Hug-A-Hero (there might be a giveaway here, wink wink)

I was contacted by the folks over at Hug-A-Hero Daddy Dolls, Inc. to do a product review and there was no way I could turn this one down because, well, daddy dolls are excellent!

Ariana was given a doll similar to those made by Hug-A-Hero shortly after Jonathan passed, although it may have been a different company (I don't even remember where it came from, to be honest). I was excited to be asked by Hug-A-Hero to give a product and review not only because I wanted a doll for myself (yeah, a little selfish), and a back up doll for Ariana (she never goes to bed without her daddy by her side) but I also wanted to do a little comparing with the one we already had.

I am pleased to say that Hug-A-Hero did not disappoint. While there really wasn't much comparison between the two (they were very similar and like I said, I'm not even sure where the first came from) I was very impressed not only with the doll itself but with my complete experience with the company as a whole.

The ordering process was simple and painless. You choose the photo you want and send it in, they do the editing and make sure the background disappears so it is only your hero on the doll. I got to choose one line on the bottom of the doll, and since the first one we have says "Poppa Bear," what we called Jonny while I was pregnant, this one says "To the Moon & Back" kind of our little thing. Then you get to choose the print on the back. The back of Ariana's first one has a pink camo background. I didn't see this available at Hug-A-Hero but that was fine with me because I didn't want two of the same. This time I chose a flag background with stars and stripes. Instead of Jonny in his blues, I chose a photo of Jonny in his camis and viola, all done! The neat thing about the back fabric, is that it is made with a pocket where you can insert little notes or a voice recorded message - very cool.

When my package arrived, it was stamped with an awesome MADE IN THE USA sticker that made me smile. It was wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon tied around it. The packaging showed that care was not only taken in making our doll but packing and sending him to us, as well. I meant to take a photo of that but of course time and thoughts got away from me when tearing into the package.

The doll itself is in the most pristine condition. The ink is very clear and vibrant, his photo stands out and is just so crisp and clear. The editing done is perfect and you can't see a hair of the background. Even the flag pattern on the back had vibrant and beautiful colors.
I wanted to sneak a photo with Ariana holding it in her sleep but that is dangerous to put a flash on a sleeping baby so I had Z sneak it out for a minute to snap these then stealthily replace it

Speaking with Jenn from the company was also a pleasure. She was so kind and so excited to be working with me on the review. All-in-all an awesome experience with Hug-A-Hero.

I used my facebook page to talk to some of you about what daddy dolls meant to you. I think they are such a great little creation and my thoughts are confirmed by the testimonials you all left me on the facebook page:

"The daddy doll my kids got before Zack deployed last summer seriously was a god send. I cant tell you how many times one of the kids would cry for dad but as soon as they held the daddy doll for s little while, it just seemed like their world was ok again." - Bonnie H.

"My boys both have daddy dolls. They go everywhere with us, and get hugs, kisses and noses every night before bed. My oldest (3 years old) says that his daddy doll keeps the monsters away at night. I would buy them over and over again. The only complaint is they are getting DIRTY and I can't get them away long enough to get through the wash." - Heather D.

"It is the only way Julia knows her daddy." - Ally E.

And that's only a few testimonials, the rest can be seen on the facebook page, or if you have your own please leave it here or on the facebook page.

So, with all this talking up the daddy doll I'm feeling the need for a giveaway. Because the people at Hug-A-Hero treated me so well, I'm going to treat one of you so well! In honor of veteran's day coming up, one lucky reader will receive a gift certificate for a Hug-A-Hero doll, on me! The gift certificates do work, it's the way I got mine, and it's way easier than having to mail anything - you'll get to pick out just exactly how you want it to look!

There are lots of ways to enter. If you are leaving all your entries in one comment, please number each one (i.e. 1. leaving a comment 2. I'm a follower 3. Follow you on twitter @dddd).

Enter this giveaway by
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That's it - Easy peasy!! Hope you all enter and good luck to everyone!!

OOPS - forgot to mention - this giveaway will close at midnight on Veteran's Day! That's 1200am EST on November 11!


