Happy 236th, Marines!

Happy 236th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Woo, you guys sure are getting old, huh? Here's to another 236 good years with the best fighting force in the world!! Oorah and Semper Fidelis!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to the Marines and happy Veterans Day to you. Thank you for serving our country by supporting your loved ones.

  2. hi there, i'm new to following you and i just wanted to say (and i know i'm late here) happy veterans day to you as well...your support to your husband while he was deployed was just as important as what he was doing. after all, it was you that kept him going. and what you have done since his passing to preserve his memory for yourself and your daughter and all of us reading your story is very important as well. so i hope you stopped and took a moment to realize that you are someone special too and someone to be remembered with our nations heroes.

  3. I want to echo what Leann said so beautifully. I was thinking of you and Jonny on Veterans' Day. I am thankful for both of your sacrifices.


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