It's Wednesday (And I'm Feeling Wishful!)

I Wish I Got Paid A Million Dollars To...
Write Restaurant/Bar Reviews

Get paid to eat at all the best places, have drinks at all the hot new clubs? Yes please! This job would include traveling and eating, what isn't there to love? All I'd have to do is write about how fantastic (or sub par) the food, service, etc. was. And everyone knows that restaurant critics get nothing but the best service! I wouldn't have to wait in abnormally long lines for restaurant openings and I wouldn't have to pay for the food or drinks! I think that sounds like an ideal job. Plus, did I mention it would include traveling?! There's a new restaurant opening in a tourist section of Italy? Send Mrs. P to do a write up for the paper! Haha, I love food, I love traveling, I don't think it could get better than that.

Head over to The Seattle Smith's to play along!


  1. GREAT WISH!!! I can't believe I did not think of that...considering I have been thinking about FOOD all maybe all week! I LoVE Going out for meals and DRinks! Actually, my Aunt used to be a food critic. I remember going with her once or twice when I was younger, but I was too young to appreciate the goodness of it back then!
    I think I would have to get a free personal trainer with that job though! :)

  2. This takes me free meals from secret shopping to an entirely new level!!!! I would love it!

  3. Good Wish for this Wednesday!! I love trying out new restaurants.

    Im glad you found my blog, Im now following you...hope you continue to read my blog. I wrote you back on my blog post from today, go check it out.


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