Make an Offer (Holy Crap, I'm a Grown Up!)

Sometimes, I look at my life and it hits me - Woah mama, I'm a GROWN UP. I real life adult. Responsibilities, bills, gonna be a momma, the whole nine. Don't get me wrong, you can be a grown up without those things, but without those things I do not think I personally would be. And now... I am.

So this weekend shoved me into grown-up status even more. I guess shoved isn't the correct word... more like I stepped into. And why now, more than a couple days ago, am I feeling more grown up you ask? Well...

We Bought A House!!!

That's right, I'll soon be paying a mortgage (the word still makes me shudder, can I call it something else...?)
Ok so we didn't buy it yet per se, we've made "an offer" but we're buying a house from a builder (it's not even a house yet, right now it's a plot that will be a house) and builders don't typically turn down offers especially since we offered the asking price (unlike buying someone else's house you can offer lower and they choose whether or not they accept it).

As any of you who've been reading may know, we'd been looking for a while. We had pretty much given up our search when we didn't find just the one and the thought of paying a mortgage started to frighten us. We still browsed a bit though and came across a lovely woman named Vikki at a house we definitely didn't want. Vikki mentioned pre-construction and how it was in our price range and we really thought it wouldn't be for us, we decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and have a look see anyway. And low and behold, here we are a couple weeks later (After looking for MONTHS) with our names signed on paperwork!!

Thankfully, we've got time to save, adjust, and realize this is all coming true. We don't close until May. It has really worked out for us - our lease isn't up until May and other things may keep us from wanting a house much before May, but we definitely wanted some place to call home in the May/June time frame. So when they told us our closing date could be pushed back to May it was like a sign. Oh, and the house is called the EVELYN just like my beautiful mommy. TWO signs. woah-hoah.

Here is a picture of a house being built in the same area that has the same design and floorplan as our house

and because we are huge dorks, both my husband and I, here is us in front of our Plot Sign, where our house will stand in just a matter of months (6 or so months... and that'll fly, trust me - I know!)
Funny story about this pic... it was taken with a self-timer, so I sent Mr. P over to the sign and I stood by the truck on the road, getting the camera set up on the bed of the truck and getting him in the viewer. I got him in there then set the time and then ran (waddled) my preggo self over the mud in 10 sec. for the pic. I had just made it and only by jumping over to him.

Anyway, if any of you are really that curious, you can check out our floorplan/neighboring floorplans at Simpsons Crossing (that's our new neighborhood!!) and clicking on the Evelyn - or whichever one you wanted to look at.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Aww, Congrats!!! How exciting to get a brand new house!!

  2. Very excited for your home ownership! Owning a home feels so different than's kind of hard to explain, but it's much like the difference between dating and being married. The difference is in a piece of paper, and nothing drastic changes, but in a way, the whole thing changes.

    Buying a house this year has made us very happy (and yes, very poor) but good luck! So excited for you!! Woooot!

  3. Congrats. Signing those papers on your first home together is such a majah thrill!

  4. Congrats on the new house! Reminds me somewhat on the house my boyfriend's parents just bought. I can't wait to own a house!

  5. congrats on joining the ineverhaveanymoney club!

  6. I love timer buttons. ;)
    Mrs. Muffins


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