Award and Name Game (How Do You Pick One??)

I have nominated myself for the Over The Top Award from Ashley at Kiwis and Cocktails. She said anyone that read her blog could play and well, I feel like doing a questionnaire and I want a new Award, so there.

That being said, in order to accept the award I must answer the following questionnaire using one word answers. Oo, these are always a little challenging for someone as uh... verbose... as me! Here goes nothin...

1. where is your cell phone? Table
2. your hair? Wet
3. your mother? Amazing
4. your father? Fantastic
5. your favorite food? Macaroni
6. your dream last night? Bills!!
7. your favorite drink? Orange
8. your dream/goal? Momma
9. what room are you in? Living
10. your hobby? Undefined?
11. your fear? Long
12. where do you want to be in 6 years? Higher
13. where were you last night? Home
14. something that you aren’t? Rich
15. muffins? Chocolate
16. wish list item? House
17. where did you grow up? Maryland
18. last thing you did? Walked
19. what are you wearing? Undies
20. your tv? Large
21. your pets? Fish
22. friends? New
23. your life? Ever-changing
24. your mood? Relaxed
25. missing someone? Always
26. vehicle? Mustang
27. something you’re not wearing? Pants (LOL)
28. your favorite store? Crafts
29. your favorite color? Purple
30. when was the last time you laughed? Earlier
31. last time you cried? Yesterday?
32. your best friend? Hubs :)
33. one place that you go to over and over? POTTY!
34. one person who emails me regularly? Emilie
35. favorite place to eat? Home

And anyone who reads and wants to be is tagged, because that's how I came across this :)

Now on for a real post... How on Earth do you choose a child's name?! It is SO hard. We had one that we were really leaning towards but I wasn't 100% sold on it, so now we're back to the drawing board. I've got a few I like but I'm not in LOVE with them. And, I mean, this is going to be her name for her entire life - that's a big deal! Names can sometimes determine whether or not you're made fun of in school and what others may think of you in a profession (for example, a judge named... Flower may not be taken as seriously as one named... Jane.) So the weight of naming my daughter is really weighing on me!

So now, I put it to you, the fine people of the blog world - any girl names that really strike your fancy (that you wouldn't have a conniption if someone "stole")? New ideas are always helpful!


  1. I have always liked Kylie, Claire, and Addison. What did you have up for consideration? Good luck!

  2. I like traditional names. :)
    That helps a lot.....LOL

  3. ummmm....things like anna, elizabeth (I actually like all variations of elizabeth, too), rose, claire, etc. Not sure if that helps


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