What An Excellent Weekend!

Well it has been a pretty awesome weekend.

On Friday and Saturday we continued with our house hunting. We found a home we really really really like. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a lot of fun other things. We decided to check out getting out of our lease and discussed putting in an offer. However, after talking with hubs Staff Sergeant and my parents, we've decided that right now is not the best time for us. It was kind of a bummer and I am a little down about it, but it makes the best sense for us at this stage in our lives. As my mom pointed out, we're not sure how our finances will change once baby girl is here, how long we'll be in NC, or what is going on with deployment. There are too many unknowns in our life right now to do something as solid as purchasing a home. We've got a nice place that we both like, and while it sometimes feels a little tight with just 2 bedrooms it is certainly manageable and it's already all set up. Mr P. was the one who was most reluctant to buy the home and was so worried he'd "crushed my dreams" so while I joke with him and call him the "Dream Crusher" now, I really understand the points against buying and it really does make the most sense for us at this time in our lives. Besides, to me, there's no point in doing it unless both of us are 100%.

So, after being a little bummed about that, we decided to go engage in some sweet fall activities (woo hoo!) We headed over to Mike's Farm which is across from the airport only a few minutes from our house. When we got there we were pretty shocked about the disorganization of the place and the high cost of everything there, but nonetheless we ended up with 3 punkins - 2 big ones and 1 tiny one, kinda like our family.

Mr. P thought he was soooo funny with his preggo punkin belly.

After that we went on base to run some errands and then we headed to Babies R Us to continue to work on our registry. The first time we went, we didn't know the sex of our baby and I was also way over excited and ended up putting about 4 of everything on the list, since I couldn't decide which themes/colors/things in general I liked best. We enjoyed editing things, Mr. P made me delete a few things, and we have it so that there is just about only one of everything. Just about. As we headed home, we discussed what we wanted for dinner and decided that we'd done really well last pay period and we'd reward ourselves with dinner and a date night.

We enjoyed a great dinner at AppleBee's and then headed over to the movies to see ZombieLand which was pretty freakin' funny. I do admit though, for a good portion of the movie I was more concerned with not peeing my pants than having a good laugh out loud. Note to self (and other preggo women) after month 5, get an end seat so you don't have to continuously climb over people (or in my case feel guilty about climbing over people so much that you just sit there trying to ignore the gotta-pee sensation) every 5 minutes.

Today was different than our typical Sunday, as we spent the day running around. While we usually run errands on Sundays, we veg out and watch football a good portion of the day too, but today's agenda didn't include much football (much to Hubby's dismay). We had to put air in my tires, get hubs a haircut, gas up the truck, make our meal plan and grocery list, shop for work clothes for me, pick some things up from base for him, stop at a friend's house, and grocery shop... It was a long day. It was nice though. The humid NC weather has finally dropped enough that it feels like fall, almost like winter today. It was about 50 degrees and and cloudy and, while I do love the sun, it felt great to have a break from the heat. We got 2 pairs of khaki pants (they give us the shirt(s) once we're in the center - I'm just supposed to wear khakis - and I just need to look "work appropriate" the first few days in HR for paperwork/training) for me from Old Navy and a really nice zip-up hoodie for him. We also groceried for way under budget - I'm getting pretty good at this budgeting/saving money/smart shopping thing. Go me!

We came home and put the groceries away and watched the Pats CRUSH the Titans. Sadly the Ravens lost by a field goal, but luckily I didn't watch it to put a damper on my day (because we never get the Ravens games here... grr)

Tomorrow is my first day of work - basically intake type stuff, HR paperwork, training, the norm. I'm a bit nervous for my first day in the center (Mon, Tues, and Wed are all training and that's as far as I know, center will be some time after that) as I'm not sure how different it will be from the center in MD and I'm already used to how things worked there. I just have to take it as a totally individual experience, right?! Wish me luck!!

Happy Week Everyone :-D

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