Just Another New Thing In A World of... Well... New.

*Takes a deep breath* Ok, here goes nothing. As I'm known to be quite spontaneous and apt to jumping into new things, here goes something new, yet again. I suppose I should introduce myself to anyone that might venture across this. Hi, I'm Mrs. P.

And well, this is my blog. Please excuse the messiness for now. I chose to blog here because I have seen some very pretty blogs come from here, and I'm working on making my blog be one of those very pretty ones.
This, is Lance Corporal Mr. P.
Somehow, I put him under my spell and he vowed to love me forever on May 2, 2009. Right after the wedding, we took a "honeymoon" to Camp Lejeune where he is stationed. We stayed in a cabin on the beach. At the end of the honeymoon...
we found out there will be a new addition to our little family!
So now, I'm a bit on the round side, and I'm only going to get rounder.
(That's me, 4 days shy of 12 weeks pregnant.)

So now that you know who I am and why I am here, you may be curious of the basics. Basically, I'm due January 27th, 2010. That makes me 15 weeks pregnant on Wednesday. I still think the doctor was wrong about the due date, but oh well, it's just an approximation anyway. I am 22 years old and although I am a Maryland girl at heart, I am stationed in North Carolina at the moment. I have uprooted my whole life at home to be the best wife I know how to my Marine. As it is 2 o'clock in the morning, I'm going to head for sleepy land, but be on the lookout for more from this Marine Wife Mommy-To-Be!

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  1. I want to blog lol.. when will I find the time?! ~ Maggie


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