Playing Catch Up (and milspouse Secret Santa)

I've been a naughty blogger but luckily blogger Santa did not give me coal because I had THE BEST milspouse Secret Santa EVER! And I was going to link to the wonderful Leanne's blog but I accidentally hit SPAM on all my comments! I'm an idiot, I know. I thought I was approving them instead of looking at them (totally spaced out on what I was doing...) and so I would hit "select all" and hit where the publish button usually is but instead I would be clicking spam! I did this about 3 times before I realized what I was doing. Total space out moment and I hope no one gets in trouble for "spamming" me... My bad :(

Mad, mad thanks to Wife of a Sailor for organizing such a special gift exchange. I hope my Santee is at least half as excited as I am haha.

But anyway, here is my lovely gift box from my fantastic Secret Santa.

She spoiled me sooo bad. There were two other gifts she sent that I forgot to take pics of, an ornament making kit (to put the baby's hand or feet prints on, enough for me and her grandmas) and some fuzzy socks. She rocked and I'm the luckiest Santee (santa recipient haha) in the world!

Ok, now to play catch up with the photo game...

DAY 6: A photo of someone you'd like to change places with for a day
Well, one day, I'd like to change places with a lazy, super spoiled dog who gets to sleep when he wants all day and worry about nothing. He's also super cute and his name is Oscar.

And another day, I'd like to trade places with the president. I'm not saying I could do his job better than him, I'm just very curious what it would be like to run the greatest nation in the world for a day and if I could make any changes for the better to help people, that'd be pretty sweet.

DAY 7: A Photo of your most treasured item
The one thing that is the most important treasured thing in my life isn't really a thing. It's my little precious baby. Definitely the one thing that is the most treasured to me though, regardless of whether she's a thing or not :-P

And for a more thingish thing, my Jonny stuff. As you know by reading, I'm real anal about all my Jonny stuff but these are some of the most important. The dog tags are usually ALWAYS with me, even if I am not wearing them. He gave me these dog tags when we were dating and had a new copy made for himself, mine are his originals from boot camp. On the tags are the short chain that was my original engagement ring, the blue ring "my heart" that I was searching for - back where it belongs, and his wedding band - the original, not the "I want a cheap one to take to A-Stan" one. Then we have Ducky. Ducky was the first "present" Jonny ever bought me. We were in the inner harbor for a weekend away staying at the Sheraton and Ducky was in the window of the gift shop. I thought he looked so sad and he just needed someone to love him and he would be the happiest Ducky in the world. Jonny thought he looked creepy. I whined about it: He is not creepy he is just sad and he needs me. I was surprised with Ducky hours later. And The Notebook. Jonny's book he used for all his work stuff. It also contains the only letters he hand wrote to me in A-Stan as well as little notes I left him and work related stuff.

DAY 8: A photo that makes you laugh
Ok, I'm probably going to hell for laughing but I can't help it whenever I see this I double over. This is one of my bestest friend Ria's son, my lil nephew Connor, and a very creepy Santa. Connor is clearly not feelin Santa.

And here is my own kid with a very displeased look on her face as we put her in the little cut out. It was so cute and so hilarious.

Oh the joys of being an adult/a parent and laughing at children. Haha.

Ok, there all caught up on my photo challenge, hope I made up for it with the extra photos ;)


  1. Oh. My. Word... SUPER creepy Santa. Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

  2. So cute! I love the pictures. And thanks for sharing about your special things... very special indeed.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. By far I know it isn't the same with my sailor leaving me, but with my heartache I look at your blogs and I just know if you can go through what you have and make it, so can I.

  4. OMG! When I saw the duck on fb I thought "he totally looks like a sad ducky" but I didn't want to say that.... It might offend you!!! lol!!! I'm soooo glad you posted that!!! I'm glad you're able to love on the ducky!!! :-)

  5. Ooooh, I love gifts! I am still waiting (not very patiently, I may add!) for my Secret Santa gift. Hoping it comes tonight or tomorrow!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful little girl.

  6. So cool with the secret santa! Glad you got spoiled!!

  7. Oh Ari is getting SO big! I hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas doll!

  8. This is for you Mrs P!!! I got it I got it I GOT IT!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  9. Love the post .. thanks for what you do .

  10. I just recently started reading your blog (ok I just started last week and will be caught up tonight haha). I just wanted to say that picture of your little baby in the hat reminds me SO MUCH of my little 2yr old Peyton!! They look identical! (well when Miss Peyton was a little baby that is lol). I thought that was funny! Great pictures!!!


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