It's the Final Countdown!

Can you believe it? Only 10 More Weeks until Princess P's due date. I'm still on the ever-so-hopeful thoughts that the due date is actually a week late and she'll make an 'early' on-time debut, but who can blame me? That being said, please enjoy this 30 week belly pic along with this little Weekly Check-in Questionnaire Doo-hicky that I yoinked from Katie.

How far along?
30 weeks today, 10 to go, WOO HOO!!!!

Total weight gain: Ugh. Approximately 25 Ell-Bees. So not stoked about the whole "large number popping up on the scale" thing...

Maternity clothes? For the most part. Pants most definitely, but shorts and sweats I still wear "normal people" ones. Shirts are some maternity, some pre-preg, as long as their long. Some dresses are maternity and some are pre-preg, depending, again, on the cut. The most comfy thing is Boyfriend Sweats (Victoria's Secret Pink) and a tee-shirt sans bra or undershirt, but that's clearly not practical for out of the house wearing, so I break down and get dressed... sometimes. Oh, and if you wanna send me a gift, I desperately need new bras. The "larger" one I bought months ago is not comfy so I'm wearing sports bras and one very stretched out BioFit. I need to hit up the maternity boobie section like woah.

Sleep: Yes please! The tireds are back. Boo. I want to sleep all the time. I force myself to try to get up but I usually end up sleeping during the day. Night time is still give and take, sometimes it comes easily sometimes it takes hours.

Best moment this week: The kicks. I just can't get over her moving. And also getting all the furniture put together, everything's getting SO real.

Movement: All the time. They told me from the very beginning we've got a very active baby and now I believe em. I'm pretty sure she's a dancer... or maybe a kickboxer? Her favorite spot, as noted in my last post, is in my ribs. They are sooore. She also likes to hammer away at my left side when I lay down, but no lie - I love that feeling.

Gender: Baby GIRL

Labor Signs: Couple of Braxton Hicks contractions. They're not fun, and they do hurt sometimes. Headed to L&D the other night when they were coming every 15 min for a 2-hour time span, but it was just exhaustion and dehydration the docs said. Cervix is still closed and no word on effacement or any of that gory business.

Belly Button in or out? In still, but weird. It's kinda... I don't know... hard?? It's opened up like a big ol' mouth and the top is hard. I hope that doesn't mean it's getting ready to pop out, I'd be fine keeping my belly button on the inside, thanks. (I had a horrible dream about it popping out and being really gross, so I'd rather just keep it in for now...)

What I miss: My favorite jeans, although maternity jeans and the freedom they bring, have really grown on me. I also miss being able to have a cocktail (what can I say, I enjoy my nights out), exciting sex (I feel like I can only do it in one position and I'm afraid I might bore my husband to death, although he doesn't seem to have a problem, at least I've still got a libido!), my energy, and feeling in control of my emotions (for the most part.)

Weekly Wisdom: Go to the classes! Yesterday was a breastfeeding class, Mondays are childbirth/lamaze, and in December I'll be going to New Parents class... they help you prepare and know what to expect to a tiny extent. They've helped ease my fears, make me more confident, and feel like I know what's going on. I am no longer terrified to attempt drug-free labor or breastfeeding, but we'll see how my tune changes when the time gets here...

Milestones: 10 Week COUNTDOWN. Holy toledo, we're in the single digits starting tomorrow... How INSANE.


  1. Wow! Baby belly! 25 LB’s is not much, is it? I am so confused. Is your belly button going to really pop??? That scares me. So, you plan to breastfeed? I can’t wait to hear how that goes for you.

  2. This is exciting! I like hearing all the real stuff about preg. I'm scared of fat sex.


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