I Tend to Weep Often (The Pregnant Lady Blues)

Anyone who has been pregnant, or known someone close to them pregnant, knows of the emotional roller coaster that is pregnancy. When I was in my first trimester, I was literally an emotional mess. Looking back, I feel really bad for Mr. P, as he received the brunt of my anger/hostility/sadness/general moodiness. As the pregnancy has progressed, the mood swings have subsided, but they have not ceased to exist.

I will now give you a few examples of my nonsensical crying jags, as laughing at myself is one of my favorite things.

1. I cooked dinner the other night. Seasoned, baked chicken, and noodles (the kind that come in the package, you dump them in the boiling water and they cook themselves). I was very worried the chicken wouldn't turn out good, as I am not well stocked in the seasoning department. To my great surprise however, it was not the chicken I needed to worry about. I sat down on the internet and forgot to turn the noodles down. When I went back into the kitchen, the noodles had started to burn! Of course this was an end of the world catastrophe. I took the pot off the stove, slammed it on the counter and proclaimed that DINNER IS RUIINED! I ran to the bedroom, locked the door, and wailed (I'm not joking here, real tears and real sobbing) for a good 15 minutes. Meanwhile my faithful husband, God bless him, was at the door telling me that I do not fail at life (something I proclaimed in my wailing), that dinner is still very much edible, and that I should come out and enjoy it with him.

2. After exiting the bedroom from the above scenario, I went out into the kitchen to enjoy what I could of my pitiful dinner. The chicken was actually really good and he was right, only the bottom was burnt so the noodles were still semi-edible. It was then that I realized this was not my fault. This was all his fault. Because he answered the phone when I had seen it was a call I didn't want to take, which in turn means he never listens to me. Insert pouting on the couch for another good 15 or so minutes. Thankfully, that mood ended without much flair.

3. While doing laundry, I walked in to husbands/baby's room (spare for now, to be nursery in a matter of weeks). After moving some things around, collecting some things, etc. I started looking through the enormous pile of clothes my parents bought (more on that in a little) and just got teary-eyed from looking at the baby clothes. I'm going to be a mom, how phenomenal and cry-worthy!

4. Just tonight I was sitting on the couch having a discussion with husband. I don't remember why but I ended up in a mood, and off I went to the bedroom. As I'm laying there under the covers, I realize that I really want, no need, chocolate chip cookies. As we are (were) currently out of chocolate chip cookies, this prompts yet another crying spell. I JUST WANT COOOOOOKIES, sob sob sob. Thankfully I somehow landed the most amazing man in the whole Universe and he swiftly headed out to grab me a bag of cookies. And man they were delicious!

5. A bout of hysteria struck me a few nights back. Hubs and I were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden everything is funny to me. As this is not uncommon to my un-pregnant self, I did not double think it. I started acting like a goof and doing silly things and just laughing. However, when my husband didn't find it as funny as I did (he did find it funny, he was just joking around by saying things like, "What's gotten into you, crazy" and such) I broke down. YOU DON'T THINK I'M FUNNY? YOU CAN'T BE HAPPY THAT FOR ONCE I FEEL GOOD? sob sob sob.

6. As hubs left for work this morning at 0100 (to be in at 0130, see previous post), I was left to go to bed by myself, since I never go to bed at a normal hour. As I get into bed by myself I realize that I am extremely lonely, the bed is cold, and I miss him. He'd been gone approximately 1 hour. I of course call him and explain to him how sad I am without him. He tells me that he misses me too and wishes he could be home. Thankfully after a few calmly shed tears that one dissolved quite peacefully!

My poor husband is the brunt of all my erratic emotions, and yet he sticks by me. How did I end up with such an awesome man. Let me stop, before I start crying again.

Before I end and head to bed, I want to share some happy things, however. First is how spoiled Princess and I both are. Along with my parents endless love, well-wishes, awesomeness, and excitedness, they also spoil us with frequent visits and tons of gifts. Getting packages is one of the most exciting things about living far away from the people you miss, even when they are addressed to your unborn daughter instead of you (hehehe). This week, a box came (straight to the house, the mail lady honked and pointed at my house which I found strange but that's a whole-nother story) loaded with gifts for baby girl.
How freaking cute are those outfits? I am so blessed to have such excited grandparents to be, and such an awesome family in general, man I miss them. Stopping again before tears (haha just kidding)

And lastly, I leave you with my big ol' 19 week belly. I am officially getting fat. And I love it.


  1. I act like this too....so much that I had to send this link to my husband to say "Look it's me!". I don't even want to think what I'll be like when I'm pregnant.

    Several weeks of sobbing about a cat is how I convinced my DEATHLY allergic husband to let me adopt our kitty. It was crazy and I threw tantrums worthy of a 4 year old.

    Oh and don't get me started about the baby clothes. I mean, this is the girl who worked at Gymboree for almost 3 years. Sometimes when stuff would be on sale that I really liked, I'd bring it home and just cry about how I want a baby.

    What a mess. Thank god for husbands who don't leave us because we're emotional train wrecks.

    PS <3 those clothes...holy crap a baby is going to come out of you and wear those!!

  2. Just wanted to say i've been reading your blog & this is a particularly enjoyable post. Also, that it must be so bitter sweet...i'm so very sorry to know you lost your husband....i'm happy that you were so obviously loved & cared for and adored...wish is was for longer for you....that is something really special &I'm glad about that part for you. Some people never get that. Blessings


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