Day 2 and Day 3 and Some Good News

Ok, I'm slacking already, not a good sign!!
Day 2: A photo of you and the person you've been close with the longest
My mommy and daddy. Call it cheesy if you want but I am super close with my parents and very thankful for that. This photo is circa 1988 I believe.

Day 3: A photo of the cast from your favorite TV show
This is like, my guilty pleasure show. I absolutely love Make It or Break It. Jonny used to make fun of me for watching it, however he'd sit there and watch it with me and would try to walk away but I would catch him watching from the hall. Ha.

Also, for the good news:

Thanks for all the prayers that I would, it was in the back of my truck. I finally took the shopping bags out of the back and there it sat in Ariana's car seat. Found it the day after my birthday, thanks to my husband for a great bday present because I thought sure I'd lost it for good!

PS My newest article is up at DStripped. I really like writing for this online magazine, I get to speak with people and learn about things that aren't part of my typical daily occurances. For the November issue, I spoke with Jessica Cameron, an independent film actress, about her struggles and successes in life. For this issue, I got to speak with Heidi Kole, author of the Subway Diaries about her adventures in the underground music scene. By underground music scene, I mean UNDERGROUND literally, she plays/sings in the subways of NYC. I didn't even know people did that, so interviewing her and finding all about it was really awesome! So head over and check out this month's article, as well as the rest of the mag!


  1. oh wow. i really love the sound of her voice and the idea of singing in the subway. i have always wished i had the guts to put myself out there.
    My husband would get a total kick out of this.
    thanks for sharing it.

    also, it should be that your mommy and daddy mean so much to you

  2. You have succeeded in making me feel ancient. I graduated from high school in 1998.

  3. That picture of you with your parents is adorable.I am so glad you found your ring!

  4. Omigosh, I think you look so much like your mom!

    Loved the article too, btw :) You go girl.


  5. I'm so glad you found your ring, and the person closest to me is my mommy, too!

  6. Yayy for finding your ring!
    And I totally love that show as well :)

  7. I am so happy you found your ring and I love the 80's family photo!! :)

  8. I think its awesome that you found something that you can do that involves your writing (without selling your soul!!!)

    I'm sooooooo glad you found your ring!!!!! Seem's like Jonny was up to no good playin' tricks on you!!!!! ;)

    You should come to h-town... lol

  9. Sorry I know this is an old post but OMG Yay! I'm SO glad you found your ring!


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