A Bushy Haircut (Lawn Maitenance)

One of the perks of where we live is lawn care is included. Therefore, my pregnant self will not be stuck mowing our grass if (when) hubs deploys. A downfall of this perk, however, is that the lawn maintenance is not always the... errr greatest.

Our landlords are somewhere in their late 60s, early 70s. For being that, excuse the term, old, they really are still kickin'. They've got a huge garden in front of their house that I often see them outside tending, and Mrs. Landlord is always out riding her fancy little tractor cutting ours and the neighbors' grass. What could be the problem with this? You ask. Well, they never cut our hedges and if you ask my husband they do a not-so-great job at cutting the grass.

I try to refrain from complaining about the not-so-greatness of all of this because, well, it's free (and free is definitely something we take advantage of these days...). However, when the bushes start over growing into the walkway it's time to take action. As we have no tools for lawn maintenance (or really any tools in general) I had hubby head next door to our Landlords to see if they wouldn't mind giving our weeds a lil wacking. Unfortunately they were not home. Yesterday or today.

So, today we took the matter into our own hands! It was definitely an adventure, to say the least. We set out with scissors and Hubby's work knife and had at it. And while our bush now may be a little lopsided, at least he's not creepin into the walkway or in my porch view any more.

We forgot to get a "before" picture, but here is a picture of our neighbors, whose bush wasn't quite as wild as ours had gotten. It's the purplish colored one on the far left side.

And our newly groomed bush at our house
Not bad for a scissors and pocket knife deal, eh?

Makes me feel so happy that it is now nice and neat. It was making me feel a bit clausterphobic before as it had begun to creep up onto the porch and the walkway, slowly taking over our house!

Also, don't let the picture make you think that's the extent of our house, looking at it makes it seem so small, but there's a-whole-nother window and some more wall over to the left haha.

In other news:
We have been enjoying getting our home cleaned up for our guests this weekend. Having guests come always makes me a little psychotic when it comes to my house, but Mr. P goes along with it well and helps clean up. It's just fun for me to have someone to present our house to, we live so far away that barely anyone comes over!

We still do not have a deployment date, the Battalion Commander told us to be prepared for a tasking this month, but it is not definite and we are still waiting for word. It is now at a presidential level (this made me laugh at the meeting... oops) and whether or not my husband goes off to war is basically in the hands of Mr. Obama now... (Very weird to think the president's decision directly affects my family... wow)

Baby P is doing great as far as I know. My next appointment is next Wednesday. But she continues to kick the poop out of me everyday so I can only assume that things are going swimmingly. I just have to work on getting my water intake (A GALLON DAY?!)

And that is about all I have to share on this lovely Thursday. O crap it's THURSDAY I missed Wishful Wednesday AGAIN!! I'll have to go back and do one later tonight, so be on the lookout for that! I've got such pregnant brain these days (at least pregnant brain isn't as bad as the dumb... a long story for a totally separate post).

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  1. Came across you blog and have enjoyed getting to know you! I love meeting new bloggers. I wish i had someone to do my lawn; it takes me BEATING my husband to do our lawn. I totally know what you mean by wanting things to look nice. :) Look forward to reading more from ya! :)


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