A Little Buggy (Aka Pregnant Blood Must Be Sweeter)

Our house is situated in the country. By country I mean, sure there are other houses around, but there are farms with horses, a cow, a peacock, guinea hens..., fields, and wooded areas around as well. This being sad, you can imagine the amount of bugs surrounding our house along with the farms, fields, and trees. If at night, you turn on our house light, you can see the bugs migrate toward our dwelling, seeking the light. You can see them crawling everywhere... Ew. EW EW EW!!!

So, last night, I was not surprised that one of these lovely little creatures followed me inside. I watched this nasty bug flying all around our house. It kept it's distance from me, so for the time being, I minded my own business as well. Then, the little creeper crept closer! It flew near me. It flew ON me. It BIT MY FINGER! OUCH. It looked like a mosquito but some kind of large hybrid. I grabbed our new wii game case and smacked at it. Did it die? No. It took 2 additional hits to kill the mosquito hybrid.

Look how big this thing is. This is post-smash of course.

After scary mosquito hybrid incident, I was hoping I wouldn't see another bug for the rest of the evening. For the rest of the week, the month even! I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, took my prenatals, and took out my contacts. I journeyed over to the toilet and what do I see waiting for me on the floor? A BIG FAT HAIRY SPIDER!!! *Scream* I go to the cabinet and grab my handy-dandy fly swatter, I was going to be prepared this time. Swat, swat, and the little booger ran. *scream scream* Now I hate killing spiders, for some reason I'm under the impression it's bad luck (I think I read that somewhere once and it's been stuck in my head ever since) but I had no sympathy for hair spider in my bathroom on this buggy night. I followed him with the swatter until I finally crunched him. Then, I dumped him outside, just in case he wasn't all the way dead. I bet he was the culprit for the big nasty bite behind my knee that had swollen up and bothered me all last week.

Too bad I don't have anything to compare size-wise, the thing was huge,
the pic doesn't even begin to show its huge-ness

How does pregnancy tie into this, you might wonder? Well, I would swear they're even more attracted to my pregnant blood than they were attracted to my regular human blood! I find new bites everyday. I think it's time we get our house bug-bombed. Eew.


  1. ewww that thing is HUGE! the hybrid .. you make me laugh hehhe ~ Maggie

  2. okay how do you find other bloggers how does this work haha


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