Holiday Letters to Troops/Pentel Writing Contest

I was recently contacted by Pentel to pass on their writing contest as well as reviewing some pens. I will be writing my own letter to submit, even though I can't be part of the contest, I'm all about sending thoughts to the guys and gals overseas. As soon as I do mine, I'll post a photo, but for now here is the details on the contest so all of you can get busy! I think during the holidays is a great time to jump into this project because we all know that our troops can use a little extra love during the holiday season!

Pentel of America is having a contest for National Handwriting Day. The name of the contest is “Heroes Worth Writing For”.

On December 1 Pentel launched the promotion "Heroes Worth Writing For" where we are asking children and adults to write a letter to our troops. Our troops sacrifice a lot for our country and we know they would like to hear from folks in their own handwriting how appreciated they are. The contest runs through Jan. 31.

Those who enter the contest will send their handwritten letter to Pentel and we will ensure that they are given to our troops overseas through Operation Gratitude. Before we send them, however, we’ll pick out five winners, a Grand Prize winner and four second-prize winners.

You can view the website for rules and contest info here and check their blog out here

Ok guys getting writing and Good luck!!


  1. Wish I would have known about that before sending 450+ letters from students over to our troops this week. Would have sent them through the contest.

  2. Cool and interesting blog. I really liked your blog!



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