Nerdy Realizations

As I am sitting here in the hotel room with my dad burning a little bit of time before we have to head off to the airport, I am thinking of all I have learned, all that I've done, and the people I've met in Vegas this week. Oh, and watching the Ravens/Pats game (always a challenge for me, Jonny and I are both huge Pats fans but I'm from Maryland and a Ravens fan as well, so Jonny used to take Pats and naturally I'd take the Ravens so that we would have a little competition... I suppose I'll do the same today, knowing my babe is cheering for the Pats up there, although we all know that I'm a Patriots fan first).

It has been one hell of a week. And I mean that in a totally positive way. I've had such a great time and met so many awesome, awesome people. I know I said that before but I just need to reiterate. I am so glad I got a last minute invite and was able to make this conference.

However, there are two things that I realized and am trying to take care of immediately... These are very important things.
Number 1. I need a business card. Even if just says "Yo, I'm Rach AKA Mrs. P. Here's my email" Because there were so many opportunities to win free iPads and my friend was dropping her business card for me and I am hoping she doesn't get flooded with too many random emails but thanks so much!! (even though we didn't win an iPad... insert pout face).
Number 2. Twitter. I used to Tweet and then I deleted it because, well, I update my status nine billion times on facebook. Last night, though, I wished I tweeted so bad. They had a screen with everyone's tweets coming up about the conference. I realized then that I was completely uncool in the greater blogosphere. So, I came back to the room last night and set up a little twitter account and I am, once again, a tweeter. So, follow me. It's RachelMrsP (it was 3am after a night in Vegas, I'm glad it turned out well if not creative... Yikes). Now I need a little "Follow Me" button and a twitter application so I can jump head first into nerd-dom. :-D

Ok, so not the profound realizations you were expecting I'm sure, but hey, I'm in a great mood my last few hours here in Vegas and I just don't want to be serious. I actually quite enjoyed getting to be my goofy, weird, somewhat funny (hysterical to me, anyway bahaha) self last night.
So yes, business cards (for winning iPads) and Twitter (in order to be a cool nerd). Follow me. I'm serious.


  1. i will get onto following you! serious.
    Business cards that is such a creative idea, so much easier then having to write your information down constantly. Glad you had fun!

  2. heres a thought..I can't keep up with both tweets and FB I hooked my tweet account in to Post to my FB account. If I want to post something to just FB I still can...but I know all my tweets are posted to my blog and my FB account. Knowing that I am more careful about my tweets but I don't have to do both.

  3. I have a twitter account. I never use it. I don't remember the password (it's saved but if I ever clear my cache I'm screwed). I need to make a new one, and actually use it.

    Maybe someday when I'm not lazy *sigh*

    I'll totally follow you once I make a new one though!

    I made some business cards on and they were free sans $4 shipping. They're cute. Purple with some funky design.

  4. I totally agree about the business cards (though I call them "calling cards," since I'm unemployed, and I don't actually sell MK anymore, I don't feel comfortable handing those out ;)) But at our first orientation here, our LTC's wife handed out calling cards and I thought, that's a great idea. I am thinking of using Vista Print (it's a website) you can upload your own photos to be used on the cards, front and back, with your info. Pretty cool. And they seem inexpensive, too.

  5. Mrs. P,

    Hi there! My name is Ashley and I just wanted to let you know that I LLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE reading your blogs. I know this sounds cheesy, but everytime I get on blogger, I get soo excited to see that you wrote a new post and I jump straight to your blog. You are amazingly talented (just so you know!) and you put so much of your great personality in your writing (I think if I met you in real life you'd be one of my bffs, lol). Your husband is extemely proud of you. And I'm so glad you got to go to Las Vegas (actually extremely jealous) because it sounds like so much fun and plus I soooo want to go there. I hope you have a beautiful day.

    <3 Ash

  6. So glad you had a nice time! I myself, am not yet a tweeter. Maybe ill set one up :)

  7. Hey, I just found your blog- I love your layout and your posts:) You are also really pretty. Anyways, have a good evening and keep on posting.

    you could check out/follow my blog at:

    Shelly :)

  8. Rachael;

    Got a great guy for biz cards right in Seminole for you. Shoot me an email and I'll get you his contact info. He'll take care of you.

    Caught you on the stream the other day...great job!

  9. There's this lil download or plug in you can add to your twitter, so that if you tweet and add #fb to it, it will publish it both places- two birds, one stone ;)

  10. I still don't understand Twitter or I would follow you! Good luck!

  11. Business cards are a terrific idea! My advice is to get yours through I'm getting ready to order my 6th set of business cards through them. (PCSing means always needing new business cards!) The quality is great, and you just can't beat the prices.

    But here's the trick: First sign up at to get their promotional emails. They send out one practically every other day, and they include great offers. Usually you can get a free set of 250 business cards if you use their standard designs; all you need to pay for is shipping, which runs about $6 (if you're willing to wait a couple of weeks for delivery). I've used a few of their standard/free designs. I've also designed my own business cards and then uploaded the file to Vistaprint. Those cost a bit more but were still about 50% less expensive than Staples or OfficeMax, even when shipping was added in. Your cards would look cute with your blog logo on one side and your contact info on the other.

  12. Aey know you should get an electronic business card as well. You can even insert a pic of you on it! That way when you e-mail these people you can have two cards! Just a thought..........Keep your head down and ass up!


  13. I'm totally obsessed with twitter. I tweet pretty much constantly. I will head over there and follow you right now. My twitter handle is @mannadonn :-)

  14. offers 250 free business cards my dear :) That's where I got mine!


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