Manic? Monday (A Reason To Look Forward)

Because Mondays are usually kind of stressful, I have chosen to steal this positive way to look at Mondays from the lovely Heather at Live.Love.Laugh. Such a good way to get over having a case of the Mondays. So now I present to you...

Why I love the week of October 5, 2009:

  • My husband will be in training but will be able to come home each day (I was really worried he'd have to stay out there which is no fun) and it may be early days.
  • Fall weather is finally starting to creep into the depths of North Carolina. And while it is still warm enough to wear flip flops and short sleeves, I got to wear long pants without sweating today. Woo hoo!
  • I will be 6 months pregnant on Wednesday. 24 whole weeks I've been at this baby growing stuff! Only 4 short weeks from entering into the third and final trimester!
  • I created and am adhering to a meal plan! We made it Saturday and bought all of our groceries on Sunday. It helped us save so much money and we shopped in complete meals so I won't have to run back to WalMart every single day.
  • I will be getting my flu shot some time this week. I went today but was confused and given the wrong instructions so did not get it, but I found out they are there all week. I've never gotten a flu shot in my life, but it's the best for baby girl so it's what I'm doing.
  • Tomorrow night is the Meet the Spouses night with the Batallion CO. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be given a clue as to what is going on within the unit. If not, I get to see some of my favoritest Marine Wives tomorrow, to say the least!
  • And last but not least, TWO of my favoritest (yes, I know favoritest is a made-up word and yes, I know I used it twice, there's no other word to use there though, really!) Phi Mu ladies are coming to visit me this very weekend!!!!! I'm sooo excited! Shan W and my little Theresa are making the trek down here to the (not-so) dirty south. I am really really REALLY excited for them to visit, and know we will have a blast (and I am determined to have the best time ever without going over budget, wish me luck!) They were planning a surprise but they (thankfully) let me know so I can prepare. Which, thank God they did, because we had a lazy weekend and the house was a disaster (and now I have time and a reason to clean, woo hoo!)
I am actually pretty freakin' stoked about this coming week. I'm just sayin'...

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  1. It's good to know that you were able to see the brighter side of things. I was inspired by your list and now I'm thinking of coming up with my own. I hope that you'll have a safe delivery. Looking forward to see baby pictures soon.=)


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