I am injured. My wrist is all messed up and sitting here typing is painful! I have so many things I want to tell you guys about but it's just going to have to wait until the pain goes away some. Pain was not going to get in the way, however, of announcing the winner from the Hug-A-Hero doll giveaway!

When I emailed Jenn at Hug-A-Hero, she let me know that she had totally forgot to tell me they'd offer a gift certificate just like the one I'd gotten for me to host a giveaway. And since I'd already told y'all I'd give out one, on me, I decided there would be not one but two lucky winners of Hug-A-Hero dolls.

For the first one, I did what I had said from the beginning and did a random drawing. Taryn sent me an awesome name chooser that looks like a slot machine. I entered everyone's names in however many times they had entered and then I pulled the virtual lever.

The first winner of a Hug-A-Hero doll is...
*drum roll please*

Hooray!! Please email me so we can you your gift certificate!

For the second doll, I realized there were a lot of stories coming in with your entries. Each one touched my heart and I wish I could give a doll to every one who wants one, especially those kids who don't get to see one parent or another as often as one might wish. So I went through the stories, did a little research and chose my second winner not randomly but on a "She so needs a Daddy Doll" reaction.

This winner is Rachelle Vaughn. Rachelle's husband Sgt Ricky Vaughn was killed April 7, 2008, in Iraq. Like my own daughter, Rachelle's son never got to meet his father. Rachelle had expressed interest in the daddy doll immediately, and even though she doesn't blog she entered by leaving a comment and liking on facebook. Rachelle is also very active with Remembering the Brave, a non-profit organization which hosts an annual banquet honoring fallen heroes. Rachelle, I truly think you deserve a doll of Ricky and I am happy to give you a certificate to order one! You can check out a little more about Rachelle and Ricky at Ricky's memorial site.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered. Like I said, I really wish I could give each of you a doll of your hero. Check over at Hug-A-Hero and see if they have any holiday specials coming up, I heard (after Veteran's Day) that they had a Veteran's Day special to receive a free voice recording with an order made on Veteran's Day (would have told y'all about it but like I said, didn't find out til after - boo me!)

Hopefully my wrist will be healed up soon and I'll be back to tell you guys some neat things (and show you a video of me preparing to fly an airplane!)


  1. Eeeeek! Bless your heart, thank you so much!!! <3

  2. WOOOHOOOO!! Congrats Erika!!! Thanks for hosting the awesome giveaway Rach!

  3. Oh man my name was second! haha thanks for this giveaway and I love who you chose for the second winner! She deserves this so much!

    I need to just bite the bullet and buy two of these dolls for my kids. Husband is deploying for Christmas so these would be the perfect gifts!

  4. I think it's awesome that you were able to do the giveaway for two different people! And even though I wasn't one of the winners my Congrats go out the winners. They both deserve it! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway and giving me a great idea for my son's Christmas present.

  5. I'd never won anything from a slot machine before!! :)

    My daughter will be in love. Thank you!

  6. Congrats to the winners! It's so sweet that you took the time to find someone who really needed a daddy doll.

  7. This is completely random, but I was in NC this weekend visiting family. While there I met my sister out at the Tanger Outlet near Burlington. While we were wandering around between the shops I passed someone wearing a shirt in loving memory of a Marine that I was pretty certain was your husband! Even if I was mistaken it made me think of you :)

  8. I say winner winner chicken dinner TOO!!!!

    HAHA :D

  9. This is great; I'm sure you made some little girl very happy!


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