the other panels from the milblogging track as well, they are all very interesting!)

I am happy to report that I survived the panel discussion, even though I often have severe micro-phobia (that's what I call it, I'm scared of microphones. It all stems from an incident in High School when I was to speak as captain of the JV Soccer team at the pep rally my sophomore year). I was told I did great and I personally feel that I did pretty well. I think that my babe would have been proud and that's what makes me happiest. And dad said he was super proud. Oh yeah, I brought my daddy with me here (while grandma gets to eat up some much needed Ariana time - she's sooo upset with "babysitting"... Not.).

Along with conquering a fear and speaking in front of people, I'm also having a blast. I have met some really awesome people (including panel moderator and co-panelist Cassandra) and made new friends. I have also made new contacts and connections which is always a positive thing. The people here have just been so awesome, especially all of the people on the Military Track of the conference, and I am honored and so grateful to have gotten a chance to meet them all. I have a had a lot of fun so far and have enjoyed smiling just because it feels good. I also conquered my whole fear of going into something and doing something without really knowing anyone. That's another big fear of mine, I hate when I don't know anyone - but I'm doing it, and surviving and thriving. Woo hoo!

Now I'm just relaxing at the hotel room before the conference party this evening. Giving my tootsies a break so that maybe, just maybe, I can wear heels tonight (yikes). Speaking of shoes, man do people in Vegas have such fabulous shoes. Good Lord I love shoes. I often wish I 1. was shorter so I didn't look like a giant in awesome shoes and 2. could wear heels more often without wanting to cut my feet off at the ankle. Practice makes perfect?

I'm also working on my bucket list. Things that I just want to do while I still have this life. It's coming along swimmingly and there are so many things that I want to do and so many things I've actually started working towards completing, so that makes me pretty happy.

Also, I'm surviving the 15th. I woke up with a little bit of "Fifteenth funk" as I have now dubbed it, but I'm getting through. Shaking it off. Head up and march on, right?
O babe, I miss you, love you, and hope you're proud. And even in my moments where you might not be proud or I'm not proud of myself, I'm happy knowing you're looking down and love me still, no matter what.

I think I'm gonna rest up a little bit, time change is still messing with me and by the time I'm used to it I'm going to be home!


  1. Mrs. P-

    I am so proud of you and amazed at your mad life skillz! Wear them tall girl shoes with pride and knock 'em dead!

  2. Glad you are enjoying my home town :)

  3. ((HUGS)) I'm glad you're having a great time! Remember to stop at Cupid's love chapel for me!!!

    You don't have to get married... lol... but, if you do, they have a Johnny and June pacakge, where Johnny Cash walks you down the aisle, and June is your MOH... THAT, my friend, is tits!!!

    Have more fun, and stay safe!

  4. Sounds like tons of fun...I love Vegas too...
    Oh ya and I am 5'11 and love me some heels too!

  5. I hate going to things alone where I don't know people. I'm glad you went and are having a great time!

  6. That sounds like a great event! Hope they're treating you right at the Excalibur..!

  7. I'm watching your panel right now and you did a super good job!

    Also, I feel the same way about wearing heels!

  8. Yay for Vegas! I live here. If you want to try out some cool local spots head over to Stoney's on S LV Blvd. or Blue Martini & the other places in Town Square. Hope you love it here!

  9. I wish I could have gone and see you speak at that conference...but I'm sure that maybe soon you'll be doing more expos for bloggers. I'm proud of you Mrs. P you are awesome!

  10. In looking for advice/help for my friend, I remembered your blog and thought I'd ask you for help with my friend. She is with her husband in Dover today, waiting for their son's body to come back from Afghanistan. Only 24 years old and six months as a Marine, he was with his family just two weeks ago before his first deployment. The chaplain knocked on their door yesterday morning. Now, his parents and brothers have flown to Dover and the rest of us remain behind, wondering what we should or could do when they return. Hurting and aching so much for them...Joanne

  11. Wow! What an awesome experience! Hope you loved every minute of it! I can't wait to join the rest of the bloggy world and finally tackle a conference, too!!

  12. So proud of you Rachel. You truly give us widsters a great name!!


  13. Add this to your bucket list: seeing JUBILEE!!!! while you're in Vegas. It's the only "true-life-Vegas-showgirl" show left. Glitter! Glitz! Glamor! The occasionally nekkid breastis, but you can hit the early show if ya want. Seriously though... you'll be a better person for having seen it.

    Semper Fi!

  14. You did a GREAT job! I believe your information will make changes for many other military spouses who struggle. Great forum! Glad you are continuing to educate others.

    Enjoy your "adult" time and feel pretty in your high heels!! I'm tall too so I feel ya on the high heels thing...

    Ashley from OKC.

  15. What a great opportunity! Congrats on making it through the panel! I hope you had fun at the party!

  16. You are so amazing! :)

  17. So fun! I think you did fabulously!

  18. Yay for conquering a fear! That is awesome! Have a blast while your there, and i say wear the heels even if you are tall...tall is classy!

  19. Ohh did you like Excalibur? I am going to Vegas for new years and am trying to decide between there and the Luxor :)

  20. I was told I did great and I personally feel that I did pretty well. I think that my babe would have been proud and that's what makes me happiest.

    You did more than "pretty well" - you were fantastic! :)

    I enjoyed meeting you and your Dad - I can see a lot of him in you. Thanks so much for being on the panel. Seeing the way you've overcome everything that has been thrown at you can't help but inspire other military spouses. And hopefully you have lots of new fans (not to mention friends).

  21. Not sure how I missed this before.
    I clicked on the link to listen/see and it said clip not available! boo. fix it! haha


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