We've Got a Wing-Wing (That's as Opposed to a Ding-Ding)

Well, the news is out...

My impatience got the best of me. Yesterday, while hanging out with my mom in Wilmington shopping (where I got tons of fantastic new maternity clothes), I called one of the 3D ultrasound places in the area. I asked the lady when her nearest appointment was, she said she had some this week and I asked Any Saturday ones? She said no, Friday during the day, which wouldn't work. I of course explained to her the main reason I want to do this was so my husband can find out with me, as he leaves before our scheduled doctor ultrasound. She said she'd work with me and let me know on Friday if she could squeeze me in on Saturday. Realizing that when husband came out of the field he'd have all of Wednesday (today) off, I decided to call her back a couple hours later and see if there were any appointments for Wednesday, the next day. Of course, there weren't. She promised that we'd get in on Saturday, though.

SO. Husband came home today from the field. (hehehe) and we took a nap. At 1:46pm (that's 1346 for all you military buffs), we were awakened by my cell ringing. I noticed the number and screamed ANSWER IT, ANSWER IT! He handed it to me and I then hear that there is indeed room for us tonight. SO EXCITING. So, we get up, eat some delicious potato salad, go get things straightened out at the bank, stop by the housing office (which turned out to be the wrong office, long story) and then head down to Wilmington.

After sitting and goofing off in the waiting room for about an hour, it was finally our turn. We were so excited we were giddy. And I mean dorky, OMG YAY giddy. A pile of goo was squirted on my belly and we began watching our little miracle wiggle around my still tiny uterus. It was even more breathtaking seeing her in 3D than it was on the regular ultrasound, you could see her features so clearly.

We began looking for the goods in order to determine the "him" or "her" of the situation. And of course, she decided to be difficult. Someone that is born from me MODEST!? Can you believe it? I couldn't, but she sure wanted to keep her legs crossed and the cord close to her, as if to cover up (MOM get out of here, NO peeking!) What a brat! Finally we got the right angle and saw the "three distinct lines" of girls, according to the tech. Those lines, according to the tech were "labia, clitoris, labia" So there ya have it, baby girl, in the flesh.

As you can imagine I am over the moon! Not only did I want a little girl, I mean either way I am happy, healthy baby girl or boy, hooray. But a little girl! Girls are so cute. Now I'm not even trying to think about my little girl 12-14 years down the road and beyond. Right now I'm just focusing on birth - 2 years (haha short span that will fly by, I know) but HOW FUN is it going to be having a little tiny girl?! Eeeeee!!!

Naturally right after finding out, I had to buy something pink. To celebrate the end of the not-knowing-days and the beginning of the I'M HAVING A GIRL! Days. We headed over to the Jacksonville WalMart (after picking me up some Burger King nuggets, a weird craving, I know) and browsed the girl baby aisle. It was so difficult to pick something! After much deliberation we agreed on a pink and grey zip-up sweatshirt with matching pink sweat pants. Her birthday is set to be in late January, so we agreed that something warm would be best (Although the summer outfits were REALLY, REALLY hard to walk away from).

Now I am at home enjoying my midnight meal of potato salad before hitting the sack. I am just sitting here reeling over seeing my baby again and realizing that there is a real baby in there and that baby happens to be a girl.
18 weeks today

I still can't get over all the miracles of life.


  1. Aw that's so awesome!! Congrats!

  2. Just found your blog :)

    Congrats on having a girl! That's so exciting!

  3. aw you're carrying her low, just like a girl! lol You're so beautiful. I can't wait to rub your belly!! ~~ Maggie


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