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P&G and Walmart have teamed up with the USO this holiday season to help improve communication between deployed troops and their families. They have also created a series called Operation Family Connect: The Road to Reunion. They have contacted me about sharing these two amazing things with my readers and of course I wouldn't hesitate to pass the word onto you all.

"“Operation Family Connect” (www.operationfamilyconnect.com) is helping families connect by bringing much-needed improvements to communications technology and resources overseas and with P&G and Walmart’s support, the USO will be able to provide increased talk time for troops and families. The USO recently launched “Operation Family Connect: Road to Reunion,” a series of six web videos, produced by the Zizo Group, which chronicle three military families as they anticipate the return of their family members from Iraq.

These touching videos will run throughout the month of December and viewers can follow each family’s compelling story through their home videos and blogs, as they anticipate the return of their loved ones. On December 21st, the long-awaited reunion videos will go live on the Operation Family Connect website and all can share in this exciting moment.

The Binkley Family
Aside from a brief visit, Marshall has not seen his wife Dawn in over a year. Being a tattoo artist, he carries a tough-guy presence, but deep down, he is a sensitive guy who’ll shed a tear at a photo of his wife. He is Mr. Mom to his three step-daughters and loves every second of it, even when it means playing both the homework police and the cook. He has an o

The Perry Family
With her husband Rick finishing his fourth deployment, Gabi Perry understands the realities of a family separated by duty. For eight years she has lived near Fort Stewart as an army wife, raising her three children and building a community of support for other military families. Gabi knows their struggle better than anyone, but as she comforts them, she must also contend with her own sense of longing for her husband’s return.

The Rathburn Family
Ariana's husband David deployed to Iraq in December of 2009 — the week after their first child was born. Being a new mom with an unplanned child, Ariana must now raise their son, Ian, by herself in a new town. A year is a long time to be away and many changes have occurred in Ariana's life, including new friends, newly found self-reliance, and her well-earned confidence in motherhood. She worries about how David will adjust when he returns to a hard-working mom and a child walking to hug him hello.

For those who want to help connect deployed soldiers with their family members during the holiday season, there is also an opportunity to donate to “Operation Family Connect” at www.operationfamilyconnect.com."

Hope that is something you all can find useful or a worthy cause to donate to this holiday season!

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  1. Oh wow! I know Ariana! Ian and my Jack are just days apart! Thanks for letting me know about this!


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