  1. I'd love a daddy doll!!

  2. I'd love a daddy doll for my kiddos, this is our first deployment and we're almost halfway through!
    -Brittany Richardson

  3. I've been wanting one for my oldest son for a long time!! I love your review and your blog! Now gimmie a dman doll!:P

  4. Our daughter has one and LOVES it. Such an awesome idea!

  5. Oh, and I follow you on twitter and here by my name ashley peterson :)

  6. Following you on Twitter!! USMCwife06 :) My husband is getting ready to go to Afghanistan for a year... can't even think about how it's going to affect our 3 year old daughter (daddy's girl!) and our 5 year old son who has autism... Thinking this is an awesome idea!!

  7. I have several other Daddy type dolls but not this one so Yay! & my man is deployed now so it would be awesome. 1. Entry for comment

    2. Entry- I Follow under Amanda H or Combat Boots & Diamond Rings (I can't remember deployment brain :0/

    3. I have already liked your FB page months ago!!


  8. 1. I would love one!
    2. I follow you of course. (chambanachik or Erika)
    3. Like your Facebook.
    4. Follow your tweets (@chambanachik)

  9. I liked your Facebook page and now I'm commenting here. Would love a daddy for my son, since he will never get to meet him :(

  10. We have always wanted to get these for our kids!! Would love to win one:)

  11. I would love to get a Daddy doll for our 19 month old. My husband is the one who almost always handles bedtimes and on nights he is not here my son has a hard time falling asleep. My husband is about to go on his first underway here shortly and I know it will be hard on the little one.
    1. Entry for comment
    2. I follow under Meshelle and Ken (
    3. I like your facebook page.

    Good luck to everyone out there!!

  12. 1) I have never heard of these, but they are adorable and now I want one too! (I have a feeling I'll have to by myself one anyway even if I don't win! ;)
    2) I love your blog and have been following since I found it.(Mr. And Mrs. Volheim of Going the Distance: An Air Force Couple)

    3) I'm excited to be a new Twitter follower! (@LMV0521)

    4) I just "liked" you on Facebook as well! (Lauren Volheim)

  13. 1. I'm here! I love this give-away! I had wanted to get a Hug-A-Doll when my husband left for this deployment but wasn't in the budget at the time. I have heard so many great things about these!

    2. I follow under The New "Normal" - love reading your updates! :)

    3. Liked your FB page a while back (under same blog name and personal FB page)

    And I have no idea how to twitter so I guess I'm out of that one! :)
    Thanks for doing this give-away! The winner will be so happy! :)

  14. 1. Would love a daddy doll for my little girl Gracie. She doesnt havr one. With Matt always out training, and me constantly at school, I would love for Gracie to br able to carry something around like this (:

    2. I follow you undef gruntwife.usmc637 I believe.

    3. Gave you a thumps up monyhs ago (:

  15. this would be amazing for my niece and sister in law. my brother is in the army. thanks for the shot to win.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  16. Here :-) Just "liked" your fb page (much easier than a blog these days!), follow you on my google feed, and ... and though I don't tweet much, just followed you on twitter (zabsky) thanks for the review!

  17. I have always wanted one of these! Great giveaway!

  18. Follow you on Twitter under @USNsis.

  19. Thanks for the giveaway! My almost 2 year old son has one from last deployment, but my 4 month old daughter doesn't :( The daddy dolls are amazing--I was also super pleased with Hug-a-Hero two years ago! I am a little bummed the recorder made my husband's voice all weird and distorted just recently, but I guess we just listened to him too many times! I'm going to leave all my entries in one comment!

    1. I'm here!

    2. I follow your blog (my "name" is just Monica) and have been since last summer!

    3. I not only "like" your facebook page, I love it!

    4. I now follow you on twitter (although I don't actually tweet...just follow all the celeb gossip! ha! but feel free to follow anyways!)--my username is @monica_jewel

    Thanks again! I'd love to give my daughter a snuggle buddy like big brother does!

