Organization (It's Such a Rarity in My Life)

I spent the whole day organizing and now I feel wonderful! Let's get one thing straight, first. I'm a messy person. I meet so many women who are organization freaks, and while I do have some OCD tendencies (re-checking the door a certain way before I leave being one of them), organization is not my thing. Never has been. In fact, I got in trouble all through elementary school for having such a messy desk. Oops.

Anyway, as my mom (who, along with my dad, have decided to buy our crib for us) has set an ultimatum (No crib til that room is empty!) we have begun emptying "that room." That room is our "spare" bedroom, soon to be nursery (I hate having only 2 bedrooms, but that is a whole nother post). Spare meaning anything in the house we don't use often or that is still in a box is in. Ha. So it was pretty cluttered, especially since I am the world's biggest pack rat. Ok, maybe not the world's biggest, but I do hate throwing things away. So basically, we've had quite the task ahead of us. We got the majority of the crap out, and we decided it's ok if I leave my craft stuff in there. The task set for me then, was making my craft stuff a nice little corner and not a heaping pile of crafty junk.

So I set forth on my journey today to organize my craft corner and SUCCEEDED - Hooray! Now I've got little labeled drawers - painting stuff, scrapbooking stuff, fabric stuff, and photo stuff. I'm so proud!

Then I proceeded to clean the rest of the day (and night, seeing as how it's 10.25pm and husband still isn't home from work... yet another post...) And then I relaxed by finishing my animal series for baby girl's room, introducing to you The Last Edition of the Animal Series, Giraffe:
Don't tell the other animals, but he's my fave.

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  1. I posted today about being a pack rat too!!
    I use a spare bedroom the SAME way!! I actually cleaned it yesterday, but I let it get VERY cluttered before I clean!


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