Wishful Wednesday (Something to Write About!)

This fun game is from The Seattle Smith's.

I Wish I Could Be...
Abby Sciuto of NCIS
I think she has a really cool job, that as Mrs. P I've thought of doing in passing, but probably couldn't handle it! She does all the analysis stuff and doesn't have to tote a gun (I'm kind of a chicken). She is very smart in sooo many areas, has a lot of fervor and spunk, and gets to work with the Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee, all whom whom I find incredibly charming (in their own ways of course).
She is also incredibly quirky (not unlike myself) and it is totally part of her charm! She's got an edge, an interesting taste in music (maybe different from my own, but still interesting) and a unique fashion sense! I think she is just fantastic.

It also helps that I have been very addicted to NCIS lately, thanks to USA for playing it for 6 hours straight this evening when I had nothing to do but watch TV and clean my house...


  1. Good choice :) A new topic is posted on my blog every Monday, so hope you come back and continue to play along. Love having new people because then it draws me to your blog! Love it!

  2. NCIS = BALLER. I LOVE that show. How I wish I could marry DiNozzo.

  3. I'm dressing up as Abby for Halloween. I'm having the tattoos painted on, the hair temporarily died, and of course, don't forget the fun clothes, accessories, boots, lab coat, and CAF-POW! cup! :)


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