Mrs. Who?

I need to do some things for myself.

First and foremost, I need to get back into shape. Ok, I never was really "skinny" by any means, but I certainly wasn't... this... I need a shape that I am at least ok with and doesn't make me wanna vom. I know, harsh, but true. I am so unhappy with my bod at the mo. Typical of a person who had a baby 5.5 weeks ago, I'd assume.

Next, I want a spa day. I want need a massage. The knots in my back are beginning to remind me of the "friendship knot" you made in girl scouts with your arms by holding hands... and then had to undo it and everyone's pointy elbows were smacking you and your arms were being turned this way and that... yeah, not so friendly. Also in this spa day, I want to get my nails done. Although I'm not quite sure this is wise with a newborn, I'm afraid I will gouge her, but I miss my tips, and they're usually so thick it's not like I'd scratch her... hmm. And I need the always necessary pedi. If this were beach season I'd be disowned by several of my friends. My feet sound like velcro when I walk across a carpeted floor (I know, so gross), and the polish is chipped and the nails are jagged. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

I'm beginning to feel more like some old bag lady who has moved in and started stretching out my body than me. I mean, even when I was pregnant I had time for pedis. This is gettin' serious, yo.


  1. Welcome to Motherhood.

    Seriously, I lost like 13 pounds at birth and then NOTHING until I started walking consistently at six weeks post-partum. You just had her and you still have tons of hormones making you feel all icky, ya know? And if it makes you feel any better... this time last week, I could have ran a comb through my leg hair. HAHAH!!!!!


  2. I'm sorry chickadee :( I think ALL new mommies deserve spa days!!

  3. oh my you are halarious....Girl don't worry I need to hit up the gym as well and my toes nails need to be cut and painted I scratched my hubs the other night with them lol..Oops..

  4. Ug can I just say I know exactly what you mean about your feet?

    Typically during the summer I'd get like 4 or 5 pedis, but last summer I just couldn't afford even one. Not even one. I tried to keep up with it at home, but they were a bear after a whole summer of flip flops. I have sad little blisters on my feet or I would definitely come up and get a pedicure with you.

    Maybe what you need is one of those jogging strollers...where you and Ari can go out for runs together!

  5. Haha! I think you should definitely take some time for yourself! You have a lot going on and you definitely deserve a spa day :)

  6. WOW! That sounds! :)
    Although, I have no babies and I am not preggo, and I feel like a major fat ass the past few weeks. Like, I outgrew my fat pants. My feet also sound like velcro on the rug..and nails? Haha. They are down to my skin. gross.
    GOOD LUCK! :)

  7. Oh lord, I haven't done ANYTHING to help myself lately. Like you, I need a pedicure something FIERCE. Thank goodness we have hardwood floors! Also, thank goodness he's deployed. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't shaved my legs in at least two weeks.

    You should definitely invest in a spa day to relax, you just had a baby! You deserve it!


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