Where Has The Time Gone?

My apologies for my slight blogging failure. I've been busy, my bad.

Time is moving quickly, which I much appreciate. The news is no longer my friend, however I'm grotesquely addicted to all the stories, mostly on the internet. While things have picked up, happily, for me here stateside, they have also, unfortunately, picked up for Mr. P's unit over there. Makes me nauseous, but "I knew it was coming" so all I can do about it just pray, pray, pray.

So back to my stateside, lonely, and now busy life. I've had the enjoyment of hanging out with some old friends here in the great state of MD, which has made me pretty giddy. I went out with my Phi Mu big sister, Amber, to see one of my faaavorite bands, Ballyhoo! as well as some other great local bands including Bond & Bentley and Pasadena (google them both, they're great). I had a few brewskis (don't worry, I had enough milk stocked up!) and enjoyed the evening out.
I also got to catch up with some good friends, April and Tiff, for lunch the other day. PF Chang's (I'd also been craving lettuce wraps, mm mm mmm) for a nice mid afternoon meal and good conversation. Little Miss, of course, joined me on this outting. As usual she slept in her seat almost the entire time, she's such an angel.
Lastly, my lovely MOH who I've mentioned before, Maggie, was in town with her husband and kids. Her and her youngest (8 months) came and visited at my house and then last night I met up with them and a bunch of homies from high school for a night on the town. I spent much of the summer before I was married and moved and before Maggie got stationed in P.I. with her hubby who is also a Marine, spending nights similar to this one out in Bel Air, it was a refreshing (and very fun) flashback.

Now of course I haven't been partyin it up the entire time I've been MIA. I've been full time mommy too, just taken a few (well deserved?) nights out for me. On the home front, we're still working on getting my lil lady to sleep in her own bed (which, I must mention, she is currently doing - more on that later), and mastering the art of breastfeeding, working on being able to quickly get ready to get out of the house, trying to establish a routine, and generally just working on being a super mom-daughter pair. We're doing all this preparation for my much anticipated trip back home. In March, we'll be in NC for a week, just the two of us. I'm pretty nervous because my mom helps me out so much here, which is why I've been stepping up and trying to do things by myself better, and not freak out and have meltdowns quite as often.

As for her, she's doing great. We still have bumps but we're getting through them. Right now, she's snoozing in her crib (actually I think I can hear her cooing over the monitor, but she was sleeping). It took a while, I put her down around 9ish and it took about an hour of her dozing, losing her Nuk and then yelling, then I'd go up after a few minutes of her crying and stick it back in, then repeat pattern; but she finally is sleeping. For now. And she's been going longer stretches at night, which of course makes me elated. See? We're getting it... kinda...

I also got a much needed phone call from Mr. P today. I really didn't know it was possible to miss someone this much. But I keep thanking God for each day that passes, because that is one day closer that we'll have our love back in our lives. I just can not wait until he's home - I'm so excited.

Well I know this post was pretty all over the place and random but it was a catch up post. Hopefully I'll be better at posting (and commenting, although I was doing my best at catching up in between going up to give baby girl her paci back). Hope everyone's had/having a good weekend!


  1. I was kinda wondering where ya been but I know how bossy little girls can be... ;)

  2. Yay that you're back! I am glad to hear you are balancing mummy time with also managing to go out and see friends : ) I hope you girls get a routine going soon

  3. Your blog is adorable! I wish your husband a safe return home and best of luck to you and your baby girl.



  4. You've been a busy girl! You absolutely deserve "me" time! Glad you got to talk to Mr. P. I know that always helps!

  5. So glad to hear that things are going well for you and that you are finding time to do some things for yourself. Praying that Mr. P stays safe as well!!!

  6. So glad you've had a chance to get out with your friends some! Every mama deserves that. I feel ya on being a bit lonely. Having a husband deployed is much difficult than anyone realizes.

  7. You and your hubby and little Miss are in my prayers always!

    P.S. I left you so me love over at my blog!

  8. Praying for the husband.
    I did not even think about the whole milk/brewski thing. Gosh, I am learning a lot from you! :)) At laest you can stock pile it, right? Ha.
    I would want my Mom around all the time too if my husband was gone!


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