I Love Storms and I'm Getting A Bit Round (Randomness)

This blog was written before the weekend, my computer has just been very uncooperative!

So usually I try to keep my blogs cohesive on one subject. But since nothing big and exciting is going on for me to really blog about, we'll talk about a few things today, mmk? K.

First, I love storms. They are sooo beautiful and powerful and when it storms I get excited. I open all the windows and just love sitting there and watching. It has been storming here since I woke up this morning. It's been loud, and dark, and moody! It looks like it's finally lightening up a bit, but for a while it was really going at it! And man it was loud, almost scary. Almost.

I do not, however, enjoy driving through storms. The only driving I really prefer would be clear, sunny (or a nice moon-filled sky) driving. That's the best kind. Speaking of driving, I'm making the trek up to good ol' Maryland tonight. My high school reunion is tomorrow! I'm pretty excited, lots of people I haven't seen in years, only talked to via facebook and/or myspace. It's at Magerks, my favorite bar in Bel Air (AND Federal Hill, yes, there are TWO!) and while I won't be drinking (duh) it will be a great time spent in one of my favorite places in my home town.

Lastly for today, I'm getting mega round! My belly is starting to look less like a goobly shaky fat area and more like an actual pregnant belly! Haha, ok so the only one who ever said it looked goobly, shaky, or fat was me, but I'm the only one that matters in this situation haha. We had our 17 week check up (ok I was 16 weeks and 6 days) last Tuesday. The heartbeat was 160 bpm, we heard lots of movement (wooosh woooooosh!) and all is well. The ultrasound is scheduled for Sept 17 and you better believe I am more than excited to find out the sex (pleeeease cooperate baby!) It is so fun to document the growth, look how much has changed in only a matter of weeks!
A couple weeks after we got the positive test so... 5 weeks, possibly? Still flat tummy, lookin hot!
"16 weeks," only about 11 weeks after above photo!
"17 weeks," just one week later, look how round I've gotten!

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