Happy Monday (It's Monday, Right?)

I know, I know, I've been slacking in my posts. First, our router died, then I had company, and then... well I've been lazy. So I haven't really been having that much internet time at all (crazy, right?) I will begin this post with a short recap of the weekend (sans pictures, gotta wait til the ladies post them!) and then will finish up with the outlook of the upcoming week!

This weekend...
Friday, two of my favoritest Sorority sisters came for a visit. My little, Theresa, and Shan W. We had a really chill weekend. As the hubby and I are working on our whole budgeting strategy, we didn't do anything wild, but it was nice getting time to catch up with my friends that I've missed so much and just generally have some girl time. When they got here Friday at 3, hubs and I were still at the grocery getting food for dinner. We'd gotten delayed a bit as traffic coming off base for the upcoming long weekend was horrendous. We met them at the house and gave them the brief tour of our home. We headed over to the house we're thinking about purchasing (maybe... it's still up in the air...) because I wanted a second opinion, and then gave them a quick tour of the base. When that was done everyone was starving and I set off to make homemade lasagna. Everyone was tuckered out from a long drive (for them) and a day of running around/working (me and the hubs) so we headed to bed.

Saturday we headed to the Onslow County Fair. We were really looking forward to funnel cakes and other junky fair foods, as well as maybe some rides and games. When we got there, we were sadly let down. It was $5 admission and then everything inside was really expensive. We did get some delicious funnel cake, though, and played a couple games. It was super hot out and most the rides I couldn't go on (and it was extremely expensive for just the ones I could go on...) so we decided to blow that popsicle stand and try something else. We enjoyed a scrumptious steak sub dinner at Andy's, my favorite restaurant on base. Then we went back to the house and watched Juno and hung out while recuperating from a day in the sun and decided what to do next. The decision for what to do next was torn, we wanted to do something but no one wanted to speak up on what that something would be, so when we passed the Texas Roadhouse and Theresa shouted about it, we stopped in there. We (they all) enjoyed a few drinks, some shots, and watched the Roadhouse girls dance, and we headed out. We stopped by Walmart for some snacks and vegged out watching movies when we got home. It was actually a nice relaxing weekend with some of my favorite people, made me happy. I really miss my home friends and sisters being this far away, it was great to be with them again!!

The girls headed out around 11 the next day and hubs and I were left to a lazy day. I took a nice nap and then we enjoyed some serious football where every team we were rooting for lost (Ravens and Patriots on my part, Tampa Bay Buccs and Patriots for hubs). We ran a few errands and then called it a night, as Mr. P. did not have the luxury of an extended weekend and had to be back in school on Monday.

Today I woke up feeling pretty crappy. Had some horrible dreams through the night and was up every two hours to pee (pregnancy, oh, pregnancy...). Around 11 I called my friend Jackie who is down here and moving to the area. Turns out her and her daughter will be staying with us tonight, as well as her hubby whenever he gets here (didn't leave MD til around 530pm, silly goose). I'm pretty excited to have company again. And Mr. P has found a new friend in Kayla (Jackie's daughter) as she's been stuck to him like glue since he walked in the door around 2pm. We went and had ice cream, got our new router (woo hoo) and are now just chilling out.

And there ya have it, my weekend recap! On to the future...
  • Jackie and her family are visiting! More homies from... home... to spend time with!!
  • Hubs is still in school, which means days are still late for him (doesn't have to be there til 7am!) and early for me (he's home by 4 at the latest, usually!!)
  • I'll be 25 weeks on Wednesday, and have my 25 week checkup. I always look forward to check ups, a chance to ask questions and be reassured that everything is going swimmingly. Baby girl's growing so much and kicking the crap out of me and I love that and always look forward to it!
  • House hunting resumes on Thursday. I was supposed to go today but just felt too icky in the morning. So Thursday I will go and look at some more prospective residencies for the P family!
  • Punkin Pickin'! I think we're going tomorrow after Mr. P gets home from school. The weather is starting to cool down, fall is starting to finally feel realistic, and we need some punkins!!
  • AND last but certainly not least, PAY DAY is Thursday! WOO HOO!!!!
And now, I've got a hungry little guest and husband so I'm off to make some foods! Happy new week everyone!


  1. Paydays are the best two days of the month!!!

  2. What a fun weekend! Ehh, You are a good friend- I would not want to go out when everyone could drink and I could not! ha. Do you seem to get tired easier now?

  3. I love this whole "Why I love this week" thing you do. I keeps a reminder of all the blessings. Very cool!


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