• Got a new job (as you've heard) and the next three days, guarenteed, I'll be making some moneys!!!! After that I get some sort of work schedule (hopefully) and will be working semi-regularly, if all pans out accordingly.
  • My husband is home. While we still don't know anything, I cherish each and every day/minute/second I get with him. Although a little word would be fantastic, having him home is basically awesome.
  • New and expecting moms meeting tomorrow night. Our battalion spouses have lots of fun things (Girls Nights Out I've mentioned before) that we do to get together, and once a month we have a Girls Night for the mommies and mommies-to-be of the group. Since I fell asleep before the first one (oops!) and didn't want to leave husband (not even for a few hours!!) right after he came home from training, this will be my first one. I'm pretty excited, two of my closest friends from the BN are hosting it, so I know it will be a blast.
  • 26 weeks pregnant and celebrating the last little bit of the second trimester. I've enjoyed this stage of pregnancy, as it really is the "honey moon phase," but I'm sooo ready to meet my baby that each day closer is more and more exciting. That and I love popping out, watching my body change (and finally not looking lumpy and jiggly and weird and actually pregnant - oh and my belly button change haha), and generally just enjoy being pregnant.
  • Thirteen nights of Halloween begins tonight on ABC Family. Ok so, maybe I cheated on this one a little bit (The commercial just came on), but realizing that 13 Nights of Halloween is here really excites me, because I love Halloween and fall time and the movies during the Halloween season :)
Happy New Week Everyone, Hope you all have wonderful things to look forward to this week!!!


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