Just Go Already (The PRE Part of PreDeployment)

My husband's unit still doesn't have a date to hit the road and go do some damage abroad. For many people reading this, the thought is relief and joy that they're still here. This, unfortunately, is not the case for many Marine wives...

While yes, we love our husbands home and hate the fact that they go, the reality of the matter is, is that they will go eventually. So when the rumors start going around and the preparations start picking up (are we leaving soon or just keeping everyone on their toes?!) it's hard not to feel that little bit of "I just want it OVER with."

The faster they get out of here, the closer it will be to them coming home.

Sometimes being yanked around (we're going in --- scratch that, now we're going in ---, now we're not going til ---) is rough. We had a "set date" in August, and as you can tell, we haven't left yet, and now we hear a different story just about every week. I know this is in partial due to OpSec (Operational Security), that giving them too many details could lead to the details leaked and therefore put our troops in more danger than they need to be, but it's so hard not knowing. Unfortunately because of OpSec, once we have a date, I won't even be allowed to share it either, or how long until they come home.

It's like all the anxiety of the "upcoming" deployment (upcoming used very lightly, as in no idea how near it really is but knowing it will inevitably get here - remember reality of the matter) has been weighing on us for months. When the rumors start flying, my anxiety levels rise - I begin to think of all the things we need to get done before deployment. Including both serious things that have to be done (Will, Living will, "What do you want to do with my body God forbid something happens to me?" Powers of Attorney...) and those that are not crucial but before a deployment feel like the world will end if they aren't done (Cleaning out the baby's room, making "daddy" tapes, seeing family...) And of course, this being our first deployment (not only together but ever) we're still not sure exactly what to expect (How much notice will we be given? Will be get a predeployment leave? How much contact will we have with each other?) Being around other Marine wives makes it a bit easier, my friends assure me that they've survived through it and I will too, and they give me a little bit of background of what their deployments were like, but it's hard too because every deployment is different and they can't tell me exactly what will happen.

Go with the flow, Go with the flow.
I have got to make that my new mantra. I can do this. And we will be fine. No matter when the time comes, we will get through it!
So for now I'm left to list making and trying not to procrastinate, so when that time comes, we will be ready!

One of my favorite things about living near a deploying base (the Army base I lived near at home was a schooling base and therefore deployments from that base weren't all too common) is the homecomings.
I know it's a bit blurry, but those are WELCOME HOME banners that hang on the fences outside of base.
I love looking at them and sharing in a little bit of someone's excitement about a homecoming. Last week, a few units came home all at once and so the fences were FULL of banners, and some people just got SO creative. Some are pretty risque and funny too, I love those ones ;o)

I already get thinking ahead to what Mr. P's WELCOME HOME banner will say. Thinking of making it reminds me of the sorority days, making big/little tee shirts
My littles, Katy and Theresa, in the shirts I made them.

The backs of mine and Theresa's shirts, I wish I had a shot of the back of Katy's too!

So funny the talents I learned in college and how they are coming handy in "real" life. Haha.But I am sure that I'll have one of the bestest banners out there upon hubs' arrival home ;o) (See, thinking about him coming home makes thinking of him leaving that much easier!)


  1. awww, I would have anxiety about not knowing too!!! Especially with the little girl on the way!! Thinking of you!!!

  2. Here is probably the most random comment you've received!
    A yahoo search showed me your big & lil shirts- and I was curious how you made the letters! Or I guess more so, how you attached them haha. I'm wanting to make something similar for my new little and would appreciate any tips!


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