  20. Three months into our first deployment my boys would love a daddy doll.

  21. I follow you. I'm Mrs. H from Stuck in a World of Blue & Camo.

  22. First, Ari and her daddy doll crack me up. I will never forget when you tried to use him as a pillow on the plane and she woke up and took him back from you. Totally melted my heart.
    Next, if I get a Jonny Daddy doll and sleep with it, can I say I slept with your hubs!? Just a thought.... Don't kill me people! Just a joke to make my RJP smiles!!
    I love you! That is all!!

  23. Although I'm not entering the giveaway, I too had one ordered for myself for our very first deployment. I love mine to death and even have a few pictures of my puppies sleeping with the daddy doll. I'm one of those wives who send a ton of care packages and I'd ask my husband everytime if there was anything special he'd like for me to send and without a fail he'd always say, "you" and I'd always reply if there were a way I could send myself, I would. So I ordered a "huggable honey" doll of myself, put it at the bottom of the box and put a bunch of bags of chips over the doll and put a letter in there saying It was the best I could do. He loved it and now with us expecting our first child, I will definately be getting another made since his daddy will be deployed for a good part of his life. I love what you're doing and how involved you are in so many things!

  24. Oh I'd so love to have one!!
    1. Enter comment ~ Done!
    2. I follow under Mrs. Y my blog is Miles Behind Me
    3. Already have liked your FB page a while ago!!
    4. Heading there now. I'm Miles_Behind_Me

  25. We don't have a daddy doll but I would love to have one, I know my husband will be deploying probably as soon as we get to the states.

    2. I follow you! Melissa

  26. My husband and I are both in the Army and will each be apart from our daughter (2 year old) for a few months... at the same time... starting in January.

    I know the company name is Daddy Dolls, but do they make Mommy ones too?

  27. How Awesome I have been looking at these and would love one. Thanks for the review and the giveway chance.

  28. Oh my gosh so excited I have been looking at these and wanting one. Thank you for the review and the chance to win one.

  29. 1 - Left a comment earlier

    2 - Already like you on Facebook (Brook Feist)

    3 - I follow you on my blog page

  30. Personally I prefer the ones that you can slide a picture in the pocket over the cute embroidered face. You can machine wash and put in a dryer and they have arms and legs and are just cuter to me. But happy that any child is comforted so that is why there is chocolate and vanilla. But all of children who have a deployed parent can get the original Daddy doll(the one that holds a picture) for free from OPERATION GIVE A HUG ( Check them out, amazing

  31. I would love to finally get one of these for Baby!

  32. 1. Howdy! I'd love a daddy doll for my baby
    3. I liked your facebook page under Alicia E

  33. I think I'm going to have to invest in one of those dolls for my toddler. She misses her Daddy so much when he deploys.

  34. How lovely! I would definitely want a daddy doll for my soon-to-be little one, especially since husband is deployed now and will be missing our little guy's birth!

  35. And I liked you on facebook! :D

  36. I have been looking into getting one of these since we got our orders but just never got one. I know my daughter would love having her daddy go be able to go with her every where. And I've been a fan of you facebook page for a while my name on there is Amanda Blackmon!!

  37. 1. I'd love to be selfish and have one for myself too... but I think if I won I'd let my friend have it for her son!

    2. Long time follower (skinniepiggie)

  38. 1. Howdy! I'd love a daddy doll!!
    2. I follow you under cupcakes & dogtags
    3. I liked your FB page

  39. I'd love to have one of these for Baby. =)

  40. I follow...under my name...Sarah.. =P

  41. Of course I "like" you on FB! =)

  42. I think that I would keep this doll for myself and call it a Hubby Doll!

  43. So glad I read your blog before midnight tonight! I'd love one - but not for me. It's for my cousins. Their daddy is about to head off to Korea and I'm imagine this would help ease the transition just a little bit. Love your blog and I love that you do give-a-ways like this one!

  44. I would LOVE a daddy doll for my baby girl!

  45. I am a long time follower :]

  46. I like little pink on facebook! :]

  47. I follow on twitter :] at xnavy_wife

  48. 1. My son loves his daddy doll and sleeps with it every night! We would love to have another one for #2 who is due in the spring.
    2. I follow you under "Rachel" (Love your name btw!)
    3. I "like" you on FB
    4. I follow you on twitter under "rachacox"


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