The Pink or Blue Game

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am impatient. And by impatient, I mean I hate waiting for ANYTHING, ever. Being pregnant has only heightened this oh-so-wonderful quality of mine. I want to know for sure if I'm baking a little boy bun or a little girl bun. I am just ready for my little baby to be here, and I've got... 5 months? to go. Patience is definitely something I need to work on, because I can not rush my baby and I'm going to need patience more than anything once he or she is here.

We went and worked on our little baby registry yesterday at BabiesRUs. We put on a crib, but I like the one I found at the PX much better. We put on a pack and play (that seems to be the perfect piece of baby furniture; bassinet, play pen, changing pad - all in one foldable and easy-to-go unit!), a matching bassinet (for the times when the baby is so teeny tiny and I don't want to ever leave her/him alone so he/she can be right in our room), bottles (that part was super crazy - I didn't realize there were so many extra pieces that go with bottles), a little bath tub (actually we added 3, one was a little spa tub for babies, couldn't resist that!), bath time stuff (doesn't baby shampoo smell fantastic?!), and sooo much other stuff. The registry can be found at under mine and Mr. P's names.

The frustrating part of course, was not knowing what kind of stuff when it came to blue vs. pink to add to the registry. Now, I'm not one of those people that baby can wear only blue or only pink depending on the his or her factor, but having some boy stuff or girl stuff is pretty vital. All of the "big" stuff we have a pretty good scheme going that works for boys or girls. We're going with animals for the general theme of our nursery. But, for example, the car seats - they come in blue/green or pink. Or red (which is NOT a color I enjoy). Or ugly. So rather than getting red or ugly, I would like a gender matching car seat. Don't get me wrong, all the colors are great for boys and girls, but... I don't know. We've got tons of green and yellow stuff right now for a baby of whatever gender but I want some pink or blue. That's all! Haha.

And that, of course is not even mentioning the clothes portion of the registry making. There were the cutest pink home coming dresses, and little cowboy boots and hat with flannel shirt outfits. If I knew what kind of baby was in there, I could buy tons of pink dresses or cowboy outfits! Sometimes society makes things difficult with all these gender roles and rules - and it's so much worse for babies and kids than it is for adults! It will all just be easier when I've got the pink or blue ticket and can go haywire on gender assigning clothes and baby stuffs.

That being said, however, don't think we didn't get TONS of stuff added to the registry. Some of it I know I'll end up changing or deleting, and half of it we probably won't end up needing - but just in case! We had a fun time just scanning different stuff we think we will possibly need one time or another with our little baby. So definitely swing by the registry and check out what we've put, it's pretty interesting and says a lot about us, I think (like the three different health/safety-type kits I picked out).

Hopefully, at my next appointment with my widwife, she will unveil the mystery that has been nagging at me. Every time someone asks "Oh, you're pregnant, are you having a girl or a boy" it nags even more! At the next appointment, I will be 17 weeks (possibly 18 if the due date is a week late, as I imagine) which means that it is possible to have a peek, but the Naval Hospital says they do it between 20 and 22 weeks (another 3 to 5 weeks?!) but I'm going to try and utilize my best skills of persuasion to possibly answer the question, does my baby have a hamburger or a hotdog?

Just for giggles, vote whether you think we're having a boy or girl!


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! We waited to find out until our baby decided it was time to join us :) It was such a nice surprise to meet our baby girl! Like you, I'm not so crazy about gender specific colors, so we just got travel system that was brown and light blue (kind of minty blue) from Graco. It's nice enough and inoffensive (in that garish way kids stuff can be sometimes) which is all I really cared about. Enjoy your 2nd trimester - it really is the best time. Do what ever you can now since the 3rd trimester is like baby prep 101 (think sleep deprivation, physical discomfort, and major preggo brain). So any travelling, furniture rearranging, etc, is best to get out of the way as soon as possible! All the best!

  2. I think girl... even though I love having a son, I think you need a girl lol :) ~ Maggie